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UFC Best of 2009 DVD Review

March 16, 2010 | Posted by Dan Plunkett

This is my first MMA DVD review, and what better way to kick it off than with the UFC Best of 2009 DVD? 2009 was a huge year for the UFC, with mega fights like St. Pierre vs. Penn, their biggest PPV of all time in UFC 100, and much more. Last year was also the start of what many think will go down as the era of dominant champions. BJ Penn defended his title twice with ease, St. Pierre did the same, and Anderson Silva defended his belt and then moved up to light heavyweight to slaughter Forrest Griffin. Brock Lesnar became the undisputed heavyweight champ, while Lyoto Machida validated the claims of his supporters when he decimated Rashad Evans. Plus, the box says this DVD is 5 hours 45 minutes, which means there was a whole lot to cover in 2009. Let’s get to it.

Disc 1:

There are 3 bonus fights on disc 1 and you have the option of playing them during the feature, or after you’re done watching. I will watch them in the feature.

Mike Goldberg introduces us to the UFC and what it takes to be a fighter. A cool highlight clip of the happenings in 2009 ensues. Goldberg goes over the expansion of the UFC to new cities; from Memphis and Philly, all the way to Germany. He then highlights 2009 including UFC 100, Anderson Silva tying Matt Hughes’ and Tito Ortiz’s record for title defenses, returning fighters, Todd Duffee’s record breaking 7 second KO (Duane Ludwig frowns upon this), debuting fighters such as Yoshihiro Akiyama, Paulo Thiago, and Kimbo Slice.

We start off at UFC 94 with Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn. Goldberg goes over the first fight and the build-up to the second. I press enter and here’s GSP vs. Penn 2.

Bonus Fight: UFC Welterweight Championship – Georges St. Pierre vs. BJ Penn from UFC 94

Round 1: I was so excited for this fight I wrote a 3-part column on it. Needless to say, I was a little too excited. We skip the fighter introductions and go right to the start of the fight. Clinching early and St. Pierre is clearly outmuscling Penn. GSP has Penn up against the fence and grabs a leg but doesn’t get BJ to the ground. Georges has a single against the cage but is having some trouble taking Penn to the ground still. They separate and St. Pierre is the more active fighter standing until he once again clinches with BJ before either fighter can land any good punches. They separate and Georges lands a right hook followed by a left. After another clinch they separate yet again and the round ends. 10-9 GSP.

I’m on the lookout for any greasing. None yet.

Round 2: St. Pierre controlling the Octagon again before pushing Penn against the fence. A little less than a minute into the round GSP takes Penn down. Penn goes right to the rubber guard but St. Pierre is landing punches to the body and elbows to the face. GSP stands up to land punches and lands in half guard before passing to side control. I believe that’s only the second time Penn’s guard has been passed in MMA. St. Pierre pounding Penn before BJ retains full guard. St. Pierre postures up to land some punches before going back into BJ’s closed guard where he lands good body punches. GSP stands up and goes in with a flurry that allows him to get back into side control. Penn with a jailbreak and gets it back to guard. Penn has a small cut on his cheek. Round over and it’s 10-8 for St. Pierre.

Greasing alert as an NSAC official wipes St. Pierre’s back with a towel.

Round 3: BJ is tired and looks sluggish standing. St. Pierre is picking him apart. It looks like Penn is bleeding from the nose as St. Pierre clinches and takes him down again into half guard. Not much action other than BJ moving into butterfly guard. St. Pierre postures up and is landing punches before Penn gets back to his feet and is attempts a takedown of his own. The takedown is not successful as St. Pierre pushes BJ against the cage before taking him down again. BJ is on his back against the fence and can’t really do much to St. Pierre. Every time he goes to a higher guard his legs slip back down and he gets hit. 10-9 GSP.

The NSAC wipes St. Pierre down with a towel again before round 4.

Round 4: Penn’s hands are dropping and St. Pierre is landing jabs from all angles. Wow, easy takedown for St. Pierre into half guard before passing to side control. GSP is now in crucifix position but keeps getting warned by Herb Dean for hitting Penn in the back of the head. Penn just doesn’t have anything left in his gas tank. Herb Dean telling BJ he needs to fight back. Domination by GSP as he continues to land right hands. St. Pierre tries to mount but BJ gets back to full guard. I spoke too soon as St. Pierre passes to side control again. St. Pierre landing elbows and punches nonstop. Herb Dean is very close to stopping the fight. 10-8 St. Pierre.

