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Dan Hardy Weighs in on GSP vs. Condit

November 17, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with former UFC title contender Dan Hardy regarding the main event title fight between Georges St. Pierre and Carlos Condit at UFC 154 today. Hardy previously fought and was defeated by both Condit and GSP.

Hardy’s thoughts on the match-up: “It’s going to take a guy like Carlos Condit to really threaten Georges because he’s good off his back, and he’s very good standing as well. He can keep GSP working. That’s what makes it such an intriguing fight. He’s got an opposing skill set to GSP in my opinion. He’s got the skills to fight. He looks for mistakes while GSP doesn’t allow his opponents into the fight.”

Hardy on GSP’s striking now compared to 2010 since he went to Tristar to train with GSP: “He believes in [his striking], which I think that’s really what matters when it comes to fighting a guy like Condit. You have to go in there and get it done. You can’t think too much about what he’s going to do because he’s unpredictable.”

What his gameplan was for the fight with GSP: “In my head, I was thinking, ‘If [St-Pierre] takes me down, he takes me down, and I’m going to throw anyway.’ When you get in there, you think to yourself, ‘I might only have one or two good shots to throw this round, so I’ve got to make sure they are the best shots I can throw.’ Then you start hesitating. That was my mistake. Whether Carlos will make that same mistake, I don’t know. Obviously, he’s more confident in his ground game, particularly his guard, than I was in the title fight. I don’t think he’ll be as hesitant to throw. He’s just got to do it and think about the takedown – if and when it comes. The thing with GSP is, coupled with his athleticism, his timing is so good. He’s constantly shooting in the gym on guys trying to take his head off…I’ve been on the bottom against GSP a few times. Every time you get back up and he takes you back down, it starts to get frustrating. Sometimes, you kind of ultimately switch to a second game plan, which is working off your back and trying to catch an arm or something. Condit’s had wins off his back.”

In what way the fight would favor Condit: “Without a doubt, the more of a fight it is, the more it’s in favor of Carlos. GSP steps into the octagon as an athlete with a game plan in mind. He makes smart decisions. There’s no emotional content in anything he does. He just walks right in there to get the fight won, which is why he’s a champion. Carlos, you can’t give him that time. He’s got to keep working and stay active. If Carlos Condit stays as the Condit everyone knows, high percentage finishes and stuff, I think he can really threaten GSP.”

The challenges Condit faces: “The problem with Condit is a lot of his best work is when he was with the WEC. He was a champion in it and defended his belt several times in the WEC. It must be frustrating for him to come over to the UFC and not get the respect that a champion should get. I think that’s going to make him even more hungry on Saturday night to really prove himself. Obviously, he’s going against the best in the world, so it’s going to be a rough one either way.”


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