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Falcons Nest DVD Review – UFC 60

January 31, 2011 | Posted by Kile Andrews

UFC 60: Hughes vs. Gracie

Welcome 411er’s to another Falcon’s Nest DVD Review. Hopefully I can walk you through this event and warn or recommend these to you so you can either enjoy some good fights, or know which DVD’s to pass on. In Big John’s famous words, “Let’s get it on!”

Falcon’s Nest DVD Reviews
In Falcon’s Nest Reviews I go over an event DVD and review the fight quality for entertainment. I rate my fights between 0-10. (Zero being awful to ten being a must see.) For the prelim fights I give you the result along with my view from the Falcon’s nest, but with the main card, I give you round by round coverage along with my view from the Falcon’s nest. Lets do this!

Fight One: Lightweight Bout 155lbs. (Prelim)
Melvin “The Yougn Assassin” Guillard vs. Rick Davis

Result: Melvin Guillard def. Rick Davis at 1:37 of RD1 via KO (Punch)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was a good showcase fight for Guillard as Davis never truly had more than a punchers chance. Guillard almost looked a weight class above Davis and looked more fluid on the feet. To Davis’s credit he did get hurt a few times before getting dropped by a Chuck Liddell like overhand right. Guillard looked like a world beater in this fight and these days he is finally being able to live up to his potential. Sweet knockout is a recipe for a good fight to check out.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) I do like a great knockout. There wasn’t a whole lot to this fight but the ending makes it worth watching.

Fight Two: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs. (Prelim)
Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga vs. Fabiano Scherner

Result: Gabriel Gonzaga def. Fabiano Scherner at 0:24 of RD2 via TKO (Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Scherner is a BJJ black belt as is Gonzaga. Scherner just couldn’t get off on his feet. He looked slow and sluggish and if he got tagged he just fell to his back and was happy to try and grapple. Scherner did a good job reclaiming guard but Gonzaga would just step up and stand the fight up. Scherner never really looked motivated and it showed as Gonzaga made Scherner look bad. Gonzaga controlled the whole fight and looked good doing so. Interesting side note here, between rounds, Scherner said he couldn’t see and the doctor checked him out but let him continue. Randy Couture had some funny commentary at that point. Good stuff.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (3.5) The fight dragged at times with the pauses when Gonzaga was staring at a downed Scherner. Finish looked good though.

Fight Three: Lightweight Bout. 155lbs (Prelim)
Spencer “The King” Fisher vs. “Handsome” Matt Wiman

Result: Spencer Fisher def. Matt Wiman at 1:43 of RD 2 via KO (Flying Knee)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was a fun fight. Wiman looked great even in defeat and Fisher brought it like he always did. Both guys stood and banged until Wiman was able to scramble on a takedown and take the back of Fisher. Wiman had great back control in the first round. In the last seconds of the first round Fisher hit a grazing elbow opening a bad cut on the face of Wiman. Wiman and Fisher taunted each other and Fisher put it to bed in the second round. Fisher looked crisp and motivated as did Wiman and that means a great fight. The flying knee was sick, without a doubt, one of the best knockouts I’ve ever seen.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (9) I like both guys so it was hard to pick a winner before the finish but both guys looked great in a good fight.

Fight Four: Middleweight Bout. 185lbs. (Prelim)
Jeremy Horn vs. Chael Sonnen

Result: Jeremy Horn def. Chael Sonnen at 1:13 of RD 2 via Submission (Armbar)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
The first round of this fight was similar to any other Chael Sonnen round. Sonnen was able to get Horn down and keep postured to avoid submissions. Horn had some good sweep attempts and looked good on his feet for the moments he was up but Sonnen kept taking Horn down at will. Once the second round started it was more of the same as Sonnen took Horn down but then Sonnen’s famous problem came to a head. Submission Defense. Horn threw up his legs and looked to have a triangle but switched it to the front to what looked like a front triangle on the arm. Unique armbar with a good finish in a sluggish fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) The fight dragged at times but its expected when it’s a wrestler vs. BJJ. Horn did a good job and finished Sonnen with a nice armbar.

Fight Five: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Mike “Quick” Swick vs. Joe “Diesel” Riggs

Round One: Here we go. Riggs southpaw and Swick stands orthodox. Leg kick starts the action by Swick and Riggs looks for a head kick but misses and Swick answers with a solid body kick. Swick throws a few feints trying to get Riggs to bite but he does not. Riggs having trouble finding the distance. Clinch against the fence with Riggs pushing Swick looking for a takedown. Good right hand on the way out by Riggs. Standing in the center again and a head kick by swick looked blocked but Riggs is staggered. Riggs shoots and Swick sprawls. Swick locks up a guillotine and it looks to be done here. Riggs taps.

