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The MMA 5&1 1.23.13: Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira, &1 With Laura Celeste

January 23, 2013 | Posted by Jack McGee

The Part at the Beginning
Welcome back to the latest edition of the MMA 5&1! It is time once again to look back at the week that was in MMA. Today we’ll look back at the UFC on FX 7 card and the disappointment of Michael Bisping. From there, UFC on FOX 6 predictions, Rampage Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira, thoughts on Gilbert Melendez getting a title shot at Ben Henderson and a lot more. Once again, I thank you for visiting my little corner of the 411 site. I know I present a different look than Stewart did with the 5&1, but I hope you still enjoy the column, and just know that I do appreciate you taking the time to stop by and check out the column.

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Before I start this section, I want to say one thing. I used to be a huge fan of Rampage Jackson. But over the last few years, the guy has just lost me s a fan, and I personally will never pay to see him fight, so it is a good thing that his next fight is on free TV. Instead of promoting his fight for this weekend with Glover Teixeira, Rampage Jackson decided to act like a big old baby this past week. He keeps discussing how the UFC didn’t support him, how they make all the money and how he is upset over sponsorship shit. If I recall correctly, the UFC has been there for him a lot of times. The car chase deal where he went insane on “energy drinks” and Dana White bailed him out. The opportunities on the Ultimate Fighter, the big fight, which was delayed with Rashad, that did a big buyrate and make him bank; but yeah, they never did a think for you. Rampage just wants to be the victim here, he wants all of the attention, and I for one am done. Maybe instead of bitching about shit, you could learn to check some leg kicks. Or maybe you could not complain about guys who beat you not being exciting just because you’re not good enough to stop their game plan. Maybe you could have evolved as a fighter instead of evolving into a baby. I for one hope that Glover Teixeira knocks him out of the UFC, and that I do not have to hear about Rampage in MMA again. Go ahead and go into boxing, where your flatfooted style will be amazing. At least there will not be leg kicks.


As we all know Strikeforce is dead, buried and gone forever. But the big questions were which fighters were going to be coming to the UFC, and when would the champions becoming to the UFC. On top of that, the bigger questions was whether or not the champions would get immediate UFC Title shots. Well, on one front we have an answer because it was announced that Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez (21-2 MMA, 0-0 UFC) will challenge UFC titleholder Benson Henderson (18-2 MMA, 6-0 UFC) at UFC on FOX 7. I love this fight. First of all, Melendez has been labeled the best non-UFC lightweight in MMA, and now he will have the chance to prove himself. I am glad that he will no longer be wasting time in his career on fights no one wanted to see outside of the wars with Thompson, and even though they were fun not many people were all that excited about them fighting a third time. I think that Melendez, and even Rockhold, are the guys that should be getting title shots right away, and am glad to see Melendez get his. Henderson is currently rolling as champion following his victory over Diaz, and I think it will be a hell of a fight. Some irony here as a former WEC guy, who was downplayed, and a former Strikeforce guy will be heading up the card. Some diehard UFC fans likely never saw that coming, but fans of the overall sport know that they deserve it. I am a huge Henderson fan, but am in no way overlooking Melendez in the fight. Can he come into the UFC and live up to the hype that has been placed upon him? Or will he fall into Jake Shields territory? We’ll find out at UFC on FOX 7.


First of all, I know that at the end of the day that this is all business, but that doesn’t mean that this particular situation doesn’t suck. One of the bigger names out there that were rumored to be going to the UFC was former Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez. Bellator had even seemed to know he was going because they passed on his initial negotiating period so that he could field offers from the UFC. Alvarez got a deal offer from the UFC, which reportedly included a $250,000 signing bonus, an immediate title shot, a percentage of every PPV sold that he appears on or headlines, as well as a fight on an upcoming FOX show. As the story goes, they “matched the deal exactly,” and reportedly did so by taking the UFC PDF, and removing all mentions of the UFC and adding in Bellator to make this a “perfect match.” But what is shady is that Bellator runs no PPV, and the only way they will make a network special is if big brother CBS (a Viacom partner) does another MMA special, which is doubtful. And they are going to court over this. Alvarez and Bellator will be in court, where Alvarez’s lawyers will ask a federal judge to free him from his ties to Bellator so that he can accept an offer to fight at UFC 159. Bellator filed suit earlier this month claiming breach of contract as well as tortious interference by five unnamed parties, claiming that when Alvarez turned down a matching offer to the UFC’s contract that he was breaching their agreement. Alvarez alleges that several key components of the offer, which include an intended fight on PPV as well as televised fights, were not matched by Bellator and that by blocking Alvarez from signing an eight-fight deal Bellator is violating his civil rights. While I want Bellator to succeed, I do find their contract practices shady. Also, WHY would they want Alvarez to fight for them if he clearly wants out? The man fought 10-fights for Bellator from 2009 to 2012. He was the face of the company, and he did it well, doing as much for Bellator as Bellator did for him. Let the guy go, and move on; it is really the best for all involved.

