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Cesar Gracie Talks Nate Diaz As His First UFC Champion

December 4, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Cesar Gracie recently spoke about Nate Diaz becoming the UFC Lightweight Champion this weekend. Here are the highlights…

On His Camp of Fighters: “These guys are champions whether they have a belt or not,” Gracie said of his stable. “They are up there in the cream-of-the-crop level. Obviously we want Nate to be champ so people can give him the respect that he deserves.”

On Diaz’s Success: “People never thought [Diaz] was going to get there,” Gracie said. “He’s obviously proven that he deserves to be here. Like I said, I expected it, so I’m not surprised at all. It’s just a matter of time, so that’s the way it is.”

On Dealing With Media For Big Fights: “Anytime you have a championship fight in the UFC, there’s a lot of media, and there’s a lot of talking,” Gracie said. “You get barraged. There’s a lot of hype that gets built up. If you let that get to you, you don’t perform correctly. The best thing is to train, train, train and take is as another fight you have to win.”

On Diaz vs. Henderson: “I think [Diaz] is going to do what Pettis did to him and pressure him a lot,” he said. “Get in his face. Really bring the fight to the guy. Put the fight on his terms. But that’s what Ben Henderson is going to try to do to Nate. So I’m expecting a great fight.”



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