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Jake Butler Says He’s Happy to Trade Investment Work for MMA

February 1, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Jake Butler recently spoke with MMAjunkie about leaving a high-paying job in New York City for an MMA career, his upcoming debut at ONE FC 7 and more. Check out the highlights:

On his career before MMA with a real estate investment trust: “I just started to realize I was really unhappy. I guess it was just the long hours sitting in an office, at a desk, wearing a suit and tie and staring at a computer. It was such a stark contrast to my life in university, where I was training and wrestling and competing all the time. It was really hard to fill that gap in my life…The excitement of living in New York City helped to balance out the fact that I didn’t exactly like what I was doing, and having a little money was nice for a while. But after a year, it started to not be enough. Spending my day staring at a screen and doing something I didn’t enjoy, it got harder and harder. I got absolutely no fulfillment out of my daily life.”

On his MMA career: “I know a lot of people might view it as a waste of my education and my degree, but there’s just such a small window of opportunity to pursue this, and it’s really my passion. It would be foolish not to try. My old job, my degree, I can always go back to that. This is something I have to do now.”

Jon Butler on Jake’s career path: “Ever since he left his finance job in New York, he kind of bounced around. He never seemed happy in whatever job he was doing. I don’t think there was anything he ever enjoyed as much as the competition of wrestling and the feeling of winning a wrestling match. After it being your life for so long, it’s hard to do anything else. Regular jobs just didn’t work for him.”

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