We see Penn’s corner tell the doctor it’s over and the fight’s done.

Winner: Georges St. Pierre by TKO (corner stoppage) after round 4 to retain the UFC Welterweight Championship.

No post fight interviews as we head right back to the main feature and move into Goldberg talking about Thiago Alves. Highlights of St. Pierre vs. Alves from UFC 100 ensue and it’s total domination for Georges as he defeats Alves by decision. That leads us to other welterweight contenders. Dan Hardy is up first and we get highlights of his fights against Marcus Davis and Mike Swick, the latter of which earned him a title shot. Josh Koscheck is up next and we see clips of his fights against Frank Trigg and Anthony Johnson. After that we see Koscheck calling out Hardy after beating Anthony Johnson.

All this talk of the welterweight division has me wanting to watch Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra. What look at that, that’s exactly what’s up next!

Welterweight Bout – Matt Hughes vs. Matt Serra from UFC 98

Round 1: We get the tale of the tape and move right into the fight. Hughes comes out southpaw. Matt Hughes was in his best shape in years for this fight. You can tell he really wanted to beat Serra. After a feeling out process Serra catches Hughes with either a right forearm to the back of the head or a head-butt. There is a possibility the forearm pushed Hughes’ head into Serra’s, but I digress. Serra swarms and Hughes is on his back but gets back up. Hughes is still hurt as he shoots on Serra. Hughes seems to recover and pushes Serra up against the cage. Both are throwing knees, but none are landing solidly. Serra slips away and they’re back in the center of the Octagon. After Matt realizes he is clearly not a good kickboxer, he clinches and trips Serra to the ground. Hughes has Serra’s back with both hooks in going for a rear naked choke. “The Terror” looks calm and explodes back to his feet. Neither fighter does anything significant on the feet before the round ends. Tough round to score since Serra rocked him but Hughes later took his back. I’ll go 10-9 Serra since he didn’t take damage when Hughes was on top and was busier on the feet.

Round 2: Not much action for the first minute until Hughes takes him down. Hughes is in half guard and landing punches to the body. Matt Hughes is working methodically from half guard as Serra makes faces mocking Hughes every time he lands a body shot. Hughes is still in half guard and looking to pass but he can’t get his left leg free. Fighters are stood up with 15 seconds left but it’s not enough time for Serra to steal the round. 10-9 Hughes easily; Serra wasn’t close to any submissions and Hughes was on top the majority of the round.

Round 3: Hughes shoots in for a takedown after another feeling out process and gets it. Serra is in rubber guard going for an omoplata. Eddie Bravo would be very proud of Serra for hugging the knee. Serra loses it and goes back to rubber guard with his left leg. Hughes stands up and Serra throws up a triangle but Hughes gets out of it. Serra is being very active from the bottom. They’re stood up again because Hughes wasn’t doing much of anything from the top. Serra moves in and Hughes lands a nice short right hand. The New Yorker Serra has his hands at his waist taunting Hughes. Hughes clinches and Serra gets a huge takedown with less than a minute remaining in the fight. Serra is on top and throwing right hands. They end with Hughes attempting a takedown while Serra looks for a kimura. Serra was active from the bottom, had a huge takedown, and was active from the top. 10-9 Serra.

Winner: Matt Hughes by unanimous decision (29-28 across). It all comes down to the first round, but I think Serra won that fight.

