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Joe Lauzon Predicts a Submission Win at UFC 155

December 19, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie Radio interviewed UFC lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon who faces Jim Miller at UFC 155 on December 29. Here are the highlights:

His prediction on the fight: “I predict I’m going to submit everyone. I build it up in my mind.”

His team’s approach to the opponents he faces: “At the beginning of the camp, which this is a shorter camp, but we build this guy up to be this absolute monster, and we take away all of their advantages. We negate everything. We focus on all of our advantages, and we try to put as much distance as we can where they have advantages and increase the span of our advantages. So he is this monster in the beginning, and I’ve got to go into the cage thinking everyone I go in the cage with I’m going to submit. I’m going to put my hands on them. I’m going to hit them a couple times, hurt them and then catch them in a submission if he tries to get away. That’s for every fight.”

The big difference between his change of opponents from Gray Maynard to now Jim Miller: “The big difference is just that Jim is a southpaw. He’s a lefty, and Gray was a righty, so that changes up all of our boxing stuff. All your combinations are different now. Your footwork is all completely different. We had to switch all that up, but it’s all coming along great. It’s all good. But that’s the biggest thing. Other than that, you look at them, and they both have good wrestling – Gray has the better wrestling – and they both have good jiu-jitsu, but I think Jim has the better jiu-jitsu. I think he’s a bigger submission threat. I think it will be an exciting fight, though.”

Lauzon’s thoughts on Jim Miller: “I think Jim is like me. He comes out, and he’s aggressive, and wherever the fight goes, he’ll be comfortable, and he’ll push the pace. He’ll try and go for the finish. I really do like the fight. I think it’s going to be a frantic pace, and I think someone’s going to mistake, and they’re going to pay for it.”


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