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Phil Davis Says He’d Be Happy to Fight Vinny Magalhaes

January 21, 2013 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Phil Davis recently spoke with MMAjunkie about Vinny Magalhaes calling him out and more. Check out the highlights:

On being called out by Vinny Magalhaes: “I had to double-check to see if this guy was even in the UFC,” Davis said. “It comes down to this: You’re talking? You’ve got to be walking. He hasn’t gotten the whole walking thing down.”

On Davis vs. Magalhaes nearly happening at UFC 155: “The problem with this fight game is, a lot of people like to talk, but not a lot of people like to fight. And if you call somebody out, you are obligated to fight them. That’s the way this thing works. He called me out while I was still in Brazil. Forrest Griffin got hurt (and Magalhaes) doesn’t want to fight me on three weeks’ notice. At that point, you need to shut up. But that’s part of the fight game – guys like to talk.”

On Magalhaes’ not being interested in fighting at UFC 155: “He’s a fighter with one fight in the UFC, so just being on the main card should be a big deal. But being on one of the biggest fight cards of the year, co-main event, in the city you live in, and you already called this person out, so you’re saying you want to fight this person – and you don’t take that fight? I mean, there’s only so many words I can call a person who would do something like that.”

On how he would match up with Magalhaes: “Not only do I think I could take him, I’d have the advantage (on the ground). In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, people have become so cocky that they think Brazilian jiu-jitsu is the end-all, be-all – and it’s not. Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a fantastic art to learn, and it’s an amazing skill to add to your arsenal. But sometimes, when you become too good at one thing, you become arrogant and you don’t learn other things. Just to be 100 percent real about it, wrestling is a much stronger art form than Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Can I submit Vinny? Guys, we’re getting crazy, here. Absolutely.”

On his willingness to fight: “Not only will I fight him, but when I say I’ll fight somebody, if you show up at my gym, we’ll fight. If I see him in the parking lot at the UFC, we’ll fight. Once I say we’ll fight, it will happen when I see your face. There is no three weeks’ notice, none of this silliness. If you can’t fight, say you can’t fight. But if you want to fight, then you have to take the fight.”


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