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Carlos Condit Discusses Preparing For Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154

November 10, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Carlos Condit appeared on the UFC on FUEL TV post game show to promote next week’s UFC 154 PPV fight against Georges St-Pierre. Here are the highlights…

Carlos Condit on how he is preparing to fight Georges St-Pierre at UFC 154: “The last nine to ten months I’ve been really trying to improve some aspects of my game that I thought were lacking; really improve my technique and a lot of things I learned ten years ago and have come a long way and evolved. I’ve learned a lot of new things. I got stronger. I got powerful. I got faster.”

Condit on the warrior that comes out during fight day: “I would say there are glimpses of that that start to shine through a couple weeks before the fight. But especially in the fight, I go to a dark place man. It is something I have kind of harnessed for something positive in my life. It’s getting in the cage and beating somebody down.”

Condit on how he plans to beat GSP: “To beat Georges, one of the best guys who has ever stepped in the Octagon, I am really going to have to draw on my toughness and those things and assets that I think are overlooked.”

Condit on how he is going to handle GSP’s grappling skills: “I have been working a lot on my wrestling. That being said, he has taken down a lot better wrestlers than me. What separates my ground game from other guys in the past is I incorporate a lot of striking. You know, I think I will be able to keep the fight going and not let him use his smothering top game and very methodical approach to holding me down.”

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