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UFC 140 Ultimate 2-Disc Edition Review

March 13, 2012 | Posted by Wyatt Beougher

-On December 10, 2011, at the Air Canada Center, 24-year-old Jon Jones looked to cap off the quite possibly the greatest year of any fighter’s career in the history of MMA. Already in 2011, Jones had beaten fellow prospect Ryan Bader, taken a light heavyweight championship bout against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on short notice and finished the champion, and also finished former champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson. The man looking to stop “Bones” was the same man who had lost the light heavyweight title to Rua, Lyoto “the Dragon” Machida. Machida had lost two of his last three fights (including the title loss to Rua), but he was coming off of an impressive front kick knockout of UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture, and many were curious if the young champion would be able to impose his will on the ever-elusive Machida. Also on the show were two star-studded feature bouts, featuring Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira rematching Frank Mir after Mir shocked the world in becoming the first man to KO Minotauro, as well as Tito Ortiz taking on Rodrigo’s twin, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.

-I haven’t watched any of these fights since the night of the pay-per-view, so I’m going to do play-by-play based on what I’m watching and not based on what I remember.

The Fights

Disc 1: Main Card Bouts

-We open with the gladiator intro, and Minotauro saying he wants to fight Mir again because Mir won’t be able to surprise him, with Mir countering that Big Nog has simply made excuses and that he’ll knock him out again. Machida says that he’ll be at his best and walk out the champion and Bones says that there’s a long list of guys waiting to take the belt, but he’s here to say that it’s not going anywhere. Machida says that he’s going to go out to submit or knock out Bones, and Jones counters by saying that there’s no mercy and he’s going out to do nothing but pure domination. We get a video package highlighting the main card fights, and we’re underway! (And, for the record, Jones looks like an absolute killer in his portion of the video.)

Featherweight bout: Mark Hominick vs. Chan Sung Jung

The Korean Zombie wanted to fight Hominick because his striking is great, but Hominick says he’s going to show he’s on a different level. Jung says he’ll dictate the pace, but Hominick says he won’t be stopped.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and we’re off. Hominick steps forward and misses a left hook, Jung connects with a right to Hominick’s chin that drops the Canadian, follows it up with some ground and pound, and Herb Dean stops the fight, much to the chagrin of the Canadian crowd.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Chan Sung Jung, TKO (0:07, Round 1)

Rogan is with Jung, and, through his interpreter, the Korean Zombie says he’s always expecting a great win, and that he thinks he’s one of the best strikers in the world. (Interesting note: I think the interpreter screwed up Jung’s response to Rogan’s second question, as he said “Just because I’ve been knocked out one time doesn’t mean I’m a great striker; I think I’m one of the best strikers in the world”, which would’ve made a lot more sense if he’d said “doesn’t mean I’m NOT a great striker”.) Jung then says he’s lucky, apologizes to the crowd, and says he hopes to see them again. Hominick is disappointed, said he got too aggressive, and apologizes to the Canadian fans for the loss.

Welterweight bout: Claude Patrick vs. Brian Ebersole

Patrick says he’ll be comfortable anywhere the fight takes place and he wants to show what he can do, while Ebersole says his goal is to give Patrick the second loss of his career. Ebersole says he’s going to finish the fight because he wants to get out of the cage as soon as possible. Patrick says he doesn’t care what Ebersole does – he’s going to use his skills to make it his fight.

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves to start. Ebersole with a left that misses and they both seem hesitant to engage. Ebersole whiffs on another punch and goes for a takedown, but Patrick defends and looks for a guillotine, only to have Ebersole defend. They end up with Ebersole pressing Patrick against the cage but that goes nowhere, as they exchange mostly non-damaging short strikes until Patrick reverses and presses Ebersole to the cage. The crowd boos, Patrick throws a knee, and Ebersole looks for a takedown briefly before returning to the over-under. Ebersole looks for a takedown again, but Patrick locks in a deep guillotine and pulls guard. Ebersole outlasts Patrick in the choke and throws a punch to the ribs of Patrick. Ebersole looks to improve his position, but Patrick controls his posture until both men get back to their feet. Patrick throw a right that Ebersole shakes off and they circle and trade. Patrick lands a nice combination, briefly grabbing a clinch, but Ebersole lands a couple of nice punches of his own and presses Patrick against the cage. Patrick defends Ebersole’s takedown attempts and throws a few knees, only to eat some punches to the body from Ebersole. Ebersole gets double underhooks but lets them go and they continue to fight for position, with Patrick landing knees and eventually pressing Ebersole against the cage as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Ebersole, 10-9 (10-9 overall)

