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Dan Henderson Says He’s In Favor of UFC-Monitored TRT Use

February 21, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Dan Henderson recently spoke with MMAjunkie about UFC president Dana White’s new stance against TRT and White’s claim that the UFC will “test the s**t” out of TRT users. Check out the highlights:

On TRT use: “Everyone’s situation is different. It could be a legitimate reason, it could not be – and obviously that makes it a little bit more fishy. But maybe the UFC just needs everyone to see (the UFC) doctor to begin with and go through their testing and make sure it’s legitimate, then monitor it a little better. It’s not too tough to monitor.”

On drug testing TRT users: “I would welcome random drug testing for that and for everything. I think that would really help clean up the sport a lot and really give it a better (reputation). When people look at it, it leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. So hopefully the UFC implements random drug testing.”

On White’s comments: “I don’t take anything he says personally. He says a lot of things that are a little bit off the wall, so I’m not worried about what he has to say.”

On his own TRT use: “It was just a doctor’s recommendation, basically, before I did anything. I found out from the commission to make sure it was OK. This was a long time ago, and they said, ‘Sure, no problem.’…I’d still be competing (without it). I’d probably be getting sick more and laying on the couch more. On the same token, if I wasn’t fighting, I’d still be having to take it.”


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