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Jake Ellenberger Says Johny Hendricks Went For an Easier Opponent in Carlos Condit

February 22, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Jake Ellenberger recently spoke with MMAjunkie about his fight with Johny Hendricks at UFC 158 being switched to Nate Marquardt so that Hendricks can fight Carlos Condit. Check out the highlights:

On Hendricks’ claim that he gets a more direct path to a welterweight title fight through Carlos Condit: “That’s completely wrong. He’s trying to word it differently to make it sound like he’s not taking the backdoor, which he is.”

On his belief that Hendricks is trying to face an easier opponent: “[Hendricks has] beat a lot of great fighters, and people would argue he’s the No. 1 contender, which I wouldn’t disagree with. But when you’re in that position, you don’t get to choose who you fight. So for him to call the shots is absolutely pathetic.”

On whether Hendricks would have gotten a title shot by beating him: “Dana told him if he beats Jake Ellenberger, he gets a shot at the title. That’s what he told him. Johny took the back door and wanted to take a less dangerous fight, and I say that respectfully to Carlos.”

On Hendricks: “I just think it’s ridiculous for him to call the shots. As a professional fighter, that’s not your job. You don’t say who you’re going to fight; you fight who they tell you.”

On his personal reaction to the change: “I don’t let it affect me. I’m still fighting the same night, so I’m good. But as far as him asking for that, it’s like, really?’ At the end of the day, it’s his decision. My manager doesn’t sign my contract. I do.”

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