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Matt Riddle Says He Accepts MMA’s Stance Against Medical Marijuana

February 18, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Matt Riddle recently spoke with MMAjunkie about MMA’s stance against medical marijuna and more. Check out the highlights:

On the ban on medical marijuana: “Right now what they tell me is, ‘Our industry frowns upon it. You can’t use it. You can’t test positive for it, and right now even if you don’t test positive for THC and you test positive for metabolites, you still fail.’ I deal with it, and honestly I’m an advocate for it. I think it should be legal, and it’s the only drug ever that’s never killed somebody.”

On his vocal frustration over MMA’s stance on marijuana metabolites: “I actually talked to Marc Ratner this past weekend in London. I kind of apologized because you know, I can’t use medical marijuana. They can use TRT, and I’ve kind of been like – I’ve been on the phone with Marc, and he’s been like, ‘There’s nothing we can really do about it. You can’t do it. The commissions don’t respect your license.’ I was kind of like, ‘That sucks, bro,’ and I was kind of mad at him, but it’s not up to him. It’s up to the other athletic commissions, and the UFC is doing the best they can to make them happy and to abide by their rules when they go over to Brazil and Europe when those places don’t have athletic commissions.”

On the drug’s value for him as a sleep aid: “In England, I didn’t sleep at all. I slept about two hours at a time. I just can’t sleep. I have a hard time eating. And it’s not just, ‘Oh, I can’t sleep.’ The reason I can’t sleep is I just keep thinking – and not bad things or horrible things or anything like that, but I just can’t slow my mind down. Like I’ll be like, ‘Go to sleep, Matt. Go to sleep. Go to sleep.’ And then something else will just start popping in my head. I won’t stop thinking about that. Then another thing. Then it’s three things at once. Before I know it, I’m like sweating, and I’m just like, ‘Why?’ Because I’m just thinking too hard, and I can’t slow things down. When I use medical marijuana, I just feel normal.”

On its ability to help him focus: “I have like four different thoughts in my head at once, and I just need to be focused on one thing, like the fight and sleeping – getting rest. It’s just extremely difficult. And then for someone to take TRT and feel extremely confident going into the cage because they know they’ve got 6-to-1 testosterone levels when the average level is 1-to-1, that doesn’t really make sense to me.”


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