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Brad Pickett and Eddie Wineland Discuss Their UFC 155 Bout

December 28, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Brad Pickett and Eddie Wineland recently spoke about their UFC 155 bout. Here are the highlights…

Pickett on the Fight:”They know me and him are going to be an exciting fight and we’ll help sell the main card.”

Wineland on Not being on the Main PPV Card: “It’s the end-of-the-year card, a lot of big names, a lot of big fights,” he says. “The last fight on the undercard is supposed to be a determination of what the main card’s going to be.”

Pickett on Their Punching Power: “We both hit hard, and we’ve both knocked people out,” Pickett says. “But in this sport, it’s not always about how hard you can hit — it’s about how hard of a punch you can take as well. Both of us are quite tough, and we can both take a punch.”

Pickett on the Importance of the Fight: “The winner between me and Eddie Wineland should get the winner of Barao and McDonald,” Pickett says. “Maybe we both deserve it, whoever wins. But also, it just makes sense in the division.”



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