Result: Mike Swick def. Joe Riggs at 2:19 of RD 1 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was not bad by any means. Diesel looked slow and Swick looked crisp. After the initial exchange the head kick rocked Riggs and Riggs shot for a sloppy takedown. From there Swick sprawled and locked up a guillotine. Riggs was looking like he was having trouble finding his distance but Swick seemed to find it right away. Swick landed some great shots and the body kick was just harsh sounding. Good fight for Swick and poor showing for Riggs.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) The action was good from Swick and Riggs couldn’t find the range. Swick dominated here and it was a fun fight to watch.

Fight Six: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs.
Brandon “The Truth” Vera vs. Assuerio Silva

Round One: Glove touch and Vera starts with a head kick, front kick follows, and a jab. Vera switches stances and looks for another front kick. Vera looks crisp on his feet with Silva looking flat footed. Leg kick checked by Silva and answered by Silva. Jabs by Vera look like they are connecting. Both men trade high kicks and block theirs respectively. Body kick by Silva. Both men exchange landing jabs. Inside leg kick by Vera connects. Jabs by both men miss. Big leg kick by Vera and time is called with Silva getting poked in the eye. Big John checks it as we have a break. We’re back and one two combo by Vera. High kicks traded and a spinning back kick by Silva. Vera is taken off his feet by Silva and now Vera working butterfly guard. Vera looks to sweep and falls into half guard with Silva on top. Vera scrambles to his feet and locks up a guillotine. Silva’s arm is trapped and there is nowhere for Silva to go. Silva taps. Fun fight.

Result: Brandon Vera def. Assuerio Silva at 2:39 of RD 1 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Its amazing what kind of fighter Vera used to be. He looked great in this fight. Constantly attacking and keeping the pressure on . His striking looked crisp and showed a solid ground game. Whatever happened to him is anybody’s guess. Silva didn’t look terrible but couldn’t seem to match Vera’s speed. Vera kept good distance and only waded in when attacking and it seemed Silva couldn’t adjust. Good showing for Vera and a disappointing loss for Silva

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) From an entertainment standpoint this fight was great. Good kickboxing to begin with high kicks and combinations by both men. Good finish makes it a fight you should see.

Fight Seven: Welterweight Bout 170lbs.
Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez vs. John Alessio

Round One: Here we go and Mazzagatti is the ref. Slow to start with Sanchez standing southpaw. Shot by Sanchez stuffed by Alessio. Staring contest for the first minute. Feints by Alessio with a wild shot by Sanchez to follow that misses. Right hand and a shot is stuffed by Alessio. Jab, jab, left by Sanchez avoided by Alessio. Both men circle and Alessio lands a jab. Sanchez shoots and is stuffed until Alessio has his back to the cage. Sanchez working a single and Alessio is looking for a Kimura until Sanchez breaks free and the two are back to standing. Good jab by Alessio lands. Another good jab by Alessio and another takedown averted by Alessio. Right hand followed by a shot again from Sanchez is stuffed by Alessio once again. Great defense by Alessio. Alessio with his back to the fence again and Alessio grabs hold of the neck. Sanchez pushes back and the two are standing. Jab, jab by Alessio comes close by miss as do two jabs by Sanchez. Missed takedown by Sanchez. Flurry by Sanchez hitting air and a good shot by Alessio on the way out. Round ends.

Boring round here with a lot of stuffed takedowns and minimal striking. With all the stuffed takedowns and landed jabs by Alessio I have to give it to him 10-9.

Round Two: Back at it with Sanchez looking for takedowns. Alessio back against the fence and is able to break away and catches Sanchez twice on the way out. Jab, jab misses by Sanchez. A long shot by Sanchez is able to create a scramble and ends up on top. Alessio is able to scramble himself back to his feet and lands a hard jab opening a small cut on Sanchez. Sanchez connects with a counter right. Shot by Sanchez is shrugged off by Alessio. Three punch flurry by Sanchez is avoided by Alessio. Good jab by Alessio and another takedown attempt is thwarted by Alessio. Two minutes left in this fight and its more of the same of round one. The cut is bleeding pretty well now and Sanchez misses and uppercut. More jabs by Alessio is making that cut bleed more. Alessio is being very elusive. Another shot is escaped by Alessio. Jab and a right connect on Alessio from Sanchez. Final ten seconds and Alessio lands some more grazing shots as the round ends.

More of the same. Diego pushed the pace but Alessio opened a cut and landed the more effective striking. 10-9 Alessio making it 20-18 Alessio.

