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Jon Fitch Believes Georges St. Pierre Will Beat Nick Diaz

January 3, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with UFC welterweight fighter Jon Fitch who believes Georges St. Pierre will defeat Nick Diaz in their upcoming fight.

Regarding a possible shake-up in the welterweight division: “I think a shake-up could have happened if Johny Hendricks would have gotten the title shot. I think right now it looks like ‘GSP’ will probably defeat Diaz. The way it looks, I think there’s a strong possibility the fight after that will probably be Marquardt just because it’s champion vs. champion.”

Fitch on mistakes he made in the past: “I think one of the mistakes I made in the past was thinking about what this next fight is going to bring me rather than just focusing on the fight, itself. Throw all of my attention, all my energy, into one fight at a time and make sure I get the most out of that one fight. I think that showed. When I do that, that’s what happened in the last fight. If I continue that process, it’s going to be a lot more great fights like that.”

Regarding his currently outlook on fighting: “Fight by fight. Each fight is it’s own fight. This is a big thing. I need the money. I need the fight. I need to perform, and I love what I do. The motivation is that in itself.”

His thoughts on future match-ups for the top of the welterweight division: “I’m not even going to think about taking any kind of top-seed-type stuff for the whole 2013. I think that’s already booked, honestly.”

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