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Invicta FC President Frustrated With iPPV Debacle

January 6, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with Invicta FC president Shannon Knapp over the problems with the streaming iPPV broadcast with Invicta FC 4 last night on Ustream.

The event was scheduled to be available last night on Ustream for a charge of $7.95. However there were numerous complaints of fans being unable to access the stream at all after trying to pay the charge. Ultimately, when Knapp saw the paid streaming was not working, she requested Ustream to take down the pay wall and promised refunds to all consumers who tried to purchase the event.

Regarding the technical snafu, Knapp stated, “There was no one responding. And people don’t get upset with USTREAM. They get upset with us because it’s our commitment and our word.” Knapp also went on to say, “When people can’t pay, that’s a problem,” Knapp said. “And people wanted to pay. That’s an even bigger problem.”

Currently, Invicta’s next event is set for April. Knapp’s hopes are that Invicta will have a working TV broadcast partner by that point, or “if we don’t have a [TV] partner by then, we’ll be streaming in some capacity, whether we’re giving it away or not. The impression is that Knapp is now more focused on working out a TV deal sooner rather than later for Invicta. Knapp said, “But if you act in haste and align yourself with a bad situation. We’ve all seen what that does.”

Reportedly, Invicta FC was using the same on-site streaming company as all their previous events. This could be part of the issue which Invicta is either ignoring or trying to deflect. There were issues with trying to watch the free broadcast stream for Invicta’s previous events as well. Also after Invicta requested the pay wall be removed from Ustream, fans were still unable to watch the event.

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