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Black Tiger MMA Review: UFC Ultimate Comebacks

January 14, 2010 | Posted by Mike Campbell


This DVD from the fine folks at UFC is same basic concept as their popular ‘Ultimate Knockouts’ series of DVDs, but instead of KO’s, this covers fights where a fighter pulls victory from the jaws of defeat. I think that this concept is also a bit better than the Ultimate Knockouts DVDs (on paper, at least) because all the fights are shown in complete form. Each fight is preceded by a nice little background piece on each fighter and what the ramifications of the fight are.

The DVD starts proper with a really nicely done video package showing various fights and the improbable comebacks that lead to the finishes.

PETE SELL vs. SCOTT SMITH (The Ultimate Fighter IV Finale)
If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear that this was a worked fight, judging from the first round. It’s completely done standing up, with both of them throwing heavy leather and making contact. And then, afterwards, they’ll high five each other. Smith winds up opened up under one eye, and Sell is bleeding under both. Smith looks to have it won when he drops Sell with an uppercut, but he gets his bearings together quick enough. The round ends with them in the clinch, and, again, they high five each other after the round.

It’s not as fast paced, but the second round is a lot like the first, a lot of dancing by both of them, and throwing punches, Sell also tries a few leg kicks. Sell connects a big body shot that seems to have Smith in trouble, but when Sell goes in for the kill, Smith hits a shot to the jaw for the KO, and even after the fight is over, Smith is favoring the body, Rogan says that Smith is hurt badly about a dozen times during the replay.

This is another fight that’s almost completely done standing up. Drew controls early on, hitting several good shots and Sakara. Although it helps that Sakara’s habit of ducking down to change positions leaves him open for uppercuts, which Drew takes full advantage of. Sakara finally gets some shots of his own, and has Drew on the fence and causes his mouthpiece to fall out. For some reason, Sakara tries to take him to the mat, which doesn’t really work for him. Mario Yamasaki calls a quick time out to Drew can replace his mouth piece. They go back to the standup game, and Sakara keeps ducking down and getting hit with uppercuts. Out of nowhere, Sakara just falls down, and Drew lands a series of body blows for the TKO. I wouldn’t exactly call that an ‘ultimate’ comeback for Drew, since he controlled most of the fight anyway.

Martin and Drew start off throwing punches and Drew lands quite a few bit shots, rocking Martin back and putting a mouse under his eye. Martin gets a clinch and takes Drew to the ground and where Sakara failed, Martin succeeds. Martin gets side control and lands several big knees to the body, and then puts on a deep arm triangle and Herb Dean stops it. Now that’s what I’d consider to be an ultimate comeback.

Sobral has some early success standing up and then takes Lambert to the mat. Sobral continues to have success by getting a half guard with Lambert against the fence so that he can’t move his hips. Sobral gets a back mount and applies a rear naked choke, but Lambert is able to escape and get back to his feet. Lambert rocks Sobral with an uppercut and then hits another punch that drops him, Lambert rushes in to get the ref stoppage, but the round ends before he can accomplish it.

The fight starts with both of them trying to connect punches, Jardine connects and knocks Houston off-balance, but not completely off his feet. Houston recovers and gets Keith in a clinch and starts reigning down punches. Keith drops to a knee and Houston hits a big knee strike and more punches until Keith loses his mouthpiece and the ref calls it.

They start off dancing a bit, with Fitch throwing some punches. Carneiro takes Fitch to the ground and locks in a front choke, but Fitch manages to escape. Back to their feet and they clinch up, with Fitch trying to throw knees and punches, Carneiro tries to take Fitch down, but it’s blocked, a second attempt puts Fitch back on the mat and Carneiro stays on top, despite Fitch’s attempts to roll out using, North/South. Carneiro looks for a choke, but the round ends.

Fitch starts off the second round with some dirt boxing techniques, he clinches and goes for body shots. Fitch rocks Carneiro with a punch, and tries to finish him off with strikes, but Carneiro does a great job of using his hand and arm to block the punches. Carneiro tries to take Fitch to the mat, but they roll and Fitch gets the back mount and gets the tap out with a rear naked choke.

Like just about every fight on this DVD so far, they start off standing and throwing punches, Eddie gets Colin against the fence and tries for some body shots. Colin throws some punches to try to get free, but Eddie is able to keep him pinned against the fence. Eddie appears to slip and lose his footing, which gives Colin the chance to pounce and he absolutely unloads on Eddie, dropping elbows and punches to the face, and it looks like the fight is only a second away from being stopped, but Eddie manages to keep defending himself intelligently long enough to hold out. Colin tries a different approach and gets an armbar, and, again, it looks all over for Eddie, his options are snap or tap. But Eddie escapes, because Colin didn’t have the his leg across the face, and Eddie manages to get the mount on Colin and starts throwing his own punches, but Colin covers up and holds out until the round ends. As exciting as that first round was, it’s that much better with how much the Irish fans are behind their fellow countrymen.

Eddie drops Colin with a punch and gets the mount, Colin covers up while Eddie drops elbows and punches, but that’s the only thing he’s able to do, and Herb Dean stops it.

