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Falcons Nest DVD Review – UFC 81

February 2, 2011 | Posted by Kile Andrews

UFC 81: Breaking Point

Welcome 411er’s to another Falcon’s Nest DVD Review. Hopefully I can walk you through this event and warn or recommend these to you so you can either enjoy some good fights, or know which DVD’s to pass on. In Big John’s famous words, “Let’s get it on!”

Falcon’s Nest DVD Reviews
In Falcon’s Nest Reviews I go over an event DVD and review the fight quality for entertainment. I rate my fights between 0-10. (Zero being awful to ten being a must see.) For the prelim fights I give you the result along with my view from the Falcon’s nest, but with the main card, I give you round by round coverage along with my view from the Falcon’s nest. Lets do this!

Fight One: Lightweight Bout 155lbs. (Prelim)
Robert “The Saint” Emerson vs. Keita Nakamura

Result: Robert Emerson def. Keita Nakamura via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Nakamura and Emerson put on a decent show. I had Nakamura winning the first round after dropping Emerson with a hard knee. Emerson controlled most of the action with a more diverse striking game. Emerson mixed it up better with punches and kicks while Nakamura stayed mostly with his hands. Both guys threw some good knees and Nakamura had his face busted up pretty good. This was one of Emerson’s best appearances in the octagon and Nakamura is doing his own thing these days. Not a bad fight but the action was kept pretty basic. A lot of punches thrown but not a lot that landed.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) Emerson looked sharp and Nakamura stayed on his feet even after getting hit. The action dragged on in the latter two rounds so it gets a five.

Fight Two: Light-Heavyweight Bout 205lbs. (Prelim)
David Heath vs. Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch

Result: Tim Boetsch def. David Heath at 4:52 of RD 1 via TKO (Strikes)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Boetsch looked like a world beater in this fight. This was Boetsch’s UFC debut against journeyman David Heath. Heath had a couple of good showings in the UFC but could never really keep his game tight. Boetsch had a great front kick and had heavy hands. Heath looked gun shy and couldn’t pull the trigger. The best part of this fight was when Boetsch grabbed Heath in the clinch and threw him head first on the mat. Boetsch looked like a “Barbarian” in this fight. Action packed and entertaining.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) This fight was fun to watch. Boetsch brought his A game and Heath was there. Boetsch looked great in a action full fight.

Fight Three: Middleweight Bout 185lbs. (Prelim)
Terry Martin vs. Marvin “The Beastman” Eastman

Result: Marvin Eastman def. Terry Martin via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was a 15 minute clinch war. No significant damage besides an accidental head butt. Martin wanted to clinch and Eastman wanted to strike but with Martin taking it to the ground and keeping it clinched the fight dragged on for what seemed like forever. I found myself wanting to skip this fight. I vote you do the same.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (1.5) And this rating is being generous. I wanted to give it a one but there was a minute of action where it saved it from a complete dud.

Fight Four: Welterweight Bout 170lbs. (Prelim)
Chris “Lights Out” Lytle vs. Kyle Bradley

Result: Chris Lytle def. Kyle Bradley at 0:33 of RD 1 via TKO (Strikes)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Chris Lytle fans know and love this fight. Bradley was an unknown brought in for his debut against always game Chris Lytle. The fight lasted just :33 seconds and it was the Chris Lytle show. Lytle rocked Bradley early and from there it was all downhill. Lytle grabbed the back of Bradley’s head and connected with four good shots knocking Bradley to the mat. A few more good shots on the ground and it was over. Bradley was caught trying to pull guard on Yves Lavinge until he realized it was over. Great performance for Lytle as he is one of the most exciting fighters I know.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (8) For Lytle fans and fans of a knockout this was grand. Lytle was sharp and looked dangerous. The eight is for the knockout. Just awesome.

