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Matt Hughes Says He Doesn’t Want to be The UFC’s Policeman

January 25, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Matt Hughes, Dana White and UFC General Counsel Lawrence Epstein recently spoke about Hughes’s new position with the UFC. Here are the highlights…

Matt Hughes on His New Position With The UFC: “The first thing I’d say is, I’m not considered a policeman and I don’t consider myself a policeman. I see myself as more of a liaison. We’re going to use the Jones incident, where he wouldn’t take the fight against Chael. After digesting all the facts, maybe I’d go to Jones and say, ‘Hey, I think you need to take this fight. There’s nothing wrong with taking this fight.’ Or I could look at all the facts and say, ‘He’s got a point here. If it was me, I wouldn’t take the fight.’ So that’s going to be my role: Go into a situation, look at the facts, talk to the parties and come up with my conclusion.”

UFC General Counsel Lawrence Epstein Added the Following on Hughes’ Job: “He’s going to be the mentor to all of the 400-plus UFC athletes that are with us and that will come in the future,” Epstein said. “He comes with a very unique set of experiences. He’s obviously been at the highest levels of our sport, being a champion. He understands what it takes to go from a virtually unknown person to someone who’s incredibly famous, and also the challenges that come along with it. He’s going to be providing that experience to our athletes.”

Dana White On Hughes’ Job: “His job is going to be to come to events, start to meet these guys, immerse himself back into the sport watching these guys and knowing these guys,” White said. “Hughes is going to help dive in and create relationships.”


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