ROUND TWO: Patrick comes out more aggressive, and Ebersole fakes a takedown attempt, only to have Patrick land a nice combination. Patrick keeps throwing, but Ebersole avoids most of the damage and avoids a takedown attempt from Patrick. Patrick with a nice right hand as Ebersole is pressing on his face rather than clinching. Ebersole muscles Patrick to the fence and then lands a nice elbow on the break. Ebersole shoots for a double leg, with Patrick threatening a guillotine, which causes Ebersole to switch to a single leg attempt, but Patrick continues to do an excellent job of defending it. Patrick with a knee and some elbows from the clinch. Ebersole with another nice elbow as they break, and he quickly presses Patrick against the cage again. Patrick with a knee to the body and Josh Rosenthal warns them that they need to work. Patrick trying to get away from the cage, but Ebersole keeps pressing him against the fence. Patrick finally gets free and lands a nice kick and whiffs on a knee. Patrick catches a kick, catches Ebersole with a glancing punch, and then gets a very brief rear waistlock before settling for an over-under and presses Ebersole against the cage. Ebersole reverses and presses Patrick against the cage, where Patrick lands a knee and Ebersole lands punches to the body. Patrick blocks a head kick attempt and lands two stiff lefts and a right that seems to stun Ebersole. Patrick looks for a takedown, but Ebersole defends and presses Patrick against the cage as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Patrick, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Ebersole immediately looks for a takedown, but Patrick sprawls. Ebersole drives forward again, but Patrick again sprawls. Ebersole drags Patrick backwards enough to roll him into guard. Patrick looks for a guillotine momentarily, but Ebersole looks to posture up. Patrick defending well, and he gets to his feet, although Ebersole has a rear waistlock on him. Ebersole suplexes Patrick back to the mat. Patrick eventually gets back to his feet, but Ebersole hangs on and even gets a leg in. Ebersole is working punches, alternating between Patrick’s head and body. Patrick stands back up, but Ebersole is clinging to him well, although he eventually turns into an over-under, with Ebersole pressing him against the cage. Ebersole continues to try to power Patrick back to the mat, but Patrick continues to defend and actually ends up in a dominant position. He looks for a submission, but settles for a front headlock. Patrick looks for a choke, but Ebersole rolls into a dominant position and they end up back on their feet. Rosenthal stops the action to allow Ebersole to put his mouthpiece back in, and Ebersole lands a nice uppercut, only to eat a couple of nice punches and a knee from Patrick. Patrick stuffs another takedown and looks to roll into an anaconda choke; however, Ebersole gets free and back into Patrick’s guard as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Very close round, but I’m giving it to Ebersole, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Brian Ebersole, Split Decision (29-28×2, 28-29)

Ebersole is with Rogan and he says he was disappointed he wasn’t able to come out and do all the things he wanted to do, but he was glad to pick up a decision in Patrick’s hometown. Rogan asks about the chokes that Patrick had him in, and Ebersole makes his famous “the guillotine is a myth” comment, saying he’s never been submitted by the guillotine and by the time Patrick sank in any chokes in the third round, he was too tired to submit Ebersole with them.

Light Heavyweight bout: Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira

Tito says he sees Rogerio as a big threat, which is why he wants to come out and “put his force on him” and get the wins. Rogerio says his BJJ is better than Tito’s wrestling, that he’s stronger, and that he’s going to beat Tito tonight. Nogueira says he’s in the best shape of his life, he’s going to hunt Tito’s head, and he’s going to knock Ortiz out. Ortiz says he’s going to put on a show, go with his heart and soul, fight like no other, and step out with the win.