Jade Bryce joined 411’s Jeremy Lambert in the Man Cave to talk Bellator MMA and her charity work. We’ll talk about Bellator moving to SpikeTV and Jade’s favorite fighters before discussing her trips overseas, how she was chased through the jungle, her plans for a book, and all the great charity work she’s done over the years. You can listen to the interview at this link, or via the player below…


* Edson Barboza defeated Lucas Martins via RD1 (2:38) submission to strikes: Edson Barboza improved his UFC record to 5-1 with a victory over Lucas Martins. More importantly than just the victory, Barboza bounced back from his shocking KO loss to Jamie Varner at UFC 146. As we have seen in MMA, not everyone can bounce back from a KO loss, but Barboza looked great here. I still think that Barboza has a ton of upside, and was glad to see him get the impressive victory. Martins was touted as a skilled prospect, and I think his main issue may have been scheduling. He fought 10 times in 2012, and this was his third fight in six weeks. You can do that in the small circuits, but in the UFC, you need proper preparation and a full camp if you step in there with a guy like Barboza. I want to see Martins on a full camp to see what he can do in the UFC.

* Khabib Nurmagomedov defeated Thiago Tavares via RD1 (1:55) KO: Khabib Nurmagomedov moved to 19-0 (3-0 in the UFC) following his destruction of Thiago Tavares. Tavares seemed out matched from the opening bell, and Nurmagomedov just continues to look impressive each and every time out. Unfortunately the biggest thing coming from the fight wasn’t the great performance, but instead was the horrible officiating by Dan Mirgliotta. The end of the fight saw Nurmagomedov knock Tavares down, and then just go to town with fists and elbow strikes for the finish. Mirgliotta stood there and watched Tavares take 5-10 (depends on who you talk with) shots before Mirgliotta decided to stop things. It was obvious it was stopped late, and the sad thing is that almost everyone is discussing the officiating instead of the great performance by Nurmagomedov. He more I see Dan Mirgliotta, the more I think he needs to find a new profession.

* Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Ben Rothwell via RD1 (1:01) submission: Overall the fight went as expected in that Gabriel Gonzaga defeated Ben Rothwell via submission. But what was surprising was just how bad Ben Rothwell performed. Rothwell came back at UFC 145 and looked great with his victory, and since then has continued to lose weight and get into better shape. But he looked horrible here as he never looked into the fight, and just looked tired. Also, his defense of the guillotine was bad. When standing, you have to grab that arm and fight. He was caught, and just gave up in my opinion. Gonzaga looked great, and now has back-to-back submission wins in the UFC.

* CB Dollaway defeated Daniel Sarafian via decision (29-28 Dollaway, 29-28 Sarafian, 29-28 Dollaway): For wrestling fans, this was what Jim Ross would call “bowling shoe ugly.” The lone bad fight on the main card, and I was as surprised as any when I discovered Dollaway was co-main eventing a UFC show. The less said here the better, but this was not an entertaining fight. Advice to Sarafian, cardio bro, cardio.

* Vitor Belfort defeated Michael Bisping via RD2 (1:27) TKO: And then we came to the main event of the show, the bout that if Michael Bisping won, he would get a title shot at Anderson Silva. Bisping’s plan was to tire Belfort out in the first 2-3 rounds and then take the fight, unfortunately for Bisping, Belfort kicked his head off and ended his title hopes. Leading into the fight, and for some time now, I have watched the readership give the 411 MMA writers a lot of shit over the Bisping debate. They claim he is a title contender, while the staff mostly disagreed. In my opinion Bisping is a guy that usually beat who he was supposed too, but ultimately crumbled in the big bouts (with Henderson, now with Bisping). I will not take away the popularity of Bisping, he has done great things for UFC business sin the UK, but not everyone is a champion. Kenny Florian was well liked, but was always the bridesmaid, but never the bride. Well, in Bisping’s case, he is the guy handing out the programs at the wedding, because he looks as if he will be the guy with the most UFC fights without ever challenging for a title. At this point, the only way I see him getting a title shot is if someone gets hurt and he takes a late notice bout. Or if he talks enough shit and changes weight classes, because that seems to be all the rage these days. The result also leaves a big question in the middleweight division. Belfort called out Sonnen and Jones, because he knows he was thoroughly owned by Silva, but who is next for Anderson? Some will say Chris Weidman deserves the shot, and you could do that, but I would personally go with Strikeforce’s final middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. They are doing Melendez vs. Henderson already, and while Melendez is the more highly regarded fighter, I think they should take the advantage to do the title vs. title bouts when possible.


* Erik Koch vs. Ricardo Lamas: Koch will finish with strikes
* Donald Cerrone vs. Anthony Pettis: Anthony Pettis via decision
* Quinton Jackson vs. Glover Teixeira: Glover Teixeira will finish with strikes
* Flyweight Title Bout – Demetrious Johnson © vs. John Dodson: Demetrious Johnson via decision

* PLEASE feel free to make your main card predictions in the comments section!!

This week’s & 1 model of the week is MMA ring card girl Laura Celeste…

Hello there…


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