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Falcons Nest DVD Review – UFC 91

December 22, 2010 | Posted by Kile Andrews

UFC 91 – Lesnar vs Couture

Welcome 411er’s to another Falcon’s Nest DVD Review. Hopefully I can walk you through this event and warn or recommend these to you so you can either enjoy some good fights, or know which DVD’s to pass on. In Big John’s famous words, “Let’s get it on!”

Falcon’s Nest DVD Reviews
In Falcon’s Nest Reviews I go over an event DVD and review the fight quality for entertainment. I rate my fights between 0-10. (Zero being awful to ten being a must see.) For the prelim fights I give you the result along with my view from the Falcon’s nest, but with the main card, I give you round by round coverage along with my view from the Falcon’s nest. Lets do this!

Today I overlook UFC 91 from the Falcon’s Nest. It’s Lesnar vs Couture. It’s Florian vs Stevenson. Shall we begin?

Fight One: Welterweight Bout. 170lbs (Prelim)
Matt “The Immortal” Brown vs Ryan “The Tank Engine” Thomas

Result: Matt Brown def. Ryan Thomas at 0:52 of RD2 via Submission (Armbar)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
Brown and Thomas had a nice little scrap here. Brown wanted to bang but Thomas came to wrestle. Thomas took Brown down whenever he wanted but Brown changed up the game plan and grappled instead. Thomas looked crisp BUT green in this fight. His submission defense left something to be desired as Matt Brown looked amazing off his back with submissions. Thomas stormed early but ran out of gas.
Brown looked great and played Thomas’ game well and beat him on the ground. He endured some slams only to lock in a pretty sweet armbar. Thomas eventually lost again and got released only to pop up in Bellator earlier this year… losing again. Thomas never really impressed me but hey, he’s a young guy, the sky is the limit.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) From a grapplers standpoint, this was an entertaining fight. If you want two guys slugging and banging than I do not recommend this fight. For grapplers that want to watch a good roll and learn some technique. I suggest you check it out.

Fight Two: Lightweight Bout. 155lbs (Prelim)
Mark Bocek vs Alvin “The Kid” Robinson

Result: Mark Bocek def. Alvin Robinson at 3:16 of RD3 via Submission (RNC –Rear Naked Choke)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This was another grapplers delight as both guys are BJJ players. Bocek is a black belt while Robinson is a respectable Brown Belt. You could tell who had the better game as Bocek grappled the heck out of Robinson. Bocek kept looking for a notrth/south choke but Robinson did a great job surviving but I was reminded of how I feel when I grapple my black belt instructor. All you can try to do is survive. Robinson did just that until Bocek grabbed his back and locked it in. Robinson fought out of a tight choke in the second but after that it was more of the same. Robinson was definitely outclassed on the ground by Bocek. There is a reason Bocek claims to have the best Jiu Jitsu in the UFC lightweight division. I would be crazy to disagree. He looked phenomenal.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (4.5) For the grappler this fight would look more like a seven. But it did drag after awhile. Still entertaining but if you’re not a fan of a 13 minute grappling match I would not recommend. Still, not a waste of time either.

Fight Three: Lightweight Bout. 155 lbs. (Prelim)
Jeremy “Lil Heathen” Stephens vs Rafeal Dos Anjos

Result: Jeremy Stephens def. Rafeal Dos Anjos at 0:39 of RD3 via KO (Uppercut)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was not what I was expecting. I didn’t see much of Dos Anjos prior to this fight but he definitely impressed me. His striking looked crisp, his BJJ looked sharp, and looked to be jitter free for his UFC debut. Stephens is a hard-nosed Iowa resident who always, always looks to knock someones head into the second row. This time he actually succeeded and in the beginning park of round three he Mortal Kombated Anjos with a “Finish Him” quality uppercut. If you like a really stellar knockout I recommend this only for the KO. The windup alone will make you cringe and the countless replays will make you watch it over and over again.
A shame too. Anjos was up two rounds in my book. Anjos controlled the fight and out grappled Stephens on the mat. Anjos had an omoplata locked tight but Stephens was able to tough it out. Anjos showed a lot of potential and Stephens did what he always does… put on a show.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5.5) Anjos did a great job but his game is not as slick on the top. He has a great top game but it’s a bit more slow moving than most top games. The fight dragged a little in spots but the uppercut finish made this fight a must watch.

Fight Four: Lightweight Bout 155lbs. (Prelim)
Jorge “JG” Gurgel vs Aaron Riley

Result: Aaron Riley def. Jorge Gurgel via Unanimous Decision (29-28 across the cards)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
THIS WAS A WAR!! Gurgel ALWAYS comes to bang and Riley didn’t back down. This was intense with second to second intensity that saw both men land really painful looking, really hard shots. Both men looked really crisp with their striking and there was little ground game. If I would have been there I would have been on my feet just like everyone else who was there. There were headkicks, knockdowns, combos, brawling. This was one of the greatest fights I have ever seen, that’s saying a lot.

Gurgel was looking like he was going to win but in the last two mintues got careless in my opinion and let Riley take the fight. Even in defeat Gurgel looked good. I don’t want to give too much away but this fight is a must see! No questions, check it out.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (10) This one was a barn burner. A lot of action and this is something that will keep your attention. Watch it now.

