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Mitch Clarke Speaks on UFC 161 Bout with John Maguire

June 12, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

UFC lightweight fighter Mitch Clarke recently spoke with reporters this week on his upcoming bout with John Maguire at UFC 161. The event is set for Saturday in Winnipeg, Canada. Below are some highlights:

Clarke on his mindset going into the fight: “You can’t go in thinking negative, in my opinion. But at the same time, they could’ve cut me after that last one – it was two in a row. But the UFC sees something in me to keep me around, and they obviously see something in him to keep him around after two losses. I think that’s what makes it an exciting fight.”

Clarke on his knee injury issues: “The knee injury, I kind of hit rock bottom after that last fight. Everything that could’ve went wrong in my personal life kind of did. I think it made me a better person and a stronger person. So it’s really all about how you look at things – half empty or half full. Yeah, I’m backed in a corner, but you have to win fights now, anyway – and you have to win them well. They have no use for boring fighters. They want guys that come to fight. John Maguire comes to fight, I come to fight – and that’s why they keep us around.”

Clarke on his claim that he fixed his life outside of fighting and that he is looking for redemption: “I had to change up how I train, but I think it made me a better fighter. It made me put my priorities in the right order. You have to jump in with two feet in this sport if you want to compete at the highest level. I got my knee surgery, I got eye surgery, I got rid of some dead weight in people I didn’t need in my life that were kind of negative. So I’m looking forward to redemption.”

Clarke’s thoughts on Maguire: “He does have a lot of weakness I think I can exploit. I think coming down to ’55 isn’t going to be as easy as he thinks it is. I train with some of the best guys in Canada and some of the best guys in the States at MMA Lab – all great 155ers. I’m going to be ready for anything he throws at me, and it’s not going to be anything I haven’t seen before. He’s going to be good at some things, but I’m wondering how the weight cut is going to effect him.”


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