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Falcons Nest DVD Review – UFC 82

January 12, 2011 | Posted by Kile Andrews

UFC 82 : Pride of a Champion

In this edition of Falcon’s Nest DVD reviews I look at UFC 82. Anderson Silva takes on Dan Henderson for the middleweight strap while Heath Herring takes on Cheick Kongo.

Welcome 411er’s to another Falcon’s Nest DVD Review. Hopefully I can walk you through this event and warn or recommend these to you so you can either enjoy some good fights, or know which DVD’s to pass on. In Big John’s famous words, “Let’s get it on!”

Falcon’s Nest DVD Reviews
In Falcon’s Nest Reviews I go over an event DVD and review the fight quality for entertainment. I rate my fights between 0-10. (Zero being awful to ten being a must see.) For the prelim fights I give you the result along with my view from the Falcon’s nest, but with the main card, I give you round by round coverage along with my view from the Falcon’s nest. Lets do this!

Fight One: Lightweight Bout 155lbs. (Prelim)
Jorge “JG” Gurgel vs John “The Hurricane” Halverson

Result: Jorge Gurgel def. John Halverson via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was a fun one to watch. Halverson was game, Gurgel always brings it, which is a recipe for a great fight. Gurgel controlled most of this fight on the feet and on the ground. Halverson looked good but Gurgel was quicker on the feet and better on the mat. Halverson had good hands but from my understanding of him, he is more of a ground fighter, and Gurgel is not the best opponent to show off your ground game against. Late in the third round is when Halverson opened up and caught Gurgel brawling and tagged him with some good shots to steal round three. Gurgel looked good here but I always wish Gurgel could finish.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7) This fight was entertaining. Halverson looked game and Gurgel brought it with the standup. If you like your typical Gurgel brawl than this is a fight to check out.

Fight Two: Welterweight Bout 170lbs. (Prelim)
Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez vs. David Bielkheden

Result: Diego Sanchez def. David Beilkheden at 4:43 of RD 1 via Submission (Strikes)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was all Diego Sanchez. Sanchez took Bielkheden down quick and from there worked a clinic of passing and ground and pound. Bielkheden is a BJJ guy but when Sanchez gets on top of you its almost game over. Sanchez quick mounted Bielkheden and from there it was an easy finish as Sanchez Ground and Pounded his way to a win.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) I always was impressed with Sanchez and here was no exception. He looked like he was on a completely different level than Bielkheden. Fun fight for all to check out.

Fight Three: Welterweight Bout 170lbs (Prelim)
Josh Koscheck vs. Dustin Hazelett

Result: Josh Koscheck def. Dustin Hazelett at 1:24 of RD 2 via TKO (Kick and Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Wow! Just wow. This fight as awesome. Early on Koscheck got cracked by a head kick and a running knee and I thought it could have been over there. Both guys got cracked, both guys looked sharp, both guys put on a show. Hazelett’s striking looked great in this fight, possibly the best he looked on the feet in his career, and his ground game was great for what it was worth. Koscheck was Koscheck. Looking for the overhand right, the knockout punch, and with explosive takedowns. One takedown was like a train running through Hazelett but right when they hit the ground Hazelett synched up a triangle choke. That’s just the fight round. The second round saw both fighters exchanging on the feet until Koscheck hit a sweet head kick followed up with some ground and pound for the win.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (9) This was a great fight. No question about it. Koscheck brought the explosive wrestler and striker while Hazelett was patient and used good counterstriking. Definitely a fight I could watch over and over again.

Fight Four: Welterweight Bout 170lbs.(Prelim)
Luigi Fioravanti vs. Luke “The Silent Assassin” Cummo

Result: Luigi Fioravanti def. Luke Cummo via Unanimous Decision (29-28 across the board)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was very slow. The fight couple minutes seemed alright but Fioravanti got cracked hard in the first minute. After getting cracked so early Fioravanti just kept taking the fight to the ground and keeping busy enough to not get stood up. Cummo looked light for Welterweight, it seemed like he could have easily made lightweight. There were flashes in time where Cummo almost caught Fioravanti with a submission off his back but Fioravanti just kept standing up and throwing some kicks before getting back on the mat. Not too exciting.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (3) Id give it a three just based on the first round. First round was great but after that both men got tired. Ten minutes of gassed fighters equals boring..

