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Mark DellaGrotte Reflects on Filming Here Comes the Boom

February 9, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie spoke with MMA fight trainer and coach Mark DellaGrotte about his appearance in the movie Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. DellaGrotte played a featured role as himself in the movie as the trainer of Kevin James’ character. Here are some highlights:

DellaGrotte on how he got into the movie: “As soon as Kevin showed up in Boston, it was on. We were training probably five days a week, and he had plans to film ‘Here Comes the Boom.’ So he knew he was going to take about two years to get in shape. He really wanted to live the role. To his credit, he didn’t want to have Hollywood stunts and have doubles come in. You see a lot of Kevin’s roles, he does his own stunts – he’s very agile and athletic. But he learns fast and he lived the role. He dieted for those two years. He became a fan of Mark DellaGrotte and Sityodtong. We hit it off, and before you know it, the movie was starting filming.”

DellaGrotte on how James wanted to represent the sport: “The UFC’s motto is ‘As Real As It Gets,’ and the last thing Kevin wanted to do was misrepresent the brand and the sport and have funny things in the movie that aren’t real. We shot a locker room scene where I was taping Kevin’s hands (for his UFC fight in Las Vegas) and there wasn’t a commissioner. I stopped the director (Frank Coraci) and I said, ‘Frank, this is wrong. There has to be a commissioner in here watching me wrap hands. There would never not be a person in a maroon jacket from the state of Nevada.’ So little details like that, I played an important role in the development of the movie.”

DellaGrotte on being open to acting again: “I’m not shy in front of the camera – I’m a loudmouth from Boston and I like to talk, obviously. So I had a great time filming it. What I enjoyed the most was I got to represent me, my brand and the sport I love. I got to meet cool people and I got to act. If I can do that again, sign me up anytime.”

DellaGrotte on wanting to be in a sequel to Here Comes the Boom: “I am all about a sequel. I’m ready for a sequel to start filming tomorrow. Kevin, on the other hand, I’m not sure. He put in a lot of time, effort, dedication – he lived that lifestyle for close to three years. He drank green shakes, he shed literally a human being (in weight). I’m not sure he wants to dive into the sequel right away. But I think he’s going to get bit by the bug like we all stay bitten and we’ll all go back and hopefully we’ll see him back in the octagon.”

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