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Doug Marshall Speaks on His Bellator 89 Tournament Match with Andreas Spang

February 13, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie recently spoke with Bellator middleweight fighter Doug Marshall. Marshall is set to face Andreas Spang in Bellator’s season 8 middleweight tournament at Bellator 89. Here are some highlights:

On his knockout win over Kala Hose in his Bellator debut: “I stepped in there and did what I had to do against Kala Hose and made a statement. I’m here. I’m not f—ing around. It’s back to business. Kala Hose was a knockout artist. All his wins were knockouts and he’d never been knocked out. But he stepped in there with ‘The Rhino’ and ended up taking a nap. Kala Hose is lucky he didn’t get the right hand, or he might not have ever woke up.”

Marshall on his aspirations to win the tournament and get to the title: “It’s about time ‘The Rhino’ gets a shot for that gold strap around my waist at 185 pounds. All these other guys are just obstacles standing in my way. It’s basically a technicality. That belt’s mine. All I have to do is show up and take it – take what I deserve.”

Marshall on fans preparing for violence in his fights: “Fans should be ready for violence. Just pure violence. No. 1, I’m a fighter. No. 2, I’m an entertainer. I want to give the fans what they want to see, and they want to see violence. They want to see people get knocked out. Fans don’t watch NASCAR to see a fast left turn. They’re waiting for that wreck. And when they watch me in the Bellator tournament, they’re gonna see that wreck. Every time ‘The Rhino’ gets into the f—ing cage, it’s gonna be wreckage. When I’m looking at my opponent across from me in the cage, I’m just thinking, ‘This is me or you – and it’s gonna be me.'”

Marshall on his opponent Andreas Spang: “Andreas Spang is a really well-rounded guy, but that’s not going to get him through to the next portion of the tournament. He thinks he’s gonna take me out? Good luck with that, buddy. There’s a lot of money at stake – a little something I like to call ‘Rhino money.’ I’m stepping up and taking that money. You’re gonna have to kill me. I’m coming for that money. I’m coming for that title shot. This is not just another fight. This is the beginning of the next chapter for ‘The Rhino.’ That’s what this is. And this book isn’t getting shut or cut short. This book will have a happy ending: Me, title shot, $100,000. That’s a happy ending right there. That’s awesome. I’m all about that.”


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