Fight Five: Welterweight Bout: 170lbs.
Dustin Hazelett vs Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCory

Round One: Touch of the gloves with Dustin rocking a caveman beard. Both guys are only 22 years old so youngens. Both men swinging early looking for a finish. Hezelett with a tepe knocks Tamdan down and Hazelett goes for a flying knee, misses, but at least we went for it. Body kick by Tamdan and Hazelett rocking a passive Muay Thai stance, nice. Great leg kick by Hazelett and a head kick by Tamdan blocked by Hazelett. Both guys are about 6’1’’… tall Welterweights indeed. Hazelett looks comfortable landing a hard right, then another but Tamdan able to make space and land a hard leg kick. Hazelett blocks a right hand and a head kick. Tamdan knocks Hazelett down with a good leg kick and both men go for a tepe. Both miss. Another leg kick by Tamdan and one by Dustin. Tamdan takes down Dustin but Dustin happy to pull guard. Rubber guard, omoplata, wow that was slick. Hazelett has control but Tamdan rolls, Dustin rolls with and keeps the omoplata. Dustin works free the trapped arm and bends it against the elbow. Painful. Its all over. Great sportsmanship showed at the end.

Result: Dustin Hazelett def Tamdan McCrory at 3:59 of RD1 via Submission (Reverse Armbar)

View from the Falcon’s Nest This fight was great. Both guys showed competent striking and looked even on the feet. Once Dustin decided to pull guard it was over. Dustin had Tamdan tied up with his long limbs and looked slick on the mat. Not a whole lot left to say besides check it out for yourself. Great fight. Really entertaining. Anyone who likes a fight will like this fight. Tamdan and Dustin are two of my favorite guys but it was a great fight again.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (7.5) I liked this fight a lot. Both guys I like and Dustin is a personal favorite. Both men came game but Dustin just brought his A game. Clearly the better grappler.

Fight Six: Middleweight Bout. 185lbs
Nate “Rock” Quarry vs Demian Maia

Round One: Touch of the gloves after we get a look at Miss Celeste. Nice. Both men circle as Maia throws a left and shoots in. It gets stuffed and Maia pulls guard. Quarry defends but Maia sweeps and Maia is on top. Maia passes to mount and he rolls allowing Maia to take the back. Body triangle is locked and Quarry is trying to defend. Maia locks the choke under and it’s all over kids.

Result: Demian Maia def. Nate Quarry at 2:13 of RD1 via Submission (RNC)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
This fight was quick. Maia is clearly the better grappler and Quarry didn’t think Maia could get him to the ground. Maia is all too happy to pull guard on people inferior to his grappling ability and sweeps from the bottom. It wasn’t even a contest once it hit the ground. It was ground, back, choke, over. A great fight for someone wanting to see a great submission.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (5) Pure dominance by Maia. Quarry never seemed in the fight but he was grappling against Maia. Quarry has no background in BJJ and Maia is a world champion. Not match at all. But Maia… dang, he looked sharp.

Fight Seven:Heavyweight Bout. 206-265lbs.
Gabriel “Napao” Gonzaga vs Josh Hendricks

Round One:
Glove touch and both guys clinch. Both guys knee and back to the clinch. Gonzaga lands a knee but Gonzaga is throwing body shots. Both men run into each other like rams as Gonzaga stuffs a shot. Both men back up and to the center. Clinch again with another knee. Hendricks with some uppercuts and another knee but Gonzaga. The men break and a HUGE right hand by Gonzaga dropping Hendricks and its over. Gonzaga stops and looks at Mazagatti, ha, Mazagatti stops it.

Result: Gabriel Gonzaga def. Josh Hendricks at 1:01 of RD1 via KO (Punch)

View from the Falcon’s Nest Another quick fight. Gonzaga looked good and Hendricks looked sloppy. This was a gimme fight for Gonzaga on his way back up the ranks after losing to Couture. I has never really impressed with Gonzaga and I don’t know who Hendricks is. If you want to see a good KO check it out. If not, pass.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (3) Nothing really to note here. Both guys stood. One guy fell. It was exactly the outcome we all expected.

Fight Eight: Lightweight Bout. 155 (Co- Main Event)
Joe “Daddy” Stevenson vs Kenny “KenFlo” Florian

Round One: It’s the “Daddy Choke” vs “the Floritine”… those are some terrible Guillotine names… I digress. We are on. Leg kick connects by Florian. Florian with great footwork. Good jabs but Florian and a hard right connects as well. Blocked head kick by Stevenson as Florian is really turning it up here. Stevenson stalking and now going for a takedown. Daddy has a single and they are pressed against the fence. Kimura attempt by Florian and Stevenson rolls but now back to standing against the fence. Florian up and is taken down by Stevenson and grabbed the fence. Warning for Florian and both men are back up on the feet. Florian and Stevenson back up with space. Florian looks fresh and Stevenson looks a bit dry. Stevenson “kyaa”ing after every strike. Stevenson pushes forward with jabs and rights but is taken down by Florian and Florian is in side control. Florian looks strong here. Florian passes to mount and Stevenson rolls over giving up his back. Hooks are in and Stevenson tries to stand. Choke. Over.

