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Bellator 89 Post Event Press Conference Notes

February 15, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

  • Dan Cramer is legit wearing an eye patch for the presser.

  • As mentioned in my live report, Dantas’ right eye got busted up a bit in the fight. It is a bit swollen at the presser, with a possible cut.
  • Bjorn Rebney thanked the fighters for the great night of fights, and tonight things ran very well. His asks everyone to give the fighters a hand; he also thanked Spike TV and their new partnership with the National Guard.
  • Doug Marshall thanked Bellator and Spike for the chance. He put over Spang, and said it would be a war, but his energy kicked on and he was stoked. He cannot wait for the next leg of the tournament. Spang then stated that Marshall better win the whole thing, and that it sucks he lost. He says he got hit with a good shot, and feels he was protecting himself and should not have been stopped. He says this bullshit can’t happen again.
  • Brett Cooper thanks his team, and says he wants to win the tournament and that is that.
  • Rebney puts over Cramer vs. Rogers, and says he hates that there had to be a loser. Cramer has the eye patch on, and is wearing sunglasses and is having trouble seeing right now. He praises Rogers, and says he loves these types of battles. Rogers states that it is an honor to fight for Bellator, and he says one way or another his fights are KO or fight of the night. He promises to be back and to win the title.
  • Bjorn praises Galvao and Dantas for fighting each other. Galvao thanks Bellator, apologizes for his performance and says he will come back stronger. Dantas says that he is happy to be champion, and has a lot to do still in Bellator.
  • Rogers is asked about gassing in round two of his fight and if it had to do with the midnight weigh in. Rogers says he is not sure, but he is a big middleweight and can be 210 when he gets back in the cage.
  • Cramer is asked about his eye poke he mentioned, and he says he couldn’t see out of his right eye in the 2nd and 3rd, and the pain is hitting him right now.
  • Marshall is asked about his KO of Spang and his walk off, and he says that in the past he has had to be pulled off fighters, and he felt the shot was solid and that it was the end.
  • Marshall is asked about his roller coaster ride in his career, and he says he feels great being back on the big stage.
  • Rogers is asked about his fight and being a top guy in the tournament, but where will he go from here. Rogers says he is a full time MMA fighter now, and feels he doesn’t have to go back to step one.
  • On the Eddie Alvarez thing, nothing new, but he just hopes it can be resolved and that it will happen sooner rather than later.
  • Bjorn is asked about the Spang stoppage and the recent criticism of Dan Mirgliotta. Bjorn says he has watches Dan referee a lot of fights and generally does very well, but tonight he feels it was a good stoppage, but he will look at it later.
  • Dantas is asked about the loss to Tyson Nam, and looks upset at the question. He says he lost his focus and lost the fight. Sounds like he said fuck a few times as well.
  • Bjorn closes it out and thanks us for attending.
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