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Eddie Alvarez Suffers Setback in Legal Battle Against Bellator

January 25, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Eddie Alvarez was denied a motion to be released from his Bellator contract so he could sign with the UFC. The Fight Lawyer reports that the motion was denied by New Jersey District Court judge Jose L. Linares, who ruled that Alvarez failed to prove that he would be irreparably harmed if he did not signing with Zuffa. Alvarez’s lawyers argued that the matching offer that Bellator made toward him is not equal to the UFC’s due to PPV fights and more, but Linares said that a common-sense intepretation of the word meant that Bellator did successfully match the UFC’s offer by replicating the UFC’s contract and substituting its name for Zuffa’s.

Linares wrote, “If, as Alvarez claims, Bellator’s substituting its name for that of Zuffa amounts to a failure to match, Bellator would never be able to match the terms of any contract, and thus its right of first refusal would amount to no right at all. It is speculative to suggest, as Alvarez does, that an inability to compete in the April 27 event will result in irreparable harm in the form of a lost opportunity to obtain notoriety, endorsements, and a wider exposure to viewers. Alvarez’s argument requires this court to make speculative assumptions about what might or might not happen as a result of his participation in the April 27 event. Based on the record before it, the court cannot make such assumptions.”

The judge did note that Alvarez may win in court when arguing the key differences between FOX and Spike but said that the court couldn’t make that decision based on the evidence his team presented.

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