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More News From Sherk Appeal Hearing

December 4, 2007 | Posted by Randy Harrison

More news has come out from the Sean Sherk appeal hearing today before the California State Athletic Commission where his suspension was reduced and his fine upheld.

According to reports, an initial motion to uphold the full length of the one-year suspension was introduced and failed. After the first motion, a second was introduced to reduce the length of the suspension to six months and the first vote on the motion was deadlocked at 3-3. A second vote on the motion was held and came out 4-2 in favor of a reduction of the suspension.

Following the hearing Sherk was quoted as saying the following:

“I’m not happy at all with (a six-month suspension and fine). This is not over.

This indicates that there could be possible legal action stemming from his fine and suspension, either from the act itself or from the Commission’s handling of the case and his appeal.



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