Fight Five: Lightweight Bout 155lbs.
Tyson Griffin vs. Gleison Tibau

Round One: Let’s get it on. Tibau looks like a welterweight, he’s a big 155. Leg kick by Griffin and good jab counter by Tibau. Another leg kick by Griffin and a flying knee attempt by Tibau. Griffin wades in but catches nothing. Big miss by Tibau with an overhand right. Good body shot by Griffin. Good leg kick knocking Tibau off balance. Good body shot answered with a hard left by Tibau. Clinch and Tibau has a body lock. Griffin reverses and is reversed by Tibau. Tibau drops for a double, almost has it, but Griffin scrambles back up. Leg kick by Griffin followed by a hard body kick which lands by Griffin. Both men throwing some leather with too many punches to recap. They pause and both men start to brawl until Tibau spears Griffin with an explosive takedown and lands in half guard. Griffin landed a lot more shots. Tibau has Griffins back with an over-under. Griffin back up and is looking for a single leg with thirty seconds left. Tibau gets a body lock and Tibau takes him down. Tibau lands some good shots as Griffin gets back to his feet. Round over. WOW.

This round was intense. A lot of great action and good shots. Griffin landed more shots and did more damage but Tibau got two takedowns. Tibau didn’t do a lot with the takedowns he got so this goes 10-9 Griffin.

Round Two: Back at it and Griffin paws with a jab. Good right by Griffin lands. Tibau lands a one two combo. Headkick attempt by Griffin and he shoots for a takedown and both men clinch against the cage. Griffin breaks away and the two get back to the center. Good left hand by Tibau answered by a right by Griffin. Another brawl ensues until Tibau falls back and gets a takedown landing in side control. Griffin rolls over and is able to stand back up. Tibau can’t hold Griffin down it seems. Two good rights by Griffin answered with a jab by Tibau. Tibau backs away to regroup. Griffin lands another nice shot followed by a leg kick. Leg kick checked by Tibau and a body kick lands by Tibau. Griffin lands a good right and shrugs off a takedown by Tibau and lands a good leg kick on Tibau. Less than a minute remaining. Tyson keeps missing with a huge right hand and Tibau takes Griffin down. Griffin bounces back up and back on the feet as the round ends.

Another good round for Griffin as Tibau still can’t get anything done with the takedowns. I give it 10-9 Griffin making it 20-18 Griffin.

Round Three: Both men miss with whipping punches and Tibau looks hesitant to exchange. Flying knee again by Tibau as he is just trying to close the distance. Tibau spears Griffin again and takes him down. Tibau is in Griffins butterflies and lands a good punch passing to half guard. Griffin is trying to sweep but Tibau keeps on him. Griffin is able to spin out and get to quarter position allowing him to stand and regroup. Both men looking a bit tired here. Tibau backs away and gets a takedown. Griffin back up and lands a good liver shot on Tibau. Good right hand by Tibau and another body shot lands hard. Griffin looking good on his feet here. Clinch against the fence and a knee by Tibau. Griffin closes the distance and clinches against the fence. Footstomps here with a minute left. Body lock by Griffin and looks for a takedown. He is trying to trip Tibau but Tibau reverses and Griffin on the defense. Griffin breaks away and we are under ten seconds. Both men stand and do nothing as the fight ends.

I give this last round 10-9 Griffin as Tibau couldn’t hold Griffin down. It goes 30-27 Griffin as we go to the judges.

Result: Tyson Griffin def. Gleison Tibau via Unanimous Decision (30-27 across the cards)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was an exciting fight. Tibau was game with striking for the first round but once the latter rounds hit and Griffin was landing at will Tibau was like a fish out of water. Also, not being able to hold Griffin down was hard for Tibau to get his submissions off. Griffin has always been a solid fighter that will outwork you to get the decision. He is good at everything but he isn’t great at anything. Griffin has a good all around skill set but lacks the ability to finish in the UFC. Tibau has good submissions and serviceable striking but if the fight doesn’t hit the mat he doesn’t have a back up plan.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) This fight was great for the first two rounds but once Tibau gassed he backed away and the third round dragged on. Check it out though, it’s a good fifteen minute battle.

Fight Six: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Ricardo “Big Dog” Almeida vs. Rob Yundt

Round One: We are underway here as Yundt misses an uppercut. Almeida with a good body shot as he dances around with good footwork. Overhand right by Almeida sets up a takedown and Almeida takes Yundt down. Yundt scrambles and Almeida locks up a guillotine. Yundt picks up Almeida and slams him on the back of his head flipping him over. Almeida keeps it tight and ends it quickly. Wow, awesome.

