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Jim Miller Says He Wants to Finish Joe Lauzon

December 21, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Jim Miller recently spoke with MMAjunkie about his fight with Joe Lauzon at UFC 155 and more. Check out the highlights:

On the positive side of his losses to Ben Henderson and Nate Diaz: “It shows me where I am – I know I can beat any of these guys who have beaten me, and could’ve beaten them that night had I gotten off a little bit sooner, or had the momentum not gone their way. It comes down to little things, and it makes me know I can beat anyone in the world and be the champion. There’s a little bit of that, ‘Son of a b—-. That would’ve been a good one to win’ (after those losses). But I know where I am and know where I am because the guys who have been able to beat me are at the top.”

On Lauzon: “I’m a fan of his, and I think it’s an exciting fight and I match up well with him. I’m excited to get back in the swing of things because even after I came back from the injury, I was having a tough time just getting back in consistently with everything going on. It’s good to be back and going full-bore.”

On being more focused on finishing Lauzon than winning Fight of the Night: “You never know who’s going to take those bonuses – you never know what else is going to be on the card. So it really doesn’t come into my mind. I’m looking to put him away. I’m looking to get a sub or a knockout and make it impressive over him. If he can survive the whole night, then yeah – I’ll take a ‘Fight of the Night.’ But I just want to go out and have a dominant fight and satisfy myself. I haven’t been satisfied with a fight for coming up on two years now and it’s really been eating at me. I want to get in there and do everything I’m capable of.”

On his win over Melvin Guillard: “The Guillard fight, I was happy I won and happy I finished him. But it wasn’t a dominant two-minute fight. He landed a shot, and that’s not what I want. I want to go in and make somebody look bad. I want to beat him up and be dominant from bell to bell. I try to be my own biggest critic and really push myself.”

On his hopes that this will be a win that rebounds him toward the top: “That’s the plan: Beat him as dominantly as I can, take another big one and put somebody else away.”


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