ROUND ONE: Both men hesitant to engage until Tito throws a head kick and a big right hand, and they exchange near the cage. Ortiz seems to be landing better, and he looks for a takedown, but Nogueira defends and they clinch against the cage. Tito uses some dirty boxing and they trade against the fence. Nog with a nice left hand, another left, and a knee. He follows it up with a flurry as Tito covers up, and he puts Tito down with a knee to the body and starts ground and pounding until Tito gets him in full guard. Nogueira adjusts his position and pounds on Ortiz some more, as Tito keeps throwing his legs up for the submission. Nog just continues to pound away on Tito, working the head and the body, but Ortiz continues to defend most of the shots. Nog throwing tons of elbows to the body and then he starts pounding away on Tito’s head until Yves Lavigne stops the fight. Tito is clearly in pain, holding his ribs as Lil Nog celebrates.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, TKO (3:15, Round 1)

Nog says it’s a dream come true, that he’s back, and that he thanks Tito for taking the fight. Lil Nog says he was prepared for Tito’s aggression and that he’s in the best shape of his life. Rogerio is pleased with his knee striking, thanks the Canadian crowd for coming out, and dedicates the fight to his two-year-old daughter. Tito says Nog caught him in the same spot Rashad did, and that Nog kept taking the wind out of him every time he tried to get up. Tito thanks Toronto for their support, and says Lil Nog is the better fighter tonight. Rogan asks about retirement, and Tito says he’s going to take time off, spend time with his family, and he wants to fight his last fight. With his fight at UFC 140, Tito became the longest-tenured UFC fighter in history, at 15 consecutive years with the company.

Heavyweight bout: Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Rogan talks about how Rodrigo Nogueira was less than 100% for the first Mir fight and how important this rematch is. Mir says he’s still fighting a dangerous fighter, and he’s coming out looking for a win. Mir says he’s a more accomplished striker and a more complete fighter. Rogan continues to sing Nogueira’s praises, and Nog himself says he’s fixed his problems and will come out better, while Mir says he’s going to put a stamp on this battle.

ROUND ONE: Herb Dean gives them instruction, they touch gloves, and we’re off! Nogueira takes the center of the cage and he starts jabbing away at Mir. Mir swings and misses, Nog grabs him around the waist and presses him against the cage.Nog throwing punches against the cage, Mir answering with knees to the body. Mir turns and presses Nog against the cage and lands a shot to the body, but Nog answers with a overhand. Nog turns things around again and punches Mir in the body. Mir with a takedown into half-guard, but Nog looks to reverse, so Mir stands back up. Nog lands an elbow, a right hand, another elbow, and a knee, causing Mir to press away from the cage. Nog connects with a right-left-right combo and drops Mir, but Herb Dean warns him about shots to the back of the head as he looks to ground and pound Mir. Nog switches to a guillotine but Mir rolls on top of Nogueira. Noguera looks to take Mir’s back, but Mir gets side control and locks in a kimura. Big Nog tries to roll free, which dislocates his elbow and Herb Dean has no choice but to stop the fight as Nog was screaming in pain. I still can’t believe how this fight ended, as it was honestly more shocking than the ending of the first Mir/Lesnar fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Frank Mir, Submission (Kimura, 3:38, Round 1)

Rogan is with Mir, who says this was the most satisfying win of his career, and that he was the first to knock Nog out and the first to submit him. Mir says he was stunned, that he was trying to feel Nog out for the first four minutes, but Nog caught him. Mir talks through the replay and says that he trains to break arms, and that he wanted to be patient as they were scrambling on the mat, that he didn’t want to rush things and lose it. Mir says he hopes Nog is okay and that he idolizes him, that when you’re as big and as dangerous as they are, things happen.

Light Heavyweight Championship bout: Jon Jones (champion) vs. Lyoto Machida

Rogan breaks down the keys to victory, giving Machida a slight edge in striking, Jones a slight edge in submissions, a clear advantage to Bones in wrestling, and Jones with the experience advantage, based on their common opponents. They again show Bones looking like a killer in the video package, and Rogan talks about how Bones is a one-of-a-kind talent. Rogan, of course, works in “elusive” in his description of Machida and they show Machida knocking out Rashad (which is, by far, the greatest Machida highlight ever, and will likely be the greatest highlight of his career when it’s all said and done). Bones says he’s not giving Machida’s belt back, that his kickboxing style can defeat Machida’s, and Machida says that he’s not impressed by Bones’ rise. Jones says strong Muay Thai can beat karate and that it’s his destiny to remain the UFC champion for years.