Result: Ricardo Almeida def. Rob Yundt at 1:08 of RD 1 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was Ricardo Almeida’s return and Rob Yundt’s UFC debut. Yundt is a wrestler with basic striking and Almeida is an amazing BJJ black belt with serviceable striking. Once the fight hit the ground it was game over. It was a pretty sick sight to see such a lightning quick guillotine choke. Yundt even picked up Almeida off the mat and tried to slam him on his head. Even though the slam landed hard on Almeida’s head he kept it tight and then a mounted guillotine which is even worse. Almeida looked amazing here and Yundt was simple outclassed.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (8) This was pure domination on the mat by Almeida. I always thought Almeida was the best grappler in the middleweight division and it showed here.
** Yes, I think Almeida could outgrapple Demian Maia… go ahead and comment.**

Fight Seven: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Jeremy Horn vs. Nate “The Great” Marquardt

Round One: Fight! Glove touch and both men lock up quick. Horn tries a trip but can’t finish. Marquardt powers Horn down and lends in Horns guard. Horn has control of an arm. Marquardt looks to posture, does, and lands three good shots but Horn tangles Marquardt up in his guard again. Horn pushes against the fence but keeps Marquardt down not allowing posture. Good elbows by Marquardt and he tries to pass. Marquardt stands back up instead and Horn does as well. Clinch again and Horn tries a trip but is reversed and ends up on his back in half guard. Marquardt looks to pass but Horn gets full guard back. Horn stands back up and has a body lock and works a trip, but is ultimately unsuccessful. Marquardt lands a couple good punches and drops Horn with a hard elbow. Marquardt working for a D’Arce choke but Horn escapes. Horn is able to reclaim guard and works butterflies. Marquardt postures and gets caught with an upkick but Marquardt falls back into guard. Horn works an omoplata and uses the omoplata to sweep and ends on top. The round ends with Horn on top.

Fun round with Marquardt landing some good shots from the guard of Horn. Horn had a nice sweep but the three takedowns by Marquardt and damage he did lands him this round 10-9

Round Two: Back at it with no touch and Horn works the jab. Leg kick by Horn connects and Marquardt tries to answer but slips and Horn ends up on top. Marquardt is working butterflies and Horn looks to pass. Full guard now and a good elbow by Horn. Horn postures and Marquardt is able to push off from butterfly guard and Horn shoots in for a takedown but leaves his head in and Marquardt locks up a standing guillotine. Horn tries to roll and fight it but ends up having to tap.

Result: Nate Marquardt def. Jeremy Horn at 1:37 of RD 2 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Horn couldn’t do a whole lot with Marquardt. Marquardt just looked too powerful and quick for Horn. This is when Nate was a finisher and was on his war path back to a title shot. Horn has always been a serviceable fighter ready to take a fight on short notice and at least put in a good effort. Here was no exception as he did what he could but Marquardt had a great top game and Horn left his head out for a guillotine. I like Horn a lot but he has never been able to win the big fight on the big show.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) There was good grappling, some good ground and pound, and some crisp striking with some rest clinching. Both guys looked good. Check it out, it’s a good way to spend seven minutes.

Fight Eight: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs.
Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir

Round One: We are underway and Mir throw s leg kick and gets taken down and lands in half guard. Lesnar landing some hard shots and hammer fists. Mazzagatti stops it calling time out. Takes a point away for a shot to the back of the head. Lame. Back at it with another leg kick countered to a right hand. Mir is down and looks to reclaim guard but Lesnar is pounding away. Mir almost locks up an arm but Mir is back in guard. Lesnar landing some shots and Mir has another arm. Lesnar stands and Mir rolls to a kneebar and Lesnar tries to leap out. Lesnar fights it for a minute and Lesnar has to tap. That’s pretty nuts.

Result: Frank Mir def. Brock Lesnar at 1:30 of RD 1 via Submission (Kneebar)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Mir looked awful here. Brock looked great. When they came out Mir threw a lazy leg kick and got taken down quick. Mir was quick to pull guard but Lesnar’s wrestling looked amazing here. He switched positions fluidly and continued to dominate until… (dramatic pause…) Mazzagatti stopped the fight and deducted a point for a back of the head shot. I’ll make it no secret here that Mir is one of my favorite fighters and my favorite talker as well. However if Mazzagatti hadn’t stopped the fight I see the fight ending differently. Mir got the win here with a textbook rolling kneebar and caught him. Fun fight even with the bad reffing. Check it out.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) I can’t rate it higher because of the bad reffing. Lesnar looked good with strikes, Mir almost locked up a few armbars before finishing. Check it out still.