The first thing that one notices in this fight is how fast both men are, maybe it’s just the contrast of seeing mostly heavyweights and light heavyweights, but these two guys seem like they’re flying. Taylor connects a kick that sends Davis down and Taylor tries to ground and pound. Davis survives and actually gets Davis in a guard to stop the beating. Things get a bit methodical here, as Davis gets a single leg and slowly works on getting Taylor down. It’s more exciting to watch than to read about, because the technique is so good. Davis gets Taylor on his back and it’s his turn to unleash the ground and pound. Taylor tries to escape, but Davis stays on him and winds up getting an armbar for the tap out.

Both of them swing a bit wildly to start, with Martin hitting some leg kicks. Martin gets a left punch and takes Leben into the guard, although Leben is able to hit some good shots from the top. Leben looks for an armbar, but doesn’t get it applied. To their feet and they clinch up and exchange knees, Martin picks up Leben and slams him down, but Leben grabs the fence and loses a point. They clinch again with Leben throwing lots of knees, and then Martin hitting some of his own as the round ends.

They come out throwing wild punches to start the second round too, and Leben connects quite a few knee shots to the body. Martin presses him against the cage and Leben uses several foot stomps to try to create some distance. That’s the way a good portion the round goes, with Martin trying to clinch and press Leben into the fence, and Leben defending with stomps. Martin takes Leben down and works for side control, but Leben gets him in the guard. Martin hits some body shots and hammer fists, but Leben gets a triangle choke, but isn’t able to completely cinch it in. Leben is aware of it, because he constantly tries to adjust and sink the choke, but time runs out before he can do so.

Martin starts with a quick combo and backs Leben into the fence and lands a couple of shots. They clinch up and Leben hits a couple of knees. Both guys look pretty spent, and Mike and Joe mention how quickly Terry dispatched his last few opponents. Martin takes him down and they go into the guard, with Martin hitting body shots. They stand up on their own and start trading shots. Martin lands a big right, but Leben sucks it up and levels Martin with his own big shot and Leben gets the win by KO.

JON KOPPENHAVER vs. JARED ROLLINS (The Ultimate Fighter VI Finale)
This is a case where the video preview helps out, because it’s made clear that Jared and Jon don’t like each other at all, which explains why they seem to be going full throttle. Jared charges in, eats a kick, but manages to take Jon down, and Jon gets Jared into his guard. They get to their feet and this time it’s Jon taking down Jared and winding up in his guard. They spend the rest of the round in that position, but by no means is it boring, because both of them fight like mad, throwing elbows and fists, to try to take control. Jared winds up busting open Jon under the eye. There’s really no attempt made to pass the guard, they’re both seemingly content to pound on each other. It’s not the smartest fight in the world, but it’s damn sure exciting and fun to watch.

Jon hits a couple of shots to start the found, and Jared answers back with a punch of his own and a knee to send Jon into the cage. To the ground they go and it’s more of the same, with them trying to control the fight on the mat via striking. It doesn’t last all round this time, and Jon looks for the mount, and Jared goes to the side to avoid it, but Jon winds up taking his back and looking for a rear naked choke, although he can’t cinch it. Jared gets to his feet and starts reigning down punches but Jon covers up and they head to round three.

Instead of coming out swinging, they both try for a takedown, and Jared takes him down and starts to ground and pound, but Jon is able to block. They get stood up and this time Jared takes down Jon, but Jon gets a quick reversal and starts to ground and pound and the ref calls it.

ROGER HUERTA vs. CLAY GUIDA (The Ultimate Fighter VI Finale)
This another one that starts off rather quick, Roger gets a high kick and then throws a few jabs. Clay takes him down, but Roger goes into a butterfly guard. They get to their feet and Clay takes him down with a big slam, then he looks for side control. Roger tries for a heel hook, but Clay escapes and then takes Roger’s back, but Roger quickly escapes that and hits a knee, and Clay gives one right back, but Clay’s was illegal since Roger had a knee on the ground and Big John gives him a warning. They go back to the ground and Roger looks for a Kimura, but Clay gets his back again and rolls to the side for a choke. Roger escapes the choke attempt and goes into the guard, and tries for an armbar but isn’t able to get it on all the way and the round ends. That’s only the first round and this already looks like a fight that’s taylor made for this sort of compilation.

They both start out throwing heavy leather, but Clay takes Roger down, and Roger gets up before he’s in too much trouble. That’s how most of this fight winds up going, Roger stick with striking, only for Clay to take him to the mat and Roger usually escapes before he’s in big trouble. Again, it’s not the greatest thing to read about, but it’s really exciting to actually watch. When Roger gets up, Clay is primed to hit another knee shot, but sees that Roger’s knee is on the mat and holds off, and it lets Roger hit an uppercut, but Clay takes him back down before Roger can do too much more damage. The round ends on a high note, with Roger doing a sprawl to block a takedown, but Clay hadn’t shot in yet, and with Roger open, Clay hits a big shot and finally gets him in a compromising position and tries to win via strikes, but the round ends before he can do so.

They both come out swinging again, and Roger stuns him with a knee. Clay looks to take him down again, but this time Roger is able to block and avoid them. Clay attempts a takedown and Roger spins out, gets his back, and hooks in a rear naked choke for the win.

The 411: What an awesome DVD! During the reviewing of this I literally had at least half a dozen of these fights picked as my new favorite UFC Fight of all time. This is definitely a DVD to grab.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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