Fight Five: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs. (Prelim)
Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski vs. “Irish” Jake O’Brian

Result: Andrei Arlovski def. Jake O’Brian at 4:17 of RD 2 via TKO (Strikes)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was Arlovski looking to return to form after losing the title. The whole first round was O’Brian looking for a takedown pushing Arlovski against the fence. O’Brian kept leaving his head out just asking to get guillotined but Arlovski wasn’t taking it. Arlovski looked tentative on his feet but sprawled well. O’Brian looked like he had no game plan besides shoot in and take down. Sometime in the first round Arlovski cut O’Brian’s head but eventually Arlovski was able to reverse, get mount, and pound out a victory.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (3)Arlovski sprawled well but hesitated a lot. O’Brian shot for takedowns the whole time. Nothing special we haven’t seen before.

Fight Six: Welterweight Bout 170lbs
Jon Fitch vs. Chris “The Professor” Wilson

Round One: And we’re off. Glove touch here and Wilson looks light on his feet. Leg kick by Fitch. Clinch now by Wilson and two good knees. Missed leg kick by Fitch and Fitch gets a hold of Wilson. Wilson breaks away and keeps moving well. Fitch throws a few punches and connects with another leg kick. Fitch gets a hold of Wilson again and Wilson pushes away and cracks Fitch right a good right. Wilson with a head kick, blocked, and Fitch is working for a double. Body shots by Wilson but Fitch gets him down. Fitch keeps the double but Wilson looks like he might get up. Fitch keeping the double and the ref stands it up. What? Fitch was working for the takedown. Strange. Fitch wades in with a left hook and both men size each other up. After about a minute a circling Fitch gets a takedown but Wilson looks for an omoplata but Fitch gets back to guard. Wilson looks to explode but Fitch keeps tight. The round ends with Fitch on top.

The crisp striking of Wilson vs. the one takedown of Fitch gets Wilson the round in my opinion 10-9 Wilson.

Round Two: Glove touch and we are back. Kick by Wilson is caught by Fitch and almost taken down. Wilson is able to scramble away and more strikes are countered by Fitch who explodes with a takedown and lands in Wilson’s half guard. Fitch took a page out of Koscheck’s book with that takedown. Fitch with some good body shots from the top in Wilsons guard. Fitch postures up and gets back to full guard. Fitch keeps the pressure on and passes to half guard, now in side control, with one under hook on the far leg of Wilson. Fitch connects with some short elbows to the side of Wilson’s head and works some knees to the body. Wilson rolls on his side and Fitch mounts Wilson. Wilson able to bride up into half guard but still with Fitch raining elbows in his face. Wilson looks to sweep with X guard but Fitch scrambles and gets back to side control and knees the body of Wilson. Fitch works North/South as the round ends.

Fitch easily gets this round. Fitch out grappled Wilson for the whole round. 10-9 Fitch making it 18-18.

Round Three: Back at it and a leg kick by Fitch. Body kick by Wilson and an uppercut lands. Fitch gets a body lock but Wilson breaks away and Fitch misses a head kick. Fitch looks to close the distance and connects with a right hand on Wilson. Leg kick by Fitch connects again and Fitch closes the distance but blocks a body kick by Wilson. Fitch pushes forward and connects with a right hand. Fitch throwing wild punches and connects with a body kick. Another leg kick by Fitch and Wilson looking tired. Wilson throws some tired punches and connects with a jab. Fitch closes in a shoots for a double getting it. Wilson has butterflies but Fitch stays on top with Wilson pushed against the cage. Wilson pushes away but has no room to scramble letting Fitch get back on top. Fitch overwhelming Wilson here with punches to the body and elbows to the head keeping it in guard. Wilson rolling over for an armbar but doesn’t have it. Triangle attempt now by Wilson looking to lock it up. Triangle looks tight but Fitch stacks Wilson as the round ends.

Fitch had the better striking this round and I have to give it 10-9 to Fitch making it 29-28 Fitch.