Fight Nine: Heavyweight Championship Bout 206-265lbs.
Tim “The Maine-iac” Sylvia vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Round One: Minotauro lands a good jab and Sylvia answers. Leg kick by Minotauro. Sylvia lands a few good shots. Minotauro shoots, its stuffed, and Minotauro pulls guard and Sylvia is able to get back up. Sylvia lands a good shot and then one more for good measure. Good jab by Sylvia and Minotauro answers. Jab by Minotauro and lands another good shot but gets caught with an uppercut. Left hand drops Minotauro and Sylvia pounces. Sylvia landing good shots but Minotauro ties him up in guard and is able to recover. Sylvia is able to get back to his feet and backs off making Minotauro get back up. Minotauro shoots but pulls guard and Minotauro is cut. Sylvia in half guard and is landing some good elbows. Minotauro working for a sweep and Sylvia gets free and stands it back up. Another shot is stuffed and Sylvia lands a knee. Jab landing by Sylvia and another shot stuffed. Under a minute left here as Minotauro lands a good combo followed by a body shot. Minotauro backing away as the ten second mark hits. Shoots for a single and gets Sylvia down as the round ends.

Aside from the takedown at the end this round was all Sylvia. Easy 10-9 for Sylvia.

Round Two: Back at it and Minotauro lands a good jab. Shot by Minotauro is stuffed and gets caught on the way out. Good left and a right by Sylvia and Minotauro looks tired. A left right combo by Minotauro lands well and is countered by a right by Sylvia. A shot is stuffed again and Minotauro just paws with a jab. Minotauro keeps getting caught by jabs from Sylvia and almost gets dropped. Minotauro backs away and makes a half hearted shot attempt only to get stuffed again. Minotauro lands a good jab but that’s about all he’s landing. Sylvia is landing good combos and is hit with an uppercut. Minotauro with a single but can’t get him down. Sylvia is landing some good shots and Minotauro relinquishes the attempt. Right hand and a jab connect for Sylvia,. Two jabs connect for Minotauro. Minotauro is staggered by a shot from Sylvia and Minotauro connects with a good shot to counter. Minotauro on wobbly legs and the round ends with a flurry from Sylvia.

Another 10-9 for Sylvia as he is dominating the standup game over Minotauro. Sylvia almost got taken down but he stuffed it. Very one sided.

Round Three: Good leg kick by Minotauro is countered by a right hand knocking Minotauro’s head back. Another takedown stuffed by Sylvia and Minotauro looks disheartened. Shot by Minotauro and he pulls guard ending in half guard. Minotauro is working for the sweep and gets wrist control. Minotauro sweeps and ends in side control. Sylvia scrambles and Minotauro locks up a guillotine, tight, real right and Sylvia has no choice but to tap.
Result: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira def. Tim Sylvia at 1:28 of RD 3 via Submission (Guillotine Choke)
View from the Falcon’s Nest

This was one heck of a fight. Sylvia dominated the standup for the better part of two rounds. Minotauro got a few good shots in there but Sylvia was connecting with almost everything he threw. The reach looked like it was giving Minotauro trouble. But he is never out as it has been shown in most of his career he can get beat up and come back amazingly. Sylvia always seems to choke when it counts. Minotauro showed here why he is one of the best heavyweights out there. Good fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) This was a great fight with Sylvia dominating the start. The finish was grand with Minotauro locking it up lightning quick. Check it out. It is good.
*** I apologize if I misspelled Minotauro at all and my spell check didn’t catch it. I was trying to type fast.***

The 411: This was a great card. Lesnar/Mir was fireworks until the deduction. Sylvia/Minotauro was great with a fun finish. Almeida looked like a killer and Marquardt got back on track. All in all this was a complete card with only one fight really bringing the card down. There were fun finishes and great fights all around. Check this out, you will be in for a good time, for sure.
Final Score:  7.5   [ Good ]  legend

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