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Dana White Says Josh Barnett Won’t Get a Quick Title Shot

February 3, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Dana White spoke last night at the post-UFC 156 press conference about Josh Barnett and Daniel Cormier. Check out the highlights:

On whether Josh Barnett could end up with the next heavyweight title shot: “No, there’s no way. Cormier is here, know what I mean?

On Barnett’s negotiations “Joe [Silva]’s been dealing it, and I haven’t been. But I can tell you this: I haven’t heard anything negative. I haven’t gotten any calls going, ‘Josh Barnett is crazy. He’s out of his mind.’ I haven’t had any of those calls.”

On whether Cormier would fight Cain Velasquez: “I’d be shocked if Cormier came out, fought Mir and beat Mir, and said, ‘Now I want to fight Cain Velasquez.’ I’d be shocked if that happened. I would see him coming out and saying ‘I want to go to 205 (pounds)’ before that happened. But he’s never said that to me, just so you know. From what I understand, Cain and Cormier would fight each – from what I understand. But I would be shocked if he did. I mean, those guys were in there hugging for 15 minutes after [Velasquez] won the title. But who knows? They’re pretty serious guys, and like I always say, it’s all about proving who the best is. ‘That guy might be my friend, but I know what he’s got, and I know what I get when I get that belt.’ Because all the guys who’ve got a champ in their camp, they see how these guys live and what the deal is when you’ve got that belt. When you’ve got that belt, it’s a whole other ballgame.”


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