Result: Jon Fitch def. Chris Wilson via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This will be the shortest view from the nest to date. Jon Fitch did what Jon Fitch do. He closed the distance after a bad first round on the feet. Wilson looked good for the first round but Fitch wrestlef****d Chris Wilson for the second round. Third round was more of the same. It’s your basic Jon Fitch fight. Nothing to really note.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (2) I like Jon Fitch. He can beat any welterweight that’s not French Canadian. He showed dominance here and did what he had to do.

Fight Seven: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Evan Tanner vs. Yushin “Thunder” Okami

Round One: Here we go. This is Tanner’s first fight in two years. Okami looks big compared to Tanner. Tanner looks to close the distance and connects with a good right hand. Good jabs by Okami and Okami shrugs off a clinch attempt. Okami misses a body kick and pushes the action against Okami. Left hook connects on Tanner and another rocks Tanner sending him onto his but. Tanner reverses and goes for a double and takes Okami down. Tanner with a body lock and Okami back to his feet. Tanner drops down for a double but Okami is able to stuff it. Tanner with knees to the knees of Okami and Okami hits a solid short elbow. Clinch against the fence now with Tanner pushing Okami but Okami reverses it and both men throwing knees. Okami breaks and connects with a left on the way out. Tanner with a leg kick and back against the fence. Okami with the Thai clinch and landing some good knees. Okami throws up a big knee and it doesn’t seem to damage Tanner too much. Tanner moving well on his feet and Tanner looks to be cut. Tanner connects with a right and Okami connects with a leg kick. Tanner answers with a kick of his own and another. Jab but Okami and right by Tanner. Both fighters connecting with grazes as Okami goes for a missed head kick as the round ends.

This round was exciting but since Okami dropped Tanner and did the most damage I have to give it to Okami 10-9

Round Two: Back to the action now again as he his moving well on his feet. Two leg kicks by Tanner and Okami connects with a good left. Tanner getting tagged a few times on his way in and a body kick by Okami. Tanner getting frustrated and goes for a front kick. Okami keeping Tanner at bay with a jab but closes in with the Thai clinch landing some good knees. Tanner breaks it and gets tagged with a left. Tanner backs away to regain himself and is visibly frustrated. Another right by Okami connects and Tanner looks to turn it on. Tanner pushes Okami against the fence and Okami has an over hook allowing him to stuff the takedown. Okami with the Thai clinch here and throws up a knee DROPPING TANNER!! Its all over!! Tanner asks what happened and it connects right on the chin in the replay.

Result: Yushin Okami def. Evan Tanner at 3:00 of RD 2 via KO (Knee)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was a good tactical battle with Tanner looking decent for not fighting in two years. Okami looked pretty good on his feet and the fight never went to the ground except for when Okami tagged Tanner. Tanner couldn’t get the fight to the ground where he wanted it and that forced him to engage on the feet. Okami had a good jab and good clinch eventually finishing the legend with a well placed knee to the chin dropping Tanner immediately. Good win for Okami and disappointing loss for Tanner.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (4) Not a bad fight. Tanner kept the pace moving and engaged on the feet. Okami landed with some good shots and was definitely the more powerful of the two. Any Tanner fan should check it out.

Fight Eight: Middleweight Bout 185lbs.
Chris “The Crippler” Leben vs. Alessio Sakara

Round One: Leben goes right for a body kick and pushes the pace quickly. Another body kick by Leben and both men throwing. Leben connects with a good right hook and another body kick. Leben and Sakara throwing recklessly and another leg kick by Leben. Leben with a big left hand and a couple knees from the clinch. This is fast paces stuff here. Sakara looks to move and Leben leaps in with a left hand and a body kick. Both men throwing some shots and Sakara landing some good shots. Leben absorbs them and keeps moving forward. Big lefts and rights by both men and a leg kick by Leben. Big shots by Sakara and still nothing from Leben. Leben moves in with a leg kick connecting hard. Leben stalking Sakara and pushes Sakara against the fence looking for a big punch. Leben catches Sakara with a good left, and another, Leben in the guard of Sakara landing left hands at will. The ref jumps in and Sakara complains about the stoppage. Leben was just landing at will I can’t see how that’s debatable.

