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Simply MMA: King Of The Cage: The Return

July 17, 2010 | Posted by Jamie Meikle

Time to delve into some King of the Cage. KOTC is known for its crappy production values and famous alumni such as Diego Sanchez, Joe Stevenson, Rampage etc. So I figured I would give them a chance and purchased the Underground Warriors 10 event DVD set.

Show starts with a shot of the cage, covered in puddles. Yes that’s right an outdoor event and it’s raining heavily. Well this could be hilarious, painful to watch or even both. Either way I ain’t expecting quality fighting.

Efrain Deleon vs Bobby Lee

Herb Dean (In a rain jacket, hilarious) is the ref. And we are off. The commentator (no idea who) actually states that this isn’t the first KOTC to be affected by the rain! Wow! Anyway they circle for a bit before Lee throws a leg kick but slips as a result! Deleon is in Lee’s guard. Lee is actually sliding across the mat while pushing Deleon out of his guard. This is hilarious! Deleon again in the guard and pretty much does nothing so Dean stands them up. Very little happens with the exception of one exchange in the closing seconds.Cage is looking like a swimming pool know

Second and final round? Yeah apparently it’s 2 rounds for non title bouts and 3 for title bouts. Fair enough. Lee connects with a right hand which drops Deleon (or he might of slipped) and quickly moves to side control. Lee actually gets mount but does NOTHING WITH IT!!! Herb Dean actually stands them up despite the dominant position. Deleon comes forward with punches but none connect and he gets taken down. Ugh lay and pray from half guard, again both are stood up. Round ends soon after.

We go to the judges who give split decision victory to Deleon. Don’t know how that works as I had it a round a piece. Oh well. Terrible, sloppy fight but I got to give the fighters credit for fighting in these conditions.

Ring crew try to sweep the water out the cage but the rain ain’t letting up.

Buckley Acosta vs Jacob Chagolia

Chagolia shoots right off the bat but Acosta sprawls. Chagolia tries to complete the takedown but still Acosta stays on top. Chagolia manages to slip out and their both standing. Wild punches by Acosta and again manages to defend the takedown attempt. Not much happens so the ref stands them up. They tie up and Acosta ends up on top in half guard. Acosta manages to get mount, Chagolia gives up his back. Acosta attempts a rear naked choke but he loses it and Chagolia again gets his back for a second before they get back to their feet. Chagolia throws an overhand right and shoots but again its stuffed. Chagolia again gets the back and starts to throw punches to the head. Round ends soon after.

Acosta looks to touch gloves but eats a leg kick for his troubles, HA! Weak shoot by Chagolia which is easily stuffed. Again thou Chagolia manages to grab Acosta’s back. Acosta stands, Chagolia get both hooks in and looks for a choke before Acosta rolls and ends up in side control. Once again Chagolia gets out and grabs the back. They roll around the mat before Chagolia retains the back. Chagolia throws some weak punches so Dean stands them up. Acosta struggles back to their feet. Again Acosta manages to stuff the takedown and he ends up on top as the round closes.

Once again we go to the judges and it’s a unanimous decision in the way of Chagolia. Pretty decent fight here.

John Incorvaia vs Chris Lear

Incorvaia comes out in a Gi “HE’S WEARNING A Gi” Lear takes Incorvaia down and immediately passes to side mount. Someone needs to tell Incorvaia you can’t guillotine someone from side mount. They stand but Lear gets a guillotine of his own and finishes the fight there.

Yeah Incorvaia almost looked clueless in there. Looking at his record as of today he is 0-12 with all loses within the first round!!!Well you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Wes Combs vs Alan Zunner

Zunner shoots, Combs sprawls, grabs the back, gets the choke and that’s it at 19 secs! NEXT!!!

