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Pat Barry Talks About Improving His Ground Game Ahead of His Win Over Shane Del Rosario

December 19, 2012 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

MMAjunkie Radio interviewed UFC heavyweight fighter Pat Barry earlier this week following his knockout win over Shane del Rosario at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale. Here are the highlights:

His reaction when he first got word of the tragedy in Connecticut: “When I got the text message and then looked it up and found out what was going on, I just wanted to go home. I just wanted to leave. I wanted to go home and hug my lady and call everybody and tell them I miss them and I love them and I’ll do better to keep in touch. It’s hard to comprehend (what happened in Connecticut).”

His thoughts on what happened and the perception people have about MMA fighters: “We’re humans and I know we’re supposed to be big barbaric monsters that walk around and punch things. But we’re just like everybody else and we just happen to have an odd job.”

On being put on the ground in the first round by Rosario: “When we hit the ground, and I’m talking about I’m in a live UFC fight with a monster on my back, I could hear people in the crowd going, ‘Ahhh, well, it’s over. So much for that one.’ The one-trick pony, there he goes.”

How he’s been working on his ground game and improving: “It’s just more time in. Of course I’ve been training wrestling and jiu-jitsu for three, almost four years. But I’ve only done it live in fights in the UFC. My first live experience with jiu-jitsu was a UFC pay-per-view show. Unfortunately, I keep getting taken down, but at the same time it’s good because the more times I get taken down, the more comfortable I’m becoming on the ground. I’m getting better at being able to identify what’s in danger and what’s not so bad – the difference between what I need to tap to and what is just going to be uncomfortable for a little while…Did I shut a lot of people up? Yes. But did the roaches come out to play? Absolutely. Ever since the fight, you know what I’ve been seeing about my improved ground game? Nothing. And this is the most ridiculous thing of all time, but people are now writing del Rosario’s not that good on the ground. That’s haters, roaches, whatever you want to call them – instead of high-fiving the guy that does well, you give a lot of attention to the guy who did terrible. I’ve gotten a lot of praise, but then there’s the other extreme. That’s just people typing to be typing – zero thought process.”

How he wants to get the knockout and what it means if he gets Fight of the Night: “If I get a ‘Fight of the Night’ (bonus), that means I’ve done something wrong. I come to finish fights. I’m not here to go the distance. That’s never the intention. I’m coming to finish somebody. If I get a knockout, it generally is going to be rough.”


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