Result: Chris Leben def. Alessio Sakara at 3:16 of RD 1 via TKO (Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
First of all, the round recap may be difficult to follow, and I apologize, but the action was quick and furious which made it hard to follow. That’s just the first reason you should check out this fight. Leben is always entertaining and Sakara brings it well also. Leben in this fight just went for it without caring about the consequences. He threw it all with reckless abandon and found it this time as he knocked out Sakara. Sakara has always had a glass chin and Leben was the worst opponent for him. Still a fun fight, check it out.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) This fight was fun. Sakara tried to make distance but Leben just kept closing in and landing hard shots. Eventually Sakara fell and it was over.

Fight Nine: Heavyweight Bout 206-265lbs.
Cheick Kongo vs. “The Texas Crazy Horse” Heath Herring

Round One: Herring charges and drops Kongo quick. Kongo back up and both men clinch against the fence. Kongo looks to be clearing the cobwebs and reverses Herring putting his back to the fence. Kongo with a take down and Kongo has Herrings back. Herring going for a Kimura and bellies out allowing Herring to get up. Both men throw ugly punches and Kongo presses the action. Leg kick by Herring is countered to a takedown by Kongo. Kongo in half guard landing shots and Herring looks to get up and reverses it to side control on top. Herring now on top pushing Kongo against the fence. Kongo back to his feet but Herring has a guillotine attempt. Doesn’t look very tight. Knees from the clinch by Herring who still has the choke attempt. Kongo back to a knee and gets a double leg. Kongo mounts Herring and lands some good shots. Herring is sitting up against the fence but Kongo has mount. Kongo landing some good body shots and a short uppercut. Herring holds on and rolls, sweeping Kongo, getting on top. Herring has a body lock and looks for the takedown pushing Kongo against the fence. Herring pulls guard but Kongo rolls through and mounts Herring again. Kongo sprawls at a reverse takedown. Guillotine attempt by Kongo here. Good action and Herring is cut. Herring relaxing here with Kongo not attacking much. Elbows from bottom by Herring with ten seconds left. Both men relax as it ends.

Good round of action here but with all the takedowns and reversals it was hard to call. Herring dropped Kongo early but Kongo mounted Herring twice. Kongo barely squeaks by here with a 10-9 round.

Round Two: We are back and Kongo gets Herring down quick. Kongo in half guard with Herring looking to sweep. Herring controlling Kongo’s arms very well. Good body shots by Kongo on top trying to open up Herring. Herring with an up kick as Kongo stands and Kongo kicks Herring in the legs. Kongo just standing over a downed Herring. Crowd is booing badly. Herring fires back with a hard right after the standup and Kongo pushes Herring against the fence. Kongo hits some knees as does Herring and Kongo gets another double leg. Herring rolls to quarter position (Turtling up) and Kongo moves to Herrings back. Herring controls the arm and rolls getting on top to North South position. Herring is landing some hard body shots and moves to side control. Herring now landing some hard knees to the body of Kongo. Big knees here. One after another. Kongo is doing nothing and Herring is landing those knees at will. Kongo looking at the clock not doing anything. Round ends with knees.

This round was a good one for Herring. He may have gotten taken down but the sweeps and then top control for two minutes wins him this round 10-9 making it 18-18 going into the third.

Round Three: Herring charges again and both men go for a body kick but Kongo misses and falls with Heath landing on top. Heath looks for a guillotine but Kongo gets on top in Herrings guard. Kongo lets Herring get back to the quarter position and Herring controls the arm. Knees from the top by Kongo and Herring waits for a sweep to come. Herring gives up his back and rolls out. Both men back up and Herring misses with some big punches. Herring bulls Kongo up to the cage but Herring back to quarter position with Kongo on top with an over under control. Kongo with knees and Herring goes for a single leg. Herring back down with Kongo on top. Herring rolls over and gets on top in side control. Kongo looks to push off the cage but Herring landing some good shots from the top and now more knees from the top like round two. Good left hands to the mid section by Herring and Kongo looks for a sweep but can’t finish it. Herring still on top landing good knees and elbows. Kongo looks tired and can’t seem to make anything happen. More body shots to the abs with thirty seconds left. Herring looking for a kimura and now has full mount on Kongo. Kongo holding on and rolls giving up his back. Ten seconds left and this one is over folks.

Tough scoring all fight with takedowns by Kongo and sweeps by Herring. I have to give this to Herring because of top control and mount at the end. 10-9 Herring makes it 29-28 Herring for a finish.

