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The Tuesday Takedown 10.09.07

October 9, 2007 | Posted by Adam Morgan

My apologies for no Tuesday Takedown last week. My PC was acting crazy and Caleb told me to kick it. That didn’t help. In fact, it might have made it worse. Either way, I’m back in business, so let’s do the damn thing.

UFC Quips and Quotes

Rashad Evans v. Michael Bisping is the main event for UFC 78

When I first heard about this being the main event for UFC 78, I almost crapped my pants with delight. And by delight, I mean furious anger. Where the hell does the UFC get off making this the main event for their New Jersey event? First of all, this fight is worthy of a UFC Fight Night main event, not a pay per view main event. Second of all, both of these guys are waiting on rematches, Bisping with Hamill and Evans with Ortiz. If the UFC expects me to shill out $40 to see this main event, they’ve got another thing comin’. Might be better to serve up this heaping pile of crap of an event on Spike TV for a national audience. Otherwise, the pay per view buyrates might be the worst of the year.

As a side note, I pick Rashad by utter devastation.

Hector Lombard v. Karo Parisyan is off

Yet another UFC 78 debacle, Karo Parisyan v. Hector Lombard, is now off due to Lombard not being able to obtain a visa to get into the United States. He’s a Cuban national, so that explains it. What I don’t understand is, doesn’t the U.S. realize the Cuban Missile Crisis is over? Jesus. I mean, it’s not like Fidel Castro himself is trying to get into the United States. We’re talking about Hector Lombard, MMA fighter, Olympian, and Judo specialist. He doesn’t even live in Cuba anymore, he lives in Australia. Give the guy a free pass, will ya?

This is sad. They should rename the event UFC 78: Murphy’s Law. I was looking forward to Parisyan and Lombard, two world class judokas, go at it, but not anymore. The only interest I have left on this card are the Houston Alexander v. Thiago Silva and Frankie Edgar v. Spencer Fisher fights. Other than that, I could care less about this card, especially the so-called “main event.”

UFC and HBO part ways

The long-rumored deal between HBO and the UFC to show UFC programming and fights on HBO has fallen through, it seems. Ross Greenburg, HBO Sports President, said the business model didn’t work for either side, so they have parted ways. This isn’t the worst news in the world, but it’s not the best either. I know the HBO deal is something that Dana White wants very badly and even after this news came out, White continued to say that he is confident that both sides will come to an agreement and the deal will get done.

Why did the business model not work? I’ll tell you why: Dana White is a control freak gone mad. If he can’t control every aspect of the way his product is portrayed, he’s not a happy camper. For UFC shows on HBO it had been rumored that HBO wanted control over the production. That would mean no Joe Rogan, no Mike Goldberg, no gladiator references at the beginning of the show, and so forth. I sort of like the idea, personally. I think UFC’s pay per views need a makeover and HBO might have been able to throw in some great ideas about how to change it. They’ve done it for years with boxing, so why not let them try with MMA? Why, you ask? Because Dana’s a control freak. Period.

You have to think that one side or the other will have to cave in at some point to get this deal done. Right now, EliteXC is the only promotion with a premium cable provider showing live fights on a regular basis. You think Dana likes the fact that the competition is ahead of him in that respect? Not one bit. So, it’s put up or shut up time for the UFC and Dana White. Concede control over the production or watch EliteXC grow popular on a premium cable network while you sit by the wayside. Simple as that.

Anthony Torres cut from his UFC contract for “poor performance”

Poor performance my ass. They cut the guy because he tested positive for steroids, not because of his poor performance. Poor performance does not equate to a 5-1 MMA record, which is what Torres’ record is after the UFC 75 loss to Jess Liaudin. I’ve got a couple of problems with this. I’m all for cutting fighters for using steroids and giving them harsh punishments. However, don’t try to play it off as if the guy was bad inside the Octagon. He’s 5-1 for crying out loud. We weren’t born yesterday, Mr. Marc Ratner. Secondly, why wasn’t Sean Sherk or Hermes Franca cut from the UFC for testing positive?

Franca even openly admitted he used steroids and Sherk’s appeal is to be heard at the end of the month. Barring a miracle, Sherk will probably also be found guilty of using nandrolone. These two fighters are still on the UFC roster, however. You don’t see anybody cutting them for “poor performance.” Oh, that’s right. That’s because their “performance” was “enhanced” so they couldn’t possibly put together a “poor performance.”

From the mouth of UFC’s Marc Ratner:

“We strongly hate steroids and we’re going to do what we have to do to get them out of this sport.”

Yeah? Well I hate hypocrites, Marc. How do you feel about that?

UFC eyeing early March for return to Columbus, OH

According to reports, the UFC is looking at making a return trip to Columbus, OH in early March. This bodes well for Ohio MMA fans, who rocked the house when UFC 68 came there in March of this year. Being a resident of the Buckeye state, I am definitely excited. Three UFC shows in the state of Ohio in a little over a year? That’s more than I could ever ask for. It’s all speculation at this point, but Ohio has made a big impression on the UFC. Let’s hope the crowd at UFC 77 brings it and keeps the UFC coming to the Midwest.

Let’s take a look at what else is going on in the world of MMA..

