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Steven Peterson Discusses Embracing the Villain Role in Rematch With Matt Hobar

December 12, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Steven Peterson recently spoke about being looked at as a villain in his rematch with Matt Hobar for Legacy Fighting Championships. Here are the highlights…

On His Superman Tatoo: “When I was growing up, people always told me, ‘You walk around like you have an S on your chest,'” he said. “My head was up. Even if I got beat up, my head was up. I took a lot of pride in myself. So at one point I finally just said, ‘I’m really gonna get an S on my chest.'”

On His First Fight Against Hobar: “He threw a sloppy punch, and I slipped it and threw a short hook over the top, and he left his arm hanging,” Peterson said. “My punch went through his arm, and his arm dislocated and fractured. I chased him down and the ref broke us up, and the crowd started booing me for the way the fight ended. I was upset about the crowd, so I did a little crybaby face, acting like that toward the crowd and then the camera, and some perceived it was toward [Hobar]. They’re gonna see it how they wanna see it. I just went with it.”

On Being Looked at as a Villain: “I’m not going to change anyone’s opinion,” he said. “I get paid to fight, and that’s what I do best. I have to get in there and do my thing for me and my family. If that’s what people think, that’s fine. I’ll just be fighting.”



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