Result: Heath Herring def. Cheick Kongo via Split Decision (29-28 Herring, 29-28 Kongo, 29-28 Herring)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Kongo took Herring down almost at will. Herring swept Kongo at will. No one really got the better of each other on the feet. Herring seemed to have the better cardio though as Kongo has always been known for tiring out. Kongo didn’t show off his striking that he is supposedly known for. Herring was never as impressive as he was supposed to be and this was no different. The only reason he swept Kongo is because Kongo has a non-existent ground game. Neither man was very impressive in this fight and it is no surprise that neither one of them is fighting in the upper tier of the UFC. This was a good fight for what it was, entertaining no doubt, but when you get two guys who have terrible technique it looks like a fun fight. Just like any Leonard Garcia fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) This was a good frantic pace and a lot of good takedowns and sweeps. It was a great scrap and a fun one to check out.

Fight Ten: Middleweight Championship Bout. 185lbs.
Anderson “The Spider” Silva vs. Dan Henderson

Round One: Here we go and no touch by Anderson. Crowd boos. Henderson and Silva both circling and a leg kick by Hendo. Hendo with another leg kick and we are a minute in. Right hand by Hendo misses and is countered with a leg kick by Silva. High kick blocked after a flurry by Hendo. Both men very respectful of each other. Front kick connects by Silva on the shoulder of Hendo. High kick blocked by Hendo. Hendo gets a body lock after some strike misses by Silva and Hendo is in side control. Hendo is covering Silva’s mouth to disrupt the breathing of Silva. Henderson landing some hammer fists on Silva. More and more hammer fists by Hendo but Silva controlling the posture of Hendo. A minute-thirty left and Silva has reclaimed half guard. Big right hand misses and more hammer fists from half guard. Full side control now as he passes but Silva scrambles back to guard. Body triangle from the bottom as the round ends.

Henderson and Silva had a good round here. Henderson gets the nod from me for a 10-9 round by controlling the round on the ground. Silva looked better striking but the ground was most of the round.

Round Two:And were back with Hendo circling around. Front kick by Silva again and missed right hand by Hendo. Body kick by Silva grazes as does a right hand by Hendo. Body kick by Hendo and Hendo gets tagged on the way out. Leg kick by Silva countered to a right hand by Hendo. Silva landing all kind of kicks and now takes down Hendo. Hendo pulls to half guard but is taking body shots. Hendo is back up and pushing Silva against the fence. Hendo with a body lock and should get this down to the mat soon. Knees from the clinch by Hendo but Silva has a good base. Silva breaks the body lock and pushes away. Silva landing some good punches and Hendo is swinging away but is missing. Hendo is rocked and Silva has him down and is on top in half guard. Hendo hold on from half guard but Silva is landing good shots. Silva is patient here as Hendo tries to sit up. Silva is some shots of his own alternating body to head. Knees to the body and Silva now takes the back of Hendo. Big shots by Silva and now has full back mount and has the hooks. Body triangle now and Hendo trying to cover up. Silva with amazing back control. RNC is almost locked up and it’s in deep. Hendo has no choice but to tap.

Result: Anderson Silva def. Dan Henderson at 4:52 of RD 2 via Submission (RNC)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was a dominant display of wrestling by Henderson followed by a dominant display of striking from Silva. Henderson looked really good in the first round but at the middle of the second Silva just began to pick Henderson apart on the feet. Silva looked like the dominant champion that he used to be here and Henderson looked as good as you can against Silva. Sure Sonnen beat up Silva for four and a half rounds but this is when Silva was untouchable. Henderson, for the longest time, was the last person to win a round from Anderson Silva. Good stuff here and definitely worth checking out. Fun fight.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) This was a great fight. Hendo controlled round one until Silva picked him apart on the feet. Just scary dominant in round two.

The 411: This fight card was phenomenal. The only fight not worth it was Fioravanti/Cummo. Otherwise everyother fight on this card was action packed and some good finishes. Leben brought it, Kongo and Herring had a great scrap, and Silva dominated like he used to. The undercard he was great as well with Gurgel, Hazelett, Koscheck, and Sanchez all looked great. Check it out for sure.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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