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Falcons Nest DVD Review – UFC 49

January 19, 2011 | Posted by Kile Andrews

UFC 49: Unfinished Business
****Side Note – This edition may be a tad bit shorter due to a new job I have taken. I have to put in a good week before I can start slacking off and writing these at work. Next week should be better. ***

Welcome 411er’s to another Falcon’s Nest DVD Review. Hopefully I can walk you through this event and warn or recommend these to you so you can either enjoy some good fights, or know which DVD’s to pass on. In Big John’s famous words, “Let’s get it on!”

Falcon’s Nest DVD Reviews
In Falcon’s Nest Reviews I go over an event DVD and review the fight quality for entertainment. I rate my fights between 0-10. (Zero being awful to ten being a must see.) For the prelim fights I give you the result along with my view from the Falcon’s nest, but with the main card, I give you round by round coverage along with my view from the Falcon’s nest. Lets do this!

Fight One: Lightweight Bout 155lbs (Prelim)
Yves Edwards vs. Josh “The Punk” Thomson

Result: Yves Edwards def. Josh Thomson at 4:31 of RD 1 via KO (Head kick)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was a fun fight. Edwards looked good on the feet but so did Thomson. Thomson landed a HUGE slam on Edwards but Edwards showed a very defensive guard. Both guys looked fresh and determined in this fight and once the fight got back on the feet Edwards started to put it together and eventually got a reverse body lock. Thomson tried to get away and as he broke free and threw a spinning back fist Edwards threw a jumping switch kick connecting right on the neck. A few extra punches ended this entertaining fight. Both guys looked great which made for a great fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) This was a good scrap and props to both guys for putting on such a show. The head kick was awesome. Watch it.

Fight Two: Welterweight Bout 170lbs. (Prelim)
Nick Diaz vs. Karo “The Heat” Parisyan

Result: Karo Parisyan def. Nick Diaz via Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
I scored the fight 29-28 for Diaz. Karo looked great in the first round. Crisp punches, good takedowns, submission attempts and he even landed a few good shots. Diaz did well in round one but Karo did more. Diaz definitely had the better gas tank and in rounds two and three Diaz kept it strong. Karo laid on Diaz for the last round and Diaz almost locked in two triangles from guard. Diaz kept active and in my mind, that’s what wins fights. Fighters that constantly attack from the bottom should get the nod over guys who rest on top. Diaz showed good striking here and a crisp ground game but in my mind was beat up by Diaz and should have lost. Karo always got lucky and was never all that talented in my eyes.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) Diaz made it entertaining but Karo looked for big punches and throws. Not to mention Karo gassed after RD 1. A five is pretty standard.

Fight Three: Welterweight Bout 170lbs.
Chris “Lights Out” Lytle vs. Ronald “The Machine Gun” Jhun

Result: Chris Lytle def. Ronald Jhun at 1:17 of RD 1 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Chris Lytle is always an underrated performer. He puts on a show and has well rounded skills. Both of his games were showcased here as early he rocked Jhun and escaped and armbar and ended up passing. Coming from a guy who trains BJJ, Lytle looked slick, controlling Jhun everywhere in this fight. Jhun was a fighter though and never said die as Lytle took the first round and finished it quickly in the second. Several times through the fight Lytle was threatening with a Guillotine choke and finally nailed it in the second round.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) Finish was good but in the first there was a lot of defensive grappling by Jhun. Defensive grappling is not so fun to watch. Lytle looked good though.

Fight Four: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs.
Mike “MAK” Kyle vs. Justin Eilers

Round One: Big John is the ref and here we go. Glove touch and both guys look for the big punch early. Jabs an uppercut try by Kyle and body lock with knees by Kyle. Kyle catches Eilers low and Eilers recovers and is ready to go. We are back at it and Eilers catches Kyle hard and looks for a takedown on Kyle. Kyle sprawls and on the way up Eilers lands a HUGE left hook and Kyle goes limp. Wow. Explosive action and a great KO.

Result: Justin Eilers def. Mike Kyle at 1:14 of RD 1 via KO (Punch)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Good action here. Both guys came out swinging to knock someone’s head off. Both men rocked each other but it appeared that Eilers shot landed cleaner and obviously did more damage. Kyle always swings and brings but his gas tank is always a question. Eilers fight career was unfortunately cut short due to a tragedy. I liked Eilers, I like Kyle, I like a good slugfest and this is no exception. Check it out.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) Eilers threw big sloppy punches, Kyle threw big sloppy punches, one guy fell and it was game over.

Fight Five: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
David “The Soul Assassin” Terrell vs. Matt “The Law” Lindland

Round One: We are underway with a glove touch. Terrell is making his debut and is a BJJ guy. Terrell goes forward with punches and connects with a hard left knocking Lindland down. It looks like Lindland is recovered but a couple more shots puts Lindland limp. Wow. That was quick. But then again it is Matt Lindland.

Result: David Terrell def. Matt Lindland at 0:24 of RD 1 via KO (Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Have you ever watched a Matt Lindland fight that ended in under a minute? Recently Robbie Lawler did exactly the same thing that Terrell did here. Terrell stormed Lindland early and caught him with a huge punch that knocked him down. The following punches were all gravy as it was another scary KO loss for Lindland and a constant reminder that in this day and time Lindland just can’t handle fighting these guys anymore. Terrell would go on to suffer a hard loss to Evan Tanner and has been inactive these days in fighting. I hear rumors its injury but I have nothing concrete.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) I never liked Lindland, or Terrell for that matter, but watching a quick Lindland KO makes me feel better.

Fight Six: Light-Heavyweight Bout 205lbs
Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell vs. Vernon “Tiger” White

Round One: Lets get it on. Chuck misses a big overhand right and White misses a right of his own. So many punches here its hard to keep up. White pulls guard and gets to butterfly guard. Chuck stands up and connects with a left hook to a standing White. White connects with an overhand right. Punches thrown by both guys here and a big right hand drop White. White shoots and pulls guard. White getting pummeled from his half guard and is covering up. White is back up and gets rocked again. White back up and gets rocked by another shot and is covering up in quarter position. White is back up and throwing a knee on the way out. White with a body kick followed by a left hand connects on Chuck. Leg kick by White staggers White and Chuck connects again with White covering up. Knees to the body of a kneeling White and Chuck has White up against the fence. Chuck landing some good elbows and White stands up. White with a spinning back kick. Back to standing and White lands on Chuck but slips. White back up and Chuck connects with a hard right hand and knocks out White. By the way he fell it didn’t look like a KO. Seems like White broke his orbital bone.

Result: Chuck Liddell def. Vernon White at 4:04 of RD 1 via KO (Punch)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Chuck Liddell put aside his title shot for this fight from what the commentary said. Vernon said Chuck was ducking him and Chuck was more than happy to oblige. Vernon was pegged as a tough Lion’s Den fighter under the tutelage of Ken Shamrock. Vernon looked to keep it on the feet and Chuck picked him apart. This is back in the day when Chuck could stand and bang with anyone and eventually they would fall down. Chuck eventually tagged White enough to the point that one of his punches broke White’s orbital bone. White fell in a pile of pain and Chuck looked like a badass.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (8) I always enjoy watching an old Chuck Liddell fight where he destroys his opponent. This is a fun fight to watch.

Fight Seven: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Joe “Diesel” Riggs vs. Joe “El Dirte” Doerkson

Round One: Here we go. Riggs looks like on his feet but Doerkson looks for the takedown early. Doerkson on top in Riggs guard. Doerkson picks Riggs up and looks for a slam and Riggs stands back up out of guard. Riggs reverses another takedown attempt from Doerkson and ends up on top. Doerkson has a high guard and locks up an arm. Doerkson looks for an armbar but Riggs stands up and backs away. Riggs dives back into his guard and Doerkson reverses back to the feet. Riggs pushing Doerkson against the cage. Doerkson has two overhooks and pushes Riggs against the fence. Riggs gets a takedown and ends in side control but Doerkson reclaims guard. Wrist control but Riggs breaks and is back to his feet. Doerkson reverses from guard and ends up on top and has a body lock. Riggs back to his feet his back against the fence. Doerkson rolls but Riggs stuffs and ends on top in Doerkson’s butterfly guard. Back to full guard and Riggs postures landing hard elbows. Riggs misses an axe kick and the ref stands the fighters up and Riggs blocks a headkick attempt by Doerkson. Doerkson rolls again and gets to guard as the round ends.

Doerkson got takedowns but so did Riggs. Riggs was on top longer and landed the more effective strikes. This round goes 10-9 Riggs.

Round Two: Glove touch and an immediate leg kick miscue landing hard on the cup of Riggs. You could hear that noise from the connection. That’s a bad one. Rigs lands a hard left and close to a right. Doerkson looks for a takedown but decides to pull guard. Riggs postures and lands some good ground and pound. Riggs in the guard of Doerkson and picks up Doerkson and slams him. Doerkson working butterfly guard Riggs lands some hard shots. Doerkson goes for the sweep but Riggs is able to reverse. Doerkson gets back to full guard and Riggs postures to another good shot. Good elbow by Riggs. Triangle attempt by Doerkson and Riggs postures. Riggs lands some good shots and Doerkson looks almost out. Riggs was in Side control and is back to guard. Riggs cuts Doerkson with a hard elbow and this looks like its going to get stopped. Doerkson taps from the strikes and his face is a mess.

Result: Joe Riggs def. Joe Doerkson at 3:39 of RD 2 via TKO (Strikes)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was a good striker vs. grappler match. Riggs was much better on the feet but Doerkson looked crisp on the mat. This was apparently the debut of both guys and both looked good. Doerkson can never seem to find success in the UFC and Riggs has been fighting everywhere in any weight class. I always thought Riggs was talented but seemed to have ego issues. On a completely unrelated side note, Joe Riggs has some hideous tattoo work, just awful. Riggs was easily the stronger fighter and it showed

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) Riggs looked good but so did Doerkson. I enjoy watching Doerkson work on the ground and Diesel landed some hard ground and pound. Fun fight.

Fight Eight: Light-Heavyweight Championship Bout 205lbs.
Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort vs. Randy “The Natural” Couture

Round One: And we are off. Randy closes the distance and pushes Vitor up against the fence. Knees from the clinch by Randy. Big “Randy” chants as clinching continues. More knees and a shoulder shrug as we haven’t moved from the clinch. Vitor tries to escape but Randy keeps it against the fence. The ref breaks the clinch and Randy closes the distance again but gets hit but a right hand on the way in. Randy looks fine and clinching continues. Knee to the body by Randy and a good hook from Randy connects well. This is pretty boring, not going to lie, it’s very one sided. Randy gets a body lock and takes Vitor down. Randy lands in side control and is smothering him against the fence. Vitor getting hit with elbows and good body shots. A strange position where Vitor has a reverse guard as the round ends.

I have to give it 10-9 Randy. Randy didn’t do enough for 10-8 so he gets a 10-9.

Round Two: Back at it and Randy avoids some punches to clinch against the fence. Randy has a body lock and Vitor is bleeding. Looks like it’s right by his eye. Randy lands some good shots with dirty boxing. Still pushing against the fence and gets a takedown. Vitor is sitting up against the fence and is getting pummeled by Randy. Randy keeping tight and landing some good shots. Good left hands to the body and head. Vitor reclaims butterfly guard and Randy just stands and lands some good shots. Randy flattens Vitor out but Vitor gets back to a kneeling position and is against the fence. Good body and head shots. Big John stops it to check the cut on Vitor. In the replay we see that the cut was caused from a head butt. The ref starts them in the same position and Vitor gets a tighter guard and gets a really close armbar. The blood makes it slippery as the round ends.

Another 10-9 round for Randy. This was all Randy here again as he laid a beating on Vitor. 20-18 Randy right now.

Round Three: Randy closes the distance on Vitor and takes him down. Back to the same position from round two. Randy landing lefts to Vitor as Vitor reclaims full guard. Another armbar by Vitor but Randy is able to get out. Randy has Vitor folded up and Randy passes to side control and Vitor reclaims guard. Now back to the seated position from Round two. Full guard here, Randy passes to side control, landing short elbows as we are back to guard. Good elbows here and Vitor looks out of it. More of the same from round two and Vitor goes for a sloppy armbar. Can’t get it locked in and Randy begins to rain down shots on Vitor. A lot of blood here but nothing too bad. Nothing close to Penn/Stevenson. Ten seconds left here. Another dominant round by Randy

I give it 10-9 Randy again as it was more of the same. 30-27 Randy.

Round Four: Big John calls it! Its over. The Doctor says no and Vitor looks out of it.

Result: Randy Couture def. Vitor Belfort at 5:00 of RD 3 via TKO (Doctor Stoppage)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was your typical Randy Couture fight. He closed the distance, clinched, took Vitor down, and beat him up. Vitor could never get off his boxing as Couture kept it close and connected hard with elbows and knees. This fight made Randy a two time Light-heavyweight Champion. Vitor has always been a hit or miss kind of fighter. He either really hits or really misses. This was just Couture out wrestling Vitor for three rounds. Not a whole lot else to say about this fight. If you like Randy I would recommend it.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (4) It was what it was. It was a Randy Couture fight. Clinching, takedown, beating, rinse, repeat. Randy looked dominant and that’s a good thing. Vitor was outclassed.

The 411: This card was great. All the fights were fantastic and the only blemish on this card is the sighting of Karo Parisyan. Alot of the fights were even match ups and it kept the fights competitive. I recommend this fight card to fight newcomers and hardcore fans alike.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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