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Jose Aldo Says Moves to Lightweight and Bantamweight Are Both Possible

December 25, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Jose Aldo recently spoke with MMAjunkie about potential moves to bantamweight and lightweight, plus more. Check out the highlights:

On a potential move to lightweight: “It all depends on this fight. My trainer, ‘Dede,’ thinks I’m not quite ready. When he thinks I’m ready to go up, I fully intend to go up. Once I beat Frankie Edgar, I’m sure that I can prove that I can fight one notch above. Certainly I believe that I’m ready, but ‘Dede’ believes that I’m still too young, and so he’s keeping me back. But I think I’m fully capable of fighting one category above.”

On his weight: “It’s interesting because when I started, I used to weigh 62 kilos [137 pounds]. As time went on, now I’m at 78 kilos [172 pounds]. When you have a fight, you make the weight. However, it always goes back to a little above where it was before.”

On potentially moving back to featherweight down the line if he were to go to lightweight: “I see no problem at all (in coming back to featherweight). As a matter of fact, it’s never been a problem to maintain my weight. I’ve been maintaining my weight for quite some time, so I would like to fight at a higher category while maintaining my current weight. Athletes and fighters always dream of fighting one category above, and I believe that I can do that. I would like to. That’s one of my goals. … I would like to do much as Anderson Silva has done. I would like to go up and fight for the championship, obtain the championship and then go back to my category. If I’m able to keep both, I would try that. However, if not, I would like to fight for a title in the category above and then come back to mine.”

On a potential move to bantamweight: “I have made that weight once, and it has been a dream of mine to win three title. Nobody has beaten that record yet. Andre knows that’s a dream of mine, but he controls my career, so it all depends. Someday I hope to achieve that. I’d like to make history. For a fight for the title, I could make 135 pounds. I’m not saying it would be easy. It would be difficult, but I think I could do it.”

On teammate Renan Barao’s quest for the bantamweight title: “I’d be very happy for him. We’ve been teammates for a long time. He’s already interim champion. He’s very close to it. I’m happy for Barao. I hope that he achieves the title, and that will be achieving one of our team’s goals.”

On the two weight class changes: “I think that they’re both great challenges. I think 135 is already a great challenge. I believe that losing the weight would be a greater challenge, but 155 would still be a great challenge. I could still make the weight, but the other guy would be stronger, so both are great challenges.”

On his future: “I believe that there is a lot to be done. One of my dreams was to be a champion, and I am. I have achieved that. There is a lot still that can be achieved. I think that this upcoming fight is a superfight against Frankie Edgar. I think it’s going to be great, but I have even more dreams.”


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