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Dominick Cruz Says He Won’t Risk Reinjuring Himself By Coming Back Early

February 25, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Dominick Cruz recently spoke about his injury status and more. Check out the highlights:

On keeping to his rehab schedule and not coming back early: “The more I listen to the media and the outside sources telling me, ‘We need you back now,’ the better the chances are that I get reinjured and am out longer. What I do is I stay realistic with myself. I stay logical. I listen to the doctors. I listen to the physical therapy guys, and I take the time I need to repair this knee so I can come back and stay back for a long period of time. That’s it.”

On when he might come back: “There is no timeline; that’s the problem. Everybody wants a timeline as much as I do. I would like to say, ‘In six months, starting today, I will be back.’ I can’t do that. It’s up to my doctors. It’s up to my physical therapists. The doctor will clear me when I’m healthy. He’s checking my knee every six weeks. I drive up to Los Angeles, he jiggles my knee around, does some tests on it and says, ‘You’re looking outstanding. Get back to PT, and come see me in six weeks, and I’ll give you more stuff that you’re allowed to do.'”

On being forced to sit on the sidelines: “The truth is I’m a humbled man right now. I’m sitting on the outside watching these guys fight for the No. 1 contender spot. … Seeing Barao after that last win dancing in the middle of the cage with the belt, of course that makes me angry. Of course it doesn’t make me happy. But the truth is I know I’m the champion. He hasn’t beat the champion, and I have to stay true to that. It is what it is. So as humbled as I am in this process, being out as long as I have and having to sit on the outside watching these guys compete in that division I’m ranked No. 1 in – it’s very difficult – but this is part of the process I’m forced to go through, and I think it’s going to make me a stronger, better champion.”


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