Sam Morgan vs Shannon Ritch

Morgan goes for a kick but slips right into a takedown. Ritch throws punches from inside the guard, he stands and now looks for a footlock but Morgan grabs a toehold and gets the submission victory

Rubin Taigle vs Rocky Williams

Jesus these guys are looking for a slugfest which would be fine if it wasn’t raining. They’re swinging and slipping all over the place for the first minute or so. Taigle does drop Williams with a left hook but Rocky is soon back up. Rain continues to come down as they continue to slip and slide. Taigle throws a couple of leg kicks. Taigle gets the takedown with one minute to go. Williams has a guillotine but Rubin breaks free as the round end.

Round 2 begins with more of the same. They grapple for a bit before they get back on the feet. Leg kicks by Williams. Action starts to slow down as both begin to tire. Williams is the aggressor at this point. They clinch up for a moment. Takedown by Taigle but he gets caught in a guillotine and is forced to tap.

Don Frye (all hail!) enters the ring to promote his first US fight in 10 years against Warpath. Sadly I don’t get that fight on this box set. BOO!

William Robertson vs Baki Baki

Yeah let’s just skip this one shall we? All you need to know is that it’s a terrible fight.

Oh Robertson wins via TKO if you care.

Dale Breese vs Shane Rydell

Cecil Peoples (wearing plastic pink rainwear, HA!) is the ref.Breese immediately looks for a takedown and almost gets caught in the process with a guillotine. Breese again looks to bring Rydell down but Rydell won’t stay down. Peoples separates them for some reason. Rydell gets the takedown and pushes Rydell against the fence. Rydell gives up his back and ends up getting finished with the rear naked choke.

Saad Awad vs Art Ruiz

Ruiz goes for a takedown but slips and ends up on his back. Awad looks to pass the guard but Ruiz does a good job defending. Ruiz gets back to his feet only to be met with an onslaught of punches. They clinch up with Awad throwing knees. They break up. Takedown by Awad but Ruiz again defends well. Peoples stands them up. They both start to throw widely. Takedown by Ruiz, he stands and delivers an illegal knee to the head of Awad, giving Awad the victory via DQ.

Shame for the finish as that was turning into a decent fight.

George Fullwood vs Marshall Rodriguez

Nothing really to say here, Fullwood catches Rodriguez in a guillotine choke and gets the victory in 26 seconds.

Still raining! How this show is still going on I’ll never know.

Brandon Magana vs Santos Gonzalez

They exchange punches straight away before Magana gets the takedown right into half guard. He throws a couple of punches before getting the mount. Punches to the head by Magana and the ref calls it there.

Victor Valenzuela (announced as Joe Boxer) vs Tim Cree

Ha both fighters help out the rest of the ring crew clear up the water before the fight begins. Ring announcer states to the crowd that this is the last fight of the night and that the show will continue the following week.

Valenzuela presses the action earlier and throws punches. BIG RIGHT COUNTER CONNECTS! Cree is OUT!!!
Nasty KO right there.

Now we cut to the following Saturday and thankfully It’s not raining.

KOTC Welterweight title fight – Matt Stansell vs Thomas Denny(C)

Stansell presses forward with punches and tie up against the cage. They split, Stansell comes forward again and again they clinch against the fence. They both throw knees and punches from the clinch. Stansell looks for a kimura as Denny takes him down but can’t get it. Back to the feet and Denny has a standing guillotine but Stansell gets out and lands a nice body throw right into side control. He almost gets the mount but Denny sweeps into the guard. Triangle by Stansell! Denny tries to hold on but is forced to tap!

Really fun fight despite only lasting 3 minutes.

Charlie Valencia vs Del Hawkins

Head kick attempt by Valencia to start us off. They both throw leg kicks, shoot by Valencia, Hawkins tries to hold on but Valencia brings the fight down and has the back. Nice transition to an armbar by Valencia, Hawkins gets out but gives up his back. Punches to the head by Valencia, he manages to sink in the rear naked choke for the submission victory.

The 411: Got to give praise to the fighters (from the first night) competing in such horrible conditions. Kudos to them. As for the show itself, it’s not bad but there is really nothing to see here.
Final Score:  5.0   [ Not So Good ]  legend

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