ROUND ONE: Big John gives them instruction, we get a handshake/glove touch, and we’re underway! Bones scoots out and then puts one hand on the ground. Bones throws a leg kick that misses and Machida looks content to stay on the outside as Bones throws and misses. Bones continues to throw and Machida continues to avoid. Bones whiffs on a spinning back kick and Machida lands a leg kick. Jones continues to back Machida up, throwing a front kick and a hard leg kick. Machida throws a hard punch that Bones mostly blocks and Machida slips and backs off. Machida with a kick feint and Bones answers with a leg kick of his own. Bones with a hard leg kick and Machida lands a counter, although Jones is able to put distance between them and hold Machida at bay on his follow-up shots. Bones whiffs on the spinning back kick again, and Machida lands a nice quick combination. Machida with his hands down, but Jones is content to stay outside. Jones with a side kick that misses. Machida with a body kick-left hand counter that backs Jones up. Machida with a leg kick and they circle. Bones with a leg kick of his own and he whiffs on a punch, only to eat a pair of quick punches from Machida. Momentary clinch, but Machida backs off, only to rush forward with a body punch. Bones with a spinning back kick that glances Machida’s shoulder and he misses with a head kick. Jones with a leg kick and Machida lands a glancing punch to counter.

SCORECARD: Close round, but I gave it to Machida 10-9, for the cleaner, more powerful strikes (10-9 overall)

ROUND TWO: Bones takes the center of the Octagon and he avoids a front kick from Machida. Machida with a nice leg kick and they stalemate again. Bones throws the spinning back kick again, but Machida again avoids it. Jones with a head kick that Machida leans away from. Jones throwing long jabs and leg kicks and Machida answers with a leg kick. Jones with a body kick and Machida backs away. Jones feints a takedown and backs away as Machida throws a counter. Jones with a nice kick and he fakes the spinning back kick again. Jones with a kick to the body, Machida counters with a flurry, and Jones looks for the takedown, only for Machida to slip free. Jones with a nice right hand, grabs a body lock, and takes Machida to the mat. Jones throws an elbow but Machida pushes him off. Bones with another elbow that opens up Machida’s forehead, and Jones looks for a choke from the front headlock position. Machida backs up over his heels and tries to stand up, and Jones presses him against the cage. Big John stops the fight to get Machida’s forehead looked at. They clean the blood up and the fight continues. McCarthy gets them back into the same position and they restart. Bones throws a pair of nice knees to the body and he avoids a takedown attempt by Machida. They separate, Machida throws a big punch, but Bones shoves him to the ground on the follow-up takedown attempt, and he nails Machida with a big knee as he gets back to his feet. Jones locks in a standing guillotine, and after Big John McCarthy checks on Machida, he waves Jones off and Machida slumps to the mat, unconscious!

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jon Jones, Submission (Guillotine choke, 4:26, Round 2)

Rogan is with Bones, and Jones says Machida never had him hurt, although he did land some good punches. Jones says he glad to be able to prove that he can take a good hit, that Machida’s got a great range and is a smart fighter. He was expecting more movement from Machida on the bottom, but he was glad to land the elbow that opened up Machida’s forehead. Jones says the standing guillotine isn’t something that he practices, but it comes from instinct from wrestling for so long, that he knew when Machida went to sleep, and he thanks his team, his supporters, and Jesus.

Disc 2: Preliminary Bouts

Lightweight bout: Mitch Clarke vs. John Cholish

ROUND ONE: Both guys hesitant to start, but Cholish jumps in for a shot, only to have Clarke stuff it. Clarke stops another takedown with a guillotine but then settles for a knee. Clarke uses the jab to keep Cholish on the outside. Clarke with an uppercut, but Cholish answers with a leg kick. Clarke outclassing Cholish on the feet, throwing nice combinations, although Cholish does land a few nice punches. Cholish shoves Clarke down, but Clarke pops back up and takes Cholish’s back standing. Cholish rolls for a knee bar but he ends up in Clarke’s guard. Cholish working some ground and pound and he tries to step over Clarke’s guard, only to have Clarke adjust and look for a guillotine again. Cholish defends and Clarke tries to get to his feet, only for Clarke to drive him back down. Cholish stands up as Clarke looks for an armbar, and he lets Clarke stand back up. Cholish taking it to Clarke on the feet now, as Clarke looks to have slowed down due to Cholish’s time on top. Clarke throwing a lot of punches, but Cholish landing more substantial strikes. Cholish looks for a takedown but Clarke defends and the round ends.