We move right into the next fight which is…

Welterweight Bout – Carlos Condit vs. Jake Ellenberger from UFC Fight Night 19

Round 1: Condit throws a kick but Ellenberger catches it, lands a right hand, and takes Condit to the ground. The fighters are up against the fence with each working for position. Condit works on a triangle Ellenberger gets out. “The Natural Born Killer” gets up from the bottom and is met with a right hand to the chin. Carlos then clinches and has Jake up against the fence. Ellenberger pushes away. Condit gets countered again after he throws a kick and Ellenberger follows up with another straight right which forces Condit against the cage. Ellenberger lands a right hook and Condit covers up. In a strangely delayed reaction, Condit falls to the floor still covering up. Jake follows up with ground and pound as Condit gives up his back. D’Arce choke attempt from Jake but Condit stands right back up and lands a knee to the chin of Ellenberger. Another to the body and one more to the chin but then Ellenberger throws a wild right that catches Condit on the temple and Condit is down. Ellenberger swarms but Condit recovers quickly and takes him down. Mind you this has all happened and we are barely past the halfway point of the first round. Condit is in side control before moving into mount. Ellenberger channels the Undertaker and sits up in great display of power. They are back on their feet and Ellenberger drops down for a guillotine. It may not have been a very good idea as he only has half guard, but he then reverses Condit and is now on top. Condit retains full guard and is throwing punches from the bottom. Carlos does not stop striking as now he is throwing elbows from the bottom. Ellenberger stands up but Condit throws up a triangle, causing him to move away. As soon as Condit stands up Ellenberger swarms and lands a head kick that sends Condit into the fence. Condit circles away and they are back in the center of the Octagon. Condit attempts a spinning back fist and misses; he then slips to the ground after throwing a kick. Both fighters are tired. Condit charges forward and Ellenberger lands a knee to his face as Condit is in the process of pressing him against the cage. Condit looks for a takedown at the end of the round but doesn’t get it. Absolutely great round and the best of the year in my opinion, but I feel like Goldberg and Kenny Florian (filling in for Joe Rogan) are underselling it a bit. 10-9 Ellenberger.

Round 2: Wild exchange to start the round but nothing lands. Ellenberger takes Condit down with ease about 30 seconds into the round. Condit goes to rubber guard but loses it. He then seemed to attempt a Mir lock, but never really went for it and Ellenberger slipped his arm out easily. Condit is so active from the bottom using elbows and punches. Ellenberger mostly working the body. Condit throws up a triangle but they’re both so slippery at this point Ellenberger can just slip out of it. Carlos works his way back to his feet but gets taken down again immediately. Soon after he attempts a kimura and sweeps Ellenberger, landing in mount. Ellenberger retains half guard but Condit is relentless and never stops attacking, which leads to him moving to mount once again. As Condit tries to take his back Ellenberger explodes and ends up on top. Ellenberger is on top but Condit is still throwing from the bottom. Condit works back to his feet and that’s where the round ends. 10-9 Condit.

Round 3: I can’t believe how active these two are. I’m gassed just watching the fight. Condit lands a head kick but it doesn’t seem to stun Ellenberger in the slightest. They tie up after missing haymakers and Ellenberger drags Condit to the ground. I know I’m getting kind of redundant, but Condit does not stop attacking. They stand back up and Ellenberger drops down for a guillotine but Condit escapes. Condit’s in half guard and is throwing left after left. Ellenberger gives up his back and Condit his back mount after landing a knee to the body. 90 seconds left in the fight. Ellenberger spins out as Condit goes for an armbar, he’s now on top. Condit kicks Ellenberger away and gets to his feet. Jake shoots right away but can’t complete the takedown. Carlos spins and takes his back again. Condit goes for a rear naked choke but when he hears the 10 seconds warning starts raining down blows. 10-9 Condit. Great fight.

Winner: Carlos Condit by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Demian Maia and Nate Marquardt are profiled leading up to their fight.

Middleweight Bout –Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia from UFC 102

Round 1: I wonder how they found time on the disc for this one. 16 seconds in Maia throws a kick which Marquardt counters with a straight right. Maia is out. Fight over.

Winner: Nate Marquardt by KO at :21 of round 1.

We move to the very next month when Vitor Belfort returned to the UFC to take on Rich Franklin.

195-Pound Catch-Weight Bout – Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort from UFC 103

Round 1: Rich Franklin can’t hear his corner, apparently. Both fighters tentative in the first minute, Belfort is looking to counter while Franklin clearly has respect for Vitor’s speed. Fighters now throwing more but nothing significant landed. Franklin throwing kicks but can’t find his mark with any punches. We get our first exchange and Vitor lands a jab. This gives him confidence to move in and he catches Franklin on the top of the head with a quick left hook. Franklin is down and Vitor swarms with left hands. Rich is out and the fight is over.

Winner: Vitor Belfort by KO at 3:02 of the first round.

Goldberg jinxes the Silva vs. Belfort bout before moving onto Yoshihiro “Sexyama” Akiyama. Keeping with the middleweight theme we move into Quarry vs. Credeur.

