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Frankie Edgar Discusses Hurricane Sandy Relief

November 28, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Frankie Edgar recently spoke about the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. Here are the highlights…

On Recovering From Hurricane Sandy: Me, I’m good, but I was fortunate because a lot of people in my area are definitely still struggling. When you hear we’re having a hurricane and this and that, I kind of blew it off. I didn’t think it would be anything, and then it turned out to be this crazy storm. We lost power for four or five days, and then it came back on, and then we had a snow storm, and we lost it for another three days. But luckily we have it now. There are still some people without power in our area.”

On What He Has Done To Help: “Right away, I just went to the shelters and tried to help out,” Edgar said. “A lot of people were donating stuff, so I was helping load buses and unloading buses. I got recognized a little bit by maybe one or two people, but I kind of mix in pretty well,” Edgar said. “I’m a little guy, and I had my hat on and was just working like anybody else. I just wanted to help as much as I could. Somebody would tell me to pick up a bag and throw it over there, and I was all about it. It was cool just to be one of the crew.”

On His Team Organizing Relief Efforts: “I think it’s a little bit of everything,” Edgar said. “There are organizations that are still taking donations, whether it’s money or food or clothes. And people might just need a set of hands to help them clean up and get some things done. I’m working right now on organizing something where we can get a bunch of people together to help out a family or a community.”



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