SCORECARD: Very close round, but Cholish 10-9, (10-9 overall)

ROUND TWO: Clarke looks reengerized as the round starts, but Cholish avoiding the brunt of most of his strikes. Clarke catches a kick and lands a couple of punches, but Cholish gets free as he looks for a clinch. Cholish with a right hand, Clarke answers with an inside leg kick. Clarke momentarily stuffs a takedown, but Cholish pushes him to the fence, only to eat a few of Clarke’s knees. They separate and Clarke is slowing down again. Cholish counterstriking well, landing punches that disrupt each of Clarke’s combinations, but Clarke is landing a decent amount of leg kicks. Cholish checks a front kick and he continues to counterstrike very well. Cholish with a double leg takedown and he pins Clarke against the cage. Clarke tries a guillotine but he doesn’t have the energy so he settles for trying to control Cholish’s posture. Cholish is getting a few strikes by Clark’s body control. Clarke rolls his hips, gets to his feet, and takes Cholish down, only to have Cholish scramble and take his back. He flattens Clarke out and starts pounding on Clarke. Cholish continues to pound away and Big John stops the fight. Clarke is bleeding badly.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – John Cholish, TKO (4:36, Round 2)

Welterweight bout: Rich Attonito vs. Jake Hecht

ROUND ONE: Hecht with a nice leg kick to start but they hesitate a bit. Hecht with a glancing Superman punch. Hecht with a body kick and Attonito with a left fake-right straight. Hecht using punches and kicks to keep Attonito on the outside, but Attonito catches a kick and takes Hecht down and into half-guard. Attonito attempting to improve position while Hecht throwing elbows, and Hecht is able to get Attonito into full guard. Hecht and Attonito throwing sporadic elbows, with Attonito landing the far better ones. Hecht attempts to push Attonito off, but Attonito drops back into guard. Hecht controlling Attonito’s posture and minimizing the damage he takes, although Attonito does land a few punches to the head or body. Attonito takes side control, but he jumps back into half-guard. Attonito trying to posture up and land strikes, but Hecht limits their effectiveness and sneaks in a few short elbows to Attonito’s head. Attonito lands a handful of good strikes as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Attonito, 10-9

ROUND TWO: Hecht clearly took some damage in the first round, as its evident on his face. Hecht moves in close and lands a nice combination, although Attonito does land a counter right in return. Attonito stuffs a takedown and they clinch, with Hecht landing a nice knee. Attonito looks to take Hecht down against the cage, and he continues to drive for a single leg but Hecht defends well, lands a handful of big elbows that drops Attonito, and Hecht just pounds away until Josh Rosenthal stops the fight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Jake Hecht, TKO (1:10, Round 2)

Lightweight bout: Mark Bocek vs. Nik Lentz

ROUND ONE: Bocek with a punch and Lentz answers with a kick. Bocek with a knee and an uppercut and they tie up against the cage, with Bocek quickly reversing to push Lentz into the cage. They separate and Lentz throws a head kick, only to receive a knee to the body. Bocek shoots, Lentz defends, and they end up against the cage again. Bocek with the takedown and Lentz looks for a guillotine, but Bocek gets free. Lentz working elbows to Bocek’s head, and Lentz again looks for the guillotine to prevent Bocek from passing guard. Lentz sinks in a deep guillotine and he pulls full guard. Bocek stands up and Lentz adjusts his grip, only to get slammed by Bocek, but Lentz hangs onto the head. Bocek finally gets free and Lentz is warned about elbows to the back of Bocek’s head. Bocek steps into half guard but is quickly pushed into butterfly guard. Bocek lands some good ground and pound, and Lentz looks for another choke, but Bocek quickly pops his head out. They battle for position and Lentz hits an upkick while Bocek is standing over him. Bocek drops backd own into full guard and they punch each other in the body. Bocek again steps over, but Lentz defends well again, getting him back to full guard. Lentz controls position and punches Bocek in the head, but Bocek postures up and lands some good ground and pound as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Very, very close round – Bocek, 10-9 (10-9 overall)

ROUND TWO: Bocek moves forward with some good strikes, but Lentz is able to stop his takedown attempt and they separate again. Bocek with a nice head kick that’s checked and he slips, immediately going for a takedown that Lentz defends, but Lentz ends up upside-down on Bocek’s back. He holds Bocek’s ankle to prevent him from getting up, they scramble, and Bocek ends up in Lentz’s full guard again. Lentz again doing a good job of controlling Bocek’s posture, but Bocek is getting some decent strikes in. Lentz punching Bocek but Bocek answers with heavier strikes. Lentz looks for rubber guard, but Bocek’s basically sits on Lentz’s legs, folding him up, but Lentz rolls through and they end up in the same position they started in. Bocek posturing up for some ground and pound, but Lentz ties him up again. Lentz doing a very good job of keeping Bocek from passing guard. Bocek still doing a good enough job of landing strikes and working for position that they aren’t getting warned about a stand-up. Lentz with another good guillotine from full guard and Bocek tries to stand up and shake him off, but Lentz hangs on, although Bocek is finally able to get free. Bocek looking to improve position and Lentz lands a few good shots, but they are finally stood up. Lentz goes after Bocek, but he gets stopped momentarily as Bocek is allowed to pull his fight shorts back up. Bocek with a leg kick and Lentz moves in with a combo, but Bocek answers with a knee to the body.