Result: Kenny Florian def. Joe Stevenson at 4:03 of RD1 via Submission (RNC)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
I like Stevenson but he has never been the same since the BJ defeat. Florian never really did much for me but you have to respect his skills. Florian look extremely motivated and Stevenson seemed to underestimate Florian with Florian coming out like a bat out of hell. Florian looked strong and game while Stevenson looked outclassed. Florian was ON his game tonight and it looked like Stevenson never really started the fight. A shame too because I like Joe Daddy. It was a good fight but terrible one sided. Florian fans should check it out or just anyone wanting to see what shear dominance looks like.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) Florian looked dominant and strong. Stevenson never really bounced back from these fights but still a good fight to watch.

Fight Nine: Heavyweight Bout. 206-265lbs. (Main Event)
Brock Lesnar vs Randy “The Natural” Couture
**Intense intro here. Brock gets the basic location, name, pounds and whatnot. Randy gets the extended version. He is the Natural, The only fighter to ever win gold in two different weight divisions, the legendary UFC Octagon Warrior. Wow, how are you not intimidated by him.

Round One:
Touch and we are underway. Clinch early and Couture up against the fence. A couple strikes from the clinch by Lesnar and Randy has overhooks. Knee to Couture’s legs by Lesnar. Lesnar turns it around on Couture and has him against the fence. Couture catches Lesnar with a good right hand on the way out as he creates space. Couture with good head movement dodging a huge right hand. Lesnar with a shot but stuffed by Couture. Such speed for Lesnar. That man is an animal. Lesnar pushing couture against the fence and gets a double leg landing in half guard. Randy controlling posture and gets the knee in. Lesnar with a half ass mount and escapes to standing and has a single and takes Lesnar down. Couture tries to take Lesnar’s back but falls to his back and lands back in half guard. Lesnar on top landing body shots. Lesnar not looking to pass but landing some solid shots to Coutures face but Randy gets wrist control. Couture rolls into Lesnar and gives up his back. Lesnar now riding Randy and Randy is back up to his feet and turns Lesnar around against the fence. Body shots by Lesnar. Couture looking for a take down and has a crotch hold lifting Lesnar but good balance but Lesnar. Round ends.

Great round. Both men had takedowns and both men clinched. Brock had better ground control but couldn’t do much with it while Randy landed a right hand that shook Lesnar. Based on Damage done because of the even number of takedowns for both guys, I have to say Randy 10-9 in this round.

Round two:
Couture looks fresh but Lesnar seems to be fading. Both men exchange but not damage until Lesnar lands a short elbow causing Randy to shutter, still on his feet Lesnar closes the distance and Randy turns him around and pushes him against the fence. Randy looked hurt for a minute. His legs wobbled. Randy seems ok as he continues holding Lesnar against the cage. Knees from the clinch by both men. Brock with an over hook . Big knee by Lesnar but a HUGE right hand connects on Lesnar and Lesnar is now cut. Couture is doing awesome! Couture keeps his head moving and Brock is swinging. Brock wipes blood off his brow and both men are in the middle of the cage. Lesnar shoots for a half assed takedown but Randy pushes Lesnar against the fence and goes for a takedown. Another single leg attempt but Lesnar keeps standing. Clinch and big knee by Lesnar on the way out. Back to standing and Brock fakes a left and catches Couture right in the temple with a BIG RIGHT HAND!! Couture is down and Lesnar hammer fists his way to a UFC title. The ref stops it and Randy stays down looking hurt. Great effort by Randy.

Result: Brock Lesnar def. Randy Couture at 3:07 of RD2 via TKO (Punches)

View from the Falcon’s Nest
I won’t lie here… I am a Lesnar fan. Fan and fan boy are two different things though. I like Lesnar as a fighter and I think he has potential for the future. Randy always brings a great gameplan and was more than game here against the gigantic Lesnar. Randy did what Randy does and pushed him against the cage and tired him out, even cut him above the eye with a good, grazing shot. Lesnar stayed calm and composed in this fight and was able to gut it out. I was pulling for Randy during this fight because even though I’m a fan I thought he was fighting for the title too early. Lesnar proved me wrong here and defended his belt against Frank Mir and Shane Carwin so I was pleasantly surprised.

Couture may have been beaten here but later he had much more fight in him with victories over Vera, Coleman, and Toney. Couture is a legend and looked like one here. Truly a passing the torch moment.

Falcon’s Nest rating: (6) I thought this fight was solid. Lesnar came to fight and Randy had his game plan. Lesnar would ultimately catch Couture with his gigantic soup bone of a hand and finish The Natural off. But regardless, a must see for all fans.

The 411: This was a great DVD with only one fight going to decision and even that fight was exceedingly strong. All the fights were entertaining with the exception of Gonzaga but I'm bias. I dislike him. A great card with a lot of amazing fights and strong performances. Truly one of the UFC's best cards ever and that's the reason its still one of my favorites.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.5   [  Amazing ]  legend

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