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The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Team Belfort vs. Team Silva Report – Episode 3

April 9, 2012 | Posted by Dan Plunkett

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil: Team Belfort vs. Team Silva
Episode 2

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Team Vitor is riding high after Pepey’s victory. Wanderlei told his team they need to be ready to fight anybody. Middleweight Dan Sarafian believes either he or Cezar Mutante will fight next. Vitor believes Sarafian is ready to fight, so it looks like it will be him. He discusses with Sarafian who he would like to fight.

Vitor congratulates everyone in the house for some reason before announcing the fights. Wanderlei isn’t sure what world Vitor lives in and thinks he is boring. Vitor picks Renee Forte from Wanderlei’s team to fight Daniel Sarafian. Belfort thinks it’s going to be a fierce fight.

Daniel Sarafian was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As a child he was a troublemaker and bullied because he was “a bit fat.” He says he’s fighting for himself because he likes fighting. His biggest dream is to be the best in the world. Vitor tells him to keep moving all the time in the fight.

Renee Forte started karate when he was six years old. He lost his mother when he was 18-years-old and it affected him greatly. He has a difficult relationship with his father because he “likes to drink.” Wanderlei describes him as a hard worker and funny guy. Forte notes he gave up university to fight.

At the house, Pe De Chumbo is giving a speech about the opportunity they have and stop screwing around. The producers must not be happy about that last part. He also thinks they should split the house by the teams, which Wolverine doesn’t like. Then they all huddle and pray.

We come back from commercial and they are singing a song with a word blurred out. They have drums and tamborines. Forte needs to lose six pounds. Head and Shoulders gets some product placement advertising in.

Now we’re at the weigh-ins. Forte weighs 185-pounds. Same weight for Daniel Sarafian. Wanderlei thinks this will be one of the most exciting fights on the show.

Team Vitor is upset because the blue team is making noise. Gasparzinho says Rodrigo Damm is grumpy and annoying. Gasparzinho and someone else are streaking in the house and shadow boxing with each other. He also sings a lot. A dozen hours before the fight Sarafian is getting a massage.

It’s fight day. Two different approaches as the teams head to the fight. Team Vitor prays while Team Wanderlei sings a nice song about leaving bodies on the ground. UFC heavyweight champinon Junior dos Santos is there to visit. He can’t wait for the fight.

Middleweight Bout: Daniel Sarafian vs. Renee Forte
Round 1 – Sarafian’s round. He landed a couple of takedowns, though he didn’t do much with them. Standing he landed a couple of heavy leg kicks and was getting the better of Forte. Forte attempted some takedowns but couldn’t complete any of them. He seems outmatched here.

Round 2 – Forte didn’t look like he had any confidence in his stand-up and Sarafian took him down. He eventually took his back and sunk in a rear naked choke for the win.

Wanderlei thinks Renee was intimidated by the look on Sarafian’s face. He was also hurt by a leg kick. Everyone is disappointed by Renee’s performance. Junior then visits the house and talks about fighting mosquitoes carrying Dengue fever.

Next Week: Wanderlei’s team isn’t doing well after the two losses. Gasparzinho is still annoying. The fight is described as “thrilling.”

Team Wanderlei:
Rony “Jason” Mariano (FW)
Delson “Pe De Chumbo” Heleno (MW)
John “Macapa” Teixeira (FW)
Francisco “Massaranduba” Drinaldo (MW)
Marcos Vinicius “Vina” Pancini (FW)
Renee Forte (MW)
Wagner “Galeto” Campos (FW)
Leonardo “Macarrao” Mafra (MW)

Team Belfort:
Cezar “Mutante” Ferreira (MW)
Hugo “Wolverine” Viana (FW)
Daniel Sarafian (MW)
Rodrigo Damm (FW)
Thiago “Bodao” Perpetuo (MW)
Godofredo “Pepey” de Oliveira (FW)
Sergio Moraes (MW)
Anistavio “Gasparzinho” Medeiros (FW)


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