SCORECARD: Another close round – Bocek, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

ROUND THREE: Bocek moving forward with punches and kicks that do no damage, and he shoots for a takedown and gets it, but Lentz locks in another guillotine. Bocek looks to escape and Lentz does let it go. Bocek finally landing some good ground and pound, but Lentz finally gets control of his posture and lands a few weak punches of his own. Lentz throwing strikes as Bocek tries to improve his position, and Lentz looks for another guillotine, this time with an arm in. Lentz uses the guillotine to get back to his feet and they trade quickly, with Lentz landing a nice uppercut as Bocek backs away. They trade leg kicks as the crowd chants for the Canadian Bocek. Bocek with another takedown and Lentz again looks for the guillotine as Bocek pounds him in the ribs. Bocek pops his head out, and starts working some ground and pound. Bocek continues to try to improve his position, but Lentz continues to defend well. Lentz continues to punch Bocek every time he tries to improve position, but Bocek does get side control for a moment until Lentz moves him back to guard. Lentz again looks for the guillotine, but Bocek gets his head out very quickly. Lentz pushes Bocek off and gets back to his feet and they trade a flurry as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Bocek, 10-9 (30-27 overall)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Mark Bocek, Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Bantamweight bout: Yves Jabouin vs. Walel Watson

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves to start and Watson with some crazy head movement. They circle and trade some punches that miss and Watson throws two side kicks and tags Jabouin with a punch as he rushes in. Jabouin misses a leg kick but lands a pair of right hands while avoiding Watson’s punches. Watson rushes Jabouin, who backs away nicely. Jabouin comes in with glancing strikes and Watson misses a head kick. Watson misses a side kick and feints a punch, only to eat a nice right from Jabouin. Watson with a nice four-strike combination and he looks for a takedown but Jabouin stuffs it and presses him against the cage before getting a takedown of his own into full guard. Watson controls posture well and gets back to his feet, although he ate some strikes on the way up. Jabouin looks to press Watson back against the cage, but Watson looks for a kimura and throws a nice elbow to the side of Jabouin’s head. Watson uses Jabouin’s momentum to throw him off and they get back to their feet. They literally circle for twenty seconds before Jabouin misses a leg kick. Watson fakes a kick, throws a punch and follows with a kick that misses. Watson with a nick kick to the body and Jabouin misses with a follow-up leg kick. Watson rushes forward with a combination, but Jabouin checks most of the damage. Jabouin misses on a Superman punch and the follow-up, and they trade strikes as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Jabouin, 10-9 (10-9 overall)

ROUND TWO: Watson throwing the jab with nothing behind it to keep Jabouin on the outside, but Yves rushes forward and whiffs on a leg kick. They trade some insignificant strikes until Jabouin catches a body kick and counters with a nice right. Watson with a front kick to the body and a kick to the leg. Watson with a nice leg kick, and he checks a leg kick from Jabouin. They start exchanging strikes, with Watson coming out better for it. They exchange again, with Jabouin this time taking the advantage. Watson rushes a leg kick attempt by Jabouin and lands a couple of punches, but his missing a spinning backfist. They trade spinning kicks and Watson avoids a leg kick and chases Jabouin with strikes. Watson again landing strikes and avoiding most of Jabouin’s counters. Watson with a side kick and he again avoids Jabouin’s leg kick attempt. Another quick exchange and Watson pushes him away. Spinning backfist lands for Jabouin, but he eats a punch for his efforts. Jabouin looks for a takedown, but he ends up in a guillotine with a body lock for his trouble and Watson holds him there until just before the round ends.

