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Eddie Alvarez Being Sued By Bellator After Not Signing New Deal

January 8, 2013 | Posted by Joseph Lee

Five Ounces of Pain reports that the relationship between Bellator and Eddie Alvarez has soured as the promotion is now suing him for not signing a new deal. His deal with Bellator expired even though there was a clause that said the company could match any offer given to him. The UFC made an offer but Bellator countered that by offering the same.

Alvarez previously told The MMA Hour: “If it was a match, I would be more than happy to honor the contract. I signed that contract, I have to fulfill my obligations, it’s what I signed, I’m a man. I have no problems. If it was a match, if this was a hundred percent match, I’d have no problem going and fighting for Bellator. That is not my issue. We feel the UFC’s deal is much greater. I like that deal. It wasn’t a Hector Lombard deal, but it was a good deal. And given the opportunity that you have, I consider it a good deal, and I consider it a much better deal than the one that Bellator’s offering. This difference is a lot of money, a lot of money, and its hard to sign on the dotted line. It’s a lot of money.

Alvarez is still willing to sign with Bellator if they change the details of the deal (although he wouldn’t give specifics on the exact deal as it may hurt the case). He added: “There’s two completely different sides to this. Where I grew up and where I’m from, when someone smiles at you and tells you something, you believe it. If someone lies to you, if someone’s a man of their word, that’s that. It’s very simple. That’s the reality of where I’ve been and where I’m from. But this is a different ballgame, man. I’d get eaten alive in this world, because what people say means nothing. It means nothing. Being loyal and them sort of things, that kind of goes out the window.

Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney said that the company copied the UFC’s terms word-for-word. He said he hopes the two can resolve their issues before the matter goes to court.

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