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Hector Lombard Happy to be Fighting at Home in Australia for UFC on FX 6

December 13, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with UFC on FX 6 combatant Hector Lombard who faces Rousimar Palhares on the card tomorrow. Here are some of the highlights:

Regarding fighting in Australia: “I’m at home. This is my house. Australia. I started my career here, and I have more fights than any Australian. More fights than (Anthony) Perosh. More fights than George Sotiropoulos. Check the records, check the statements, check the papers.”

Regarding some of the issues in his UFC debut with Tim Boetsch which he lost: “You’re not supposed to be that way. I love to do what I do, which is fighting. I shouldn’t be angry and upset all the time. I felt it was a learning experience. I feel I needed to do some changes in my camp and changes in my life. I thank God every single day for making things that way so I could wake up and say I’m doing things the wrong way. After the loss, I said I have to be radical. So that made me make radical decisions, and now I’m happier. I feel blessed.”

His new outlook going into his fight with Palhares: “Look, let me tell you one thing: Even if I had to fight for peanuts in the UFC, I would. Is that good enough?”

His thoughts on the sport becoming a joke and a confrontation he had behind the scenes with Michael Bisping: “The funny thing for me is this sport has become a joke. And no disrespect, but it’s become a joke with all these fighters trying to copy Chael Sonnen. OK, Chael was the original, right? It’s good for him what he became with all his media trash, which I have respect for him, because he was the first person who came up with the idea. And now, what’s this douchebag that’s always talking s— about me? Michael Bisping. He thinks that he’s funny. Now, he’s just copying him. I actually saw him at the elevator, and Michael Bisping has got the smallest hands I’ve ever seen in my life. He says I’m a midget. OK. Fair enough. But I squeeze his hand – I didn’t want to shake his hand, but I said, I don’t want to leave you like that because I have a little bit of education – and he was about to cry, so I let it go. But let’s go back to what I was saying to you from before. Now, everyone has become a professional wrestler. It’s just talk, talk, talk. Now, Mousasi says he never trained. Can you believe that? Is that a joke, or what? He used to train with Fedor (Emelianenko). He used to train with M-1. He went to train with [Georges St-Pierre]. Now, here we go, he comes back and says he never trained. I want to put my hands on him before I retire because I need to whoop that kid up.”

A story from Lombard regarding how he was tricked into fighting Gegard Mousasi in Pride: “The Japanese called me up, and they said, ‘We have a fighter for you.’ And I said, ‘When is that?’ They said, ‘In two weeks. He’s a young guy who doesn’t have any experience, so he’s going to be an easy fight.’ I said, ‘Listen, I know he’s got about 20 free fights. What the hell is going on?’ So I decided to walk away from these Japanese, because they all lie all the time. So I said to PRIDE, ‘Go away. Don’t ever contact me again.’ Then they wanted to intimidate me and s—. They said, ‘We’re going to send the Yakuza. We’re going to kill you.’ I’m like, ‘What the hell is going on with these people?'”

His thoughts on the events that have brought him here now: “I think there’s always a God up there who’s making judgements, and good things happened to me. It wasn’t easy.”

His reaction on being asked to fight Rousimar Palhares by UFC matchmaker Joe Silva when he requested a fight in Australia: “I said, ‘Yeah. Whatever. I’ll fight anyone.'”


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