Cage Fury 6 cancelled, Kimbo Slice v. Tank Abbot main event off

First the event is on. Then it’s off. Then it’s back on. Then it’s finally off. Why am I not surprised? Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No. I was really looking forward to seeing Kimbo back inside the cage and to gauge just how far he’s come since beating Ray Mercer. You’ve got to think that he continues to grow leaps and bounds by training with Bas Rutten and Shawn Tompkins. Tank Abbott is not great competition by any means, but he’s a step up from Ray Mercer, wouldn’t you agree?

The buzz around this main event, at least among hardcores, was bigger than the buzz surrounding all of UFC 77. Kimbo is a pretty big draw, so someone should think about signing him and making him their premiere heavyweight.

Did I say someone should sign Kimbo? EliteXC and Palace Fighting Championships are one step ahead of the game

According to Loretta Hunt of The Fight Network, both EliteXC and PFC are vying for the opportunity to sign Kimbo v. Tank for the main event of their next big shows. PFC has one coming up on October 18th, while EliteXC has one coming up on November 9th or 10th. While I do want to see this fight happen, I think it’s best for Kimbo’s sake to go to EliteXC. He would be a perfect fit for them. Obviously the UFC wants nothing to do with this guy because of his background, but he would be a perfect heavyweight attraction for EliteXC, which is regarded by most as the second best MMA promotion going right now. This would be a big signing for EliteXC and probably a bigger payday for Kimbo.

Whatever happens, you can guarantee Kimbo isn’t going anywhere. He’s here to stay in MMA. If he wasn’t serious about the sport, Bas Rutten and Shawn Tompkins wouldn’t waste their time on him. The fact that he’s come this far is impressive, but he’s got leaps and bounds to go.

TAGG Radio reports that Fedor has signed with a new Russian promotion

First of all, take anything you hear from TAGG Radio with a grain of salt. Every rumor that gets started there seems to get squashed like a small bug rather immediately. Because of how tight-lipped the Fedor situation has been, however, no one has commented on whether these rumors are true or not. Frank Trigg, the mastermind of TAGG Radio said that his source was inside Fedor’s camp. Lots of rumors are swirling around that he’s signed with M-1, but that is false information. Trigg reported that M-1 as we know it has folded and this new Russian MMA promotion is composed of some former M-1 people and some new blood.

Either way, this is bullshit. Can someone get an interview with Fedor? I mean, anyone. For the love of god. Throughout this whole ordeal with the UFC, Bodog, now the “new” M-1 and all of these contract negotiations, not a single word has been said by Emelianenko himself. What’s he thinking? Where does he want to sign? Why hasn’t he signed? Enough with the freakin’ rumors already. I’m ready for some substance. Until real news comes down and I see some video or a picture of Fedor signing a contract, I’m not believing shit, especially when the source is TAGG Radio. No disrespect to Frank Trigg and the crew, but their rumors and information has been pretty bunk as of late.

Frank Shamrock has no class

At last week’s Strikeforce event, Shamrock took it upon himself to call lightweight fighter Josh Thomson the “first openly gay MMA fighter.” This is, of course, completely untrue. Shamrock used his position as a commentator of the Strikeforce show to take a jab at Thomson, whom Shamrock has had beef with in the past. This was completely unprofessional on the part of Shamrock and really showed why the guy can be seen as a complete prick. Now, granted, Thomson once came to the cage with a “Frank Glamrock Is My Bitch” tee shirt on, but he didn’t call Shamrock gay in front of an audience of thousands.

The best part about the whole thing was Cung Le after he said it:

“Um. Josh has a girlfriend. I’ve met her.”

Eat that, Shamrock.

Thomson’s now talking about suing Shamrock for the comments. That might be taking it a little far. Too bad these guys aren’t in the same weight class, ’cause I’d like to see them throw down.

And, as always, I will leave you with…

Off The Beaten Path

This week, we’ll take a couple of quotes from an HAC News interview with MMA fighter and world renowned Muay Thai fighter, Kit Cope. These quotes are…well…they’re friggin’ priceless is what they are.

On Kenny Florian:

Kit: Feed him to me. That little blue steel faggot. That guy, the only reason he made it was because of luck. Look at me, I cut somebody and now it’s my only tool. Now all of a sudden he’s an elbow master. The Sherk fight he got his ass handed to him, all Sherk does is take him down and hold him there, he pulls the elbow out and unfortunately he cut him above the head and it got him in the eye. That guy is overrated and the guys he has fought have been made for him. Mishima was a tricky guy that is all. His little speech was bullshit at UFC 73. Please let me have him, please! I’m going to make a motto and T-Shirts…FEED ME KENNY!

On Gina Carano:

HAC News: Did you and Gina ever spar and how did it go?

Kit: [laughs] Who thinks of these questions? Me and Gina sparring is like this, it goes good until she gets mad, we’re having fun, she gets mad, starts dropping bombs, so I put her on her ass and she gets butt-hurt and starts being a girl.

And finally, on how he used to, well, shit himself:

JR: Tell us something almost nobody would guess about you.

Kit: Ohhh good one. Ummmm… I went to college on a singing scholarship. Everyone knows I was a cheerleader. Nobody knows this one, I shat myself until I was 12.

Kit Cope, ladies and gentleman!

That wraps it up for this week’s edition of The Tuesday Takedown. I’d like to get a mail bag part of the column going, so please e-mail me below and send me some comments or questions. Also, feel free to check out me and my fellow writers at Sprawl ‘n Brawl or at 5 Oz. of Pain


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