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Brad Pickett Says He Thinks He Could Earn a Title Shot With a UFC 155 Win

December 25, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Brad Pickett recently spoke with MMAjunkie about his upcoming fight against Eddie Wineland at UFC 155 and more. Check out the highlights:

On his knockout of Yves Jabouin: “It really was a great, great feeling. I’ve always known I hit hard, because I’ve dropped people in a lot of fights. But sometimes they manage to recover quickly, or I hit them hard in the head, but not in the chin. But because people don’t stand with me as much, I end up getting in a wrestling match. So it was nice to be able to finish him with a single punch…”You saw my little ‘Gangham Style’ afterward. But then, when it sunk in, I was so pumped. I was like, ‘Hell yeah!’ It meant a lot to have that sort of finish.”

On Wineland: “He hasn’t been finished in a while, but that doesn’t make a difference. I like to think I’m hard to put away, but Renan Barao put me away. Before that, I can’t remember the last time I was put away. Sometimes, Lady Luck’s on your side, and sometimes that’s just the way the fight goes. We’re both going to be trying to (put each other away) from the start. It’ll lead to an exciting fight, and if it ends in a knockout, great, and if it ends in 15 minutes, you’ll know it’s been an exciting 15 minutes.”

On his style vs. Wineland’s: “I like to describe my sort of style as controlled chaos. I like coming forward, I’m aggressive, I like throwing hard. He’s more of a counter-puncher and he’s very aggressive once he’s got you hurt. I know what I want to do, and I know what he wants to do. I want to come forward and hit him. He wants me to come forward, miss him and then hit me. But it doesn’t mean he’s not going to try to take me down, or I’m not going to try to take him down.”

On how he thinks the fight will go: “At the end of the day, my style is about implementing my game plan and me doing my thing. That’s what I like to concentrate on a lot more. If you concentrate too much on what they’re going to do, you wind up in a fight letting them do what they’re going to do and you let them get a foothold.”

On a potential title shot if he beats Wineland: “I don’t like to look beyond an opponent, but I think him or me winning this fight, we’re next in line, to be honest. If he beats me, then he’s beat two guys in the Top 10 and he’s right up there. If I beat him, that means I’ve won three in a row with a win over a guy in the Top 10, so that puts me there.”

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