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Brian Stann’s Hire Heroes USA Partners With Google to Help Military Veterans

November 29, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Brian Stann’s non-profit organization Hire Heroes USA, which is intended to help veterans get job-search assistance as they head back to civilian life, has partnered with Google to create a location for veterans seeking employment at The news was announced on Wednesday, with acting as a collaboration between the two companies as well as the Institute for Veterans and Military Families at Syracuse University and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to help teach military members and their spouses how to best represent themselves for civilian jobs and to help them find opportunities.

Google Veterans Network’s Carrie Laureno said of the partnership, “One of the most complex challenges facing the veterans community today that those of us are a part of the community recognize is the sheer volume of resources available to help veterans and military families transition to civilian life. While all of those resources are a measure of a very grateful nation and an incredible tribute to those that have served, the most important result that we all hope for is that these individuals and these families are getting the help that they need. Our goal is to help our partners do the things they do so incredibly well already but to have them leverage our technology so that they can scale their services to even greater numbers of people in need within the community.”

Stann commented on the partnership as well, saying, “The tactical language that we speak in the military is not the same language that’s spoken in the civilian world. Most companies when we speak to them on why we haven’t hired veterans, most of the time they tell us, ‘Well, we didn’t understand what their value was via the resume or via the interview.’ The difference now being powered by Google and this platform is it’s not only a resource library of all these tools, tips and the latest and greatest things that we’ve been able to put together to help veterans gets jobs, but it’s also an area now where these veterans can share their experiences and their own personal expertise. It also gives them a means to connect directly with my staff so that they can get personalized attention, which is really what Hire Heroes USA is all about, but we’re limited by our staff numbers. Now, with the plumbing, so to say, powered by Google, we can connect to thousands more veterans, and we can personally help thousands more veterans through these hangouts, through YouTube, by helping them prepare these resumes, prepare their interview skills and go out to market to communicate their skillsets.”

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