Round Three: Diego looks energized. Shot missed by Sanchez. Sanchez is throwing the hands more but Alessio is playing a good defensive game. Head kick blocked by Sanchez and another shot is missed with Alessio landing a jab on the way out. Flying knee creates a scramble and Alessio goes to a knee which allows Sanchez to get the back of Alessio. Alessio is standing with Diego riding the back just like Trigg/Hughes. Sanchez looking for the choke and Alessio walks over to his corner. Sanchez has a body triangle and is keeping hold and Alessio is looking for an armbar against his own head. Sanchez is landing some hard shots. Sanchez is close to the choke but Alessio is wise to it. Alessio is controlling the left arm of Sanchez but Sanchez breaks it free and Alessio gets hold of the right arm. Twenty seconds left and it looks like its going to end here. Sanchez unable to finish as the bell sounds.

Sanchez had the back for almost four minutes of this round. That alone gets him the round 10-9. Ending it 29-28 Alessio.

Result: Diego Sanchez def. John Alessio via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Alessio could have won this fight if he were a tad bit more aggressive. The one judge gave it 30-27 to Sanchez confuses me but it could just be for the aggression. Alessio did little to show he wanted to finish this fight and seemed content with jabbing his way to a win and stuffing takedowns. Sanchez was indeed aggressive but his game was neutralized by Alessio. This win was a debatable one but a big one for Sanchez as he continued to climb the ladder in the UFC.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (2) This fight dragged on a lot. Missed shots and jabs with four minutes of back control sum this up quite nicely. I would pass on this fight.

Fight Eight: Light-Heavyweight Bout 205lbs.
Dean “The Boogeyman” Lister vs. Alessio Sakara

Round One: On our way with a head kick by Lister blocked nicely by Sakara. Sakara with two jabs and a shot but Lister is stuffed and Lister pulls guard. Lister controlling posture nicely and is working for an omoplata. Sakara turns and opens his neck up. Lister secures the omoplata and Lister has a hook on the leg. Lister back to full guard as Sakara pulled his arm out. Lister looks to work the omoplata again but is able to pass his leg over and locks up a triangle. Lister grabs Sakara’s leg and keeps him from posturing. Lister has it tight and it’s all over.

Result: Dean Lister def. Alessio Sakara at 2:20 of RD1 via Submission (Triangle Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was just a scary display of how good Lister is on the ground. Sakara had no idea what was happening before it was too late. This was by far the most dominating performance I have ever seen from Lister. Sakara has always been a guy willing to stand and bang but he has never been one for ground combat. Lister controlled the whole fight and was never in danger making this a great fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) I always like a good display of ground wizardry and this was no exception. Lister tied up Sakara and it was game over. Great showing from Lister.

Fight Nine: Welterweight Bout 170lbs.
Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie

Round One: Big John is the ref as we are underway. Gracie is taller with the longer reach. Royce looking for the front kick. Keeping good distance. Leg kick by Matt Hughes and Hughes backs away. Leg kick by Gracie and Gracie throws a kick. Up against the fence and knees from the clinch. Big knee by Hughes and Royce misses with a big elbow letting Hughes take him down and lands in side control. Hughes has knee on stomach position and Gracie looking to sweep. Gracie has an under hook and looks to tie up an arm. Gracie turning in but Hughes stays on top with body elbows. Gracie rolls in and Royce able to roll to half guard. Hughes has an arm. Americana here and that’s in tight my friends. Royce has no expression on his face. That arm is in a nasty way. Hughes lets it go but passes to side control and has the crucifix. Royce rolls in by Hughes gets the back of Gracie and flattens him out. Left and rights to the side of Gracie’s head and Big John jumps in to stop it. That was just dominance by Hughes.

Result: Matt Hughes def. Royce Gracie at 4:39 of RD 1 via TKO (Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Matt Hughes dominated Royce Gracie. Royce was great back when he was younger but as a 39 year old against Matt Hughes in his prime was only a recipe for disaster for Gracie. Gracie looked like he was going to be able to hang with Hughes on the ground. He was working a side control sweep until Hughes was able to pound his way to a victory. Royce’s arm was almost broken as Hughes had as straight armbar on really right and the elbow looked like it was popping. I respect what Royce has done for the early days of the UFC but the times had changed and without his Gi Gracie was a fish out of water.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) This was a dominant display of power by Matt Hughes. From the opening bell you just felt that Gracie didn’t have a chance. Amazing performance by Hughes.

The 411: This was a great card. A lot of great performances by some talented fighters. Some were future legends and some were flash in the pan greatness. The Wiman/Fisher fight is just awesome and all the great finishes make this a fun card to watch. The only downfall of this card is a lot of the fights were slow and dragged. Even though the finishes were fun the slow fights bring it down in rating.
Final Score:  6.5   [ Average ]  legend

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