SCORECARD: Watson, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

ROUND THREE: Watson mixing up his strikes and keeping Jabouin outside, although he does land a decent kick. Watson still comes out of the exchange better. Jabouin throws a kick and Watson chases him with strikes of his own. They trade kicks and Jabouin looks for a side kick of his own. Watson whiffs badly on a spinning back high kick, but he checks a leg kick and lands three strikes of his own to counter. Watson with a nick kick to the body, and he continues to pepper Jabouin with strikes. Jabouin with a nice combination that finishes with a good leg kick. Jabouin with another good leg kick, but he eats a couple of strikes to land a right hand. Jabouin looks for another takedown, but Watson holds onto his arms and ends up on top. Watson steps into half guard and he starts delivering nice short elbows to Jabouin’s head. Watson looking for a D’arce choke and he gets it with 90 seconds or so left on the clock. Jabouin gets free and lands a spinning back kick to Watson’s body. Jabouin misses a leg kick and Watson answers with a flurry. Jabouin misses a spinning back fist and a spinning kick and Watson answers each time. They trade wildly as the round ends.

SCORECARD: Watson, 10-9 (29-28 overall, although I could see it going either way)

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Yves Jabouin, Splie Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Lightweight bout: John Makdessi vs. Dennis Hallman

ROUND ONE: Hallman comes out with a shot right away, but settles for an over-under. He picks Makdessi up but can’t get him down, and Hallman gets Makdessi down in spite of Makdessi getting warned for grabbing the fence twice. Hallman quickly takes Makdessi’s back, gets both hooks in, and flattens Makdessi out. Hallman starts pounding away and when Makdessi starts squirming, Hallman looks for a choke. Makdessi rolls into full mount and Halman goes back to ground and pound. Hallman just continues to land brutal ground and pound and Makdessi turns and gives up his back. Hallman sinks in the choke and Makdessi taps out, likely saving Hallman’s job since he came in three pounds overweight.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Dennis Hallman, Submission (Rear naked choke, 2:58, Round 1)

I thought Hallman’s lisp was the Greatest. Thing. Ever…until I saw Jared Hamman’s porn star mustache.

Middleweight bout: Jared Hamman vs. Costa Philippou

ROUND ONE: Hamman with a leg kick that’s checked, and another. Philippou with a nice left hand, and Hamman answers with a kick to the ribs. Hamman whiffs on a kick and eats a right hand. Hamman misses on another kick and Philippou answers a takedown attempt with a nice combination that Hamman just walks through. They tie up against the cage and then separate. Hamman with a nice leg kick and he slips Philippou’s counter combination. Hamman with a kick to the thigh, but eats a nice 1-2 combination and then another right hand that puts him down. Philippou pounces with some ground and pound before sinking in a choke. Hamman survives, but Philippou lands some more heavy strikes and gets a front facelock. Back to their feet, and Hamman rushes forward and eats a glancing blow. Philippou lands two more good punches and takes Hamman down for some more ground and pound. Philippou sprawls and lets Hamman up, then lands another big shot that knocks Hamman silly, and Big John waves Philippou off.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Costa Philippou, KO (3:11, Round 1)

Light heavyweight bout: Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Igor Pokrajac

ROUND ONE: Touch of the gloves and they trade punches and exchange kicks. Soszynski working the jab but Pokrajac connects with a big right that stuns Soszynski. Pokrajac starts unloading on the Soszynski’s face, knocking Soszynski to the canvas. He drops down for ground and pound and by the time Yves Lavigne waves him off, Soszynski is completely unconscious.

OFFICIAL RESULT: WINNER – Igor Pokrajac, KO (0:35, Round 1)


Disc 1

Countdown to UFC 140

– Just what you’d expect – the full 40 minute countdown special for the event. Starts with a very brief history of the UFC and how it has evolved from a competition of fighters from single styles to truly being mixed martial arts. We then move into Machida’s Shotokan karate background, and Rogan says the best style to counter that is a strong wrestler with good striking (aka, Bones). From there, it covers some of the basics of each man’s training. After the intro breaks down the top three fights, we get to see Rashad’s ~STANKY LEG~! Tremendous. From there, they talk briefly about the “Machida Era” and then show Bones’ title win over Shogun. Jones talks about why he used the low stance against Rampage in his first title defense and we get the highlights of that fight, culminating in Jones’ rear naked choke win. They then show Bones’ Bentley and he talks about how he was living in his girlfriend’s basement with $3200 in his bank account only four years earlier. Jones says he’s still that same kid, and from there, we transition in Machida’s successes and how his training strategy has changed since losing the belt to Shogun. They show him drinking what was probably water, but they don’t outright rule out that it could be his own urine, either. Then they show the highlights of the Couture fight and Machida discusses his strategy for the fight.

We then go to the Iceman, the last champ to defend his title more than once, which was five years prior. We then see the progression from Rampage to Forrest to Rashad to Machida to Shogun to Bones, and Machida says he’s been where Bones was before, which will benefit him. Greg Jackson and Bones talk about Jones’ advantages, notably his length. Machida says he won’t say he’s going to take Bones down, but people said no one could take Rampage or Tito down, and he did.

From there, we highlight the Nogueira brothers, beginning with Big Nog’s win over Brendan Schaub in Brazil and then going into the first Mir fight. They show Mir breaking Sylvia’s arm and then go into the motorcycle accident, with Mir talking about how it affected him psychologically. Mir and Robert Drysdale talk trash about Nog’s staph infection and how it offended Mir.

We got footage of Tito’s rise and fall and how he’s changed his attitude and how the fans have rallied behind him accordingly. We get the trash talk between Lil Nog and Tito, and Big Nog (shockingly) picks his brother to win.

Disc 2

Weigh-in Show – This is the weigh-ins event from before the day before the fight and runs about 22 minutes total, with the only big deal being Dennis Hallman missing weight by three pounds. Pretty cool that Dana was wearing a “Lytle for State Senate” shirt, though.
Behind The Scenes – A thirty minute feature that features a bunch of shorter segments including: Frank Mir, Big Nog, Brian Ebersole, Helio Gracie, Lyoto Machida, and Greg Jackson talking about the importance of BJJ and also about how important it is to be well-rounded; “In His Own Words: Frank Mir”, which features Mir talking about the depth of the heavyweight division, how he really had nothing to gain from the rematch with Nog, that he prefers subs to KOs because they’re more personal and hands-on, while KOs can happen out of nowhere, how important his family is, and that he fights because he’s a fighter and it’s self-expression for him; a feature on the Nog brothers fighting on the same card in the UFC for the first time; “72 Hours with Jon Jones”, including a look at the open workouts, press conferences and meet & greets, pre-weigh in preparation, weigh-ins (which featured Bones flirting with all three ring girls) and rehydration; and “Fight Night”, which features fighters arriving at the arena and receiving pre-fight instructions from their coaches, intercut with fight footage from the coach’s perspective and them giving their fighters instruction (Hominick, Ebersole, Tito, Mir, and Bones’ coaches).
Ultimate Insider – A nine-minute feature that includes: “Fight School” featuring Greg Jackson showing the last resort hip bump, which will help stop a takedown and put you into full mount; “Unguarded: Inside the Mind of a UFC Fighter” featuring Frank Mir, who talks about how people might be surprised at how much/what he reads, how he loves Wikipedia, how he’s hard on himself, and how he wants to give back to the community with his actions and labor; “Ultimate 8: One-Punch KOs”, which featured – 8) Melvin Guillard KOing Rick Davis at UFC 60, 7) Rashad Evans KOing Chuck Liddell at UFC 88, 6) Carlos Condit KOing Dan Hardy at UFC 120, 5) Josh Koscheck KOing Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFN 16, 4) Nate Marquardt KOing Demian Maia at UFC 102, 3) Dan Henderson KOing Michael Bisping at UFC 100, 2) Anderson Silva KOing Forrest Griffin at UFC 101, and 1) Rampage KOing Wanderlei Silva at UFC 92 – I would’ve put Henderson at number one and included Silva’s KO of Belfort over Forrest, but that’s just me; and “Rogan’s Direct Hits”, where fans ask Joe Rogan questions and he answers them as only Joe Rogan can (the highlight was him throwing Mike Goldberg under the bus for drinking too much coffee and having to pee at least five times per PPV).
UFC Promos – Just two minutes of assorted promos for other UFC DVD releases including the 2011 Ultimate Fight Edition, Ultimate KOs 9, Bad Blood: Liddell vs Ortiz, and UFC Ultimate: Matt Hughes compilation.

The 411: Overall, these UFC 2-Disc Ultimate Editions are the perfect package for UFC fans looking to see an entire UFC event, and this particular one is no different. From the Countdown special to the weigh-ins to the entire fight card (and even some post-fight thoughts/interviews from the fighters and coaches), this DVD set has it all. The show itself featured a handful of great fights and two of the most memorable moments of 2011, with Mir breaking Big Nog's arm and Bones releasing his choke on Machida and letting him slump to the canvas. Overall, if you're a fan of good fights and/or a UFC completist, then you really don't want to miss out on this set.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.0   [  Amazing ]  legend

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