Middleweight Bout – Nate Quarry vs. Tim Credeur from UFC Fight Night 19

Round 1: First good exchange comes a minute into the fight as Creduer comes in with a jab and Quarry counters with body shots and an overhand right. Creduer is utilizing more kicks than Quarry who is relying mostly on his boxing. Tim is more active on his feet and is much faster than Quarry. Quarry counters nicely with a right hook to the body and a left that grazes Creduer’s face. Creduer lands a right on the top of Quarry’s head and “The Rock” is hurt. Creduer moves in to finish and takes Nate’s back. He looks for a rear naked choke but Quarry fights it off and gets back to his feet. Tim charges forward with 10 seconds left and lands a knee to the body. Quarry looks very slow at the end of the round. 10-9 Creduer.

Round 2: They come out aggressive but Creduer gets the better of the exchange. Quarry backs up and cracks Tim with an overhand right as he’s coming in to close up the fight. Creduer drops to a knee and gets back up only to be dropped in a wide exchange by a grazing punch to his chin. Quarry moves in to finish by Creduer avoids the big shots and grabs a hold of Quarry in half guard. Quarry stands up and looks to come in with punches but nothing lands. Creduer throws up an armbar but Quarry avoids. Not much action on the ground. Bother fighters are tired but Quarry continues to look for openings. The round ends with the fighters exchanging blows on the ground. 10-9 Quarry.

Round 3: Creduer backs Quarry against the cage with punches. He smells blood and is looking to take Quarry out. Quarry circles away and lands another overhand right that drops Creduer. Tim looks surprisingly calm on the bottom and has closed guard. Quarry working to the body with continuous lefts and rights. Creduer goes for another armbar but Quarry easily gets out. Tim works his way back to his feet but looks to be gassed. Quarry lands a big right hook but Creduer is still standing. Creduer’s throwing but his chin is wide open. Quarry is now beating him to the punch. Nate lands a few more blows and Creduer crumbles to the mat. More of the same on the ground as Quarry has few answers for Creduer’s defense. Tim goes for a heel hook but Quarry spins out. A stalemate ensues until Herb Dean stands them up with 30 seconds remaining. They’re both exhausted. Creduer throws a head kick and falls to the ground. They spend the last 15 seconds trading shots until the bell. Fun fight. 10-8 Quarry.

Winner: Nate Quarry by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 29-28)

Anderson Silva’s lackluster win against Thales Leites is talked about. Silva needed to prove he still had his killer instinct so he moved up to light heavyweight to take on Forrest Griffin.

Light Heavyweight Bout – Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin from UFC 101

Forrest opens up with a 1-2 head kick, just as Joe Rogan was told. The crowd chants “let’s go Forrest!” Griffin throws a kick but Silva catches it and pushes him away. Forrest is being active but nothing is landing. Anderson finally moves forward and lands a right hook that drops Griffin. Forrest gets right back up. Anderson is being more aggressive then he was in the beginning of the fight and he’s talking to Forrest in the cage. He drops his hands, dodges Forrest’s punches and lands his own at will. A straight left drops Griffin. Incredible. Silva lets Forrest get back up, even offering him a hand. Silva’s hands are still at his waist. Forrest charges forward and Anderson throws a right jab. Forrest goes down and out. Fight over. I’ve probably seen this fight 50 or so times and it’s still mind-blowing to watch.

Winner: Anderson Silva by KO at 3:23 of the first round.

Anderson’s training partner Lyoto Machida is up next. We go over his win over Thiago Silva and move into his title fight against Rashad Evans.

UFC Light Heavyweight Championship – Rashad Evans vs. Lyoto Machida from UFC 98

Round 1: Fighters are moving a lot but not many strikes are being thwon. Machida starts things off with a head kick 2 minutes into the fight. Rashad charges forward but nothing lands. Machida hurts Rashad with a straight left and the champ is down with a minute left in the round. “The Dragon” swarms but Rashad is able to get back to his feet. They circle for the rest of the round. 10-9 Machida.

Round 2: The crowd is chanting “Machida!” Lyoto kicks to the body and clinches looking for a takedown. Rashad defends and they are back in the center of the cage. Machida charges forward but Rashad keeps him at bay with two quick counter right hooks. After a stalemate Machida throws a straight left that hurts Rashad and another that knocks him down. Machida moves in for the finish. You can hear Rashad’s wife screaming. Rashad makes it back to his feet for a second but falls again. He gets back up and Machida is backing him up against the fence. Another straight left finishes it off. Rashad is out cold. Welcome to the Machida Era.

Winner: Lyoto Machida by KO at 3:57 or round 2.

The first challenger to Machida would be the winner of Chuck Liddell vs. Shogun Rua, so that fight is up next.

Light Heavyweight Bout – