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Dana White Comments on Randy Couture Signing with Spike TV

January 31, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with Dana White this week, and the UFC President commented on Randy Couture who recently signed a new deal with Spike TV, likely to be working with Bellator MMA.

White on Couture: “Randy Couture comes off as the greatest guy in the world – Captain America. He’s the furthest thing from it, and I’m happy that I don’t have to be in business with him anymore. Now I don’t ever have to be in business with him again…Not for a lot of people that know him it won’t be. (For) 99.9 percent of the people, that won’t be shocking at all. People that really know him, not people that watch him on TV.”

White on how this dates back to the lawsuit when Couture tried to leave the UFC in 2007: “I would say when that whole lawsuit went down, when he lied about his numbers and lied about a lot of things, went into court and it didn’t work out for him, I say that’s when I really got to know him,. And when that whole thing went down, I was the guy he was attacking. It’s easy if you look at me and the way that I am in public, it’s easy to say, ‘Oh, this is the guy we can attack and make me look good.’ Of course, everybody’s going to side with Randy. This guy that he’s playing out to be this horrible human being, there were a lot of things that happened in there, but the nail in the coffin was, if I’m this horrible, despicable human being that he speaks about … when he was in town … him and his wife were in town when he had just had a brand new baby, they’re down in Las Vegas filming ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ – would you drop your baby off at that guy’s house to watch your brand new baby, and leave him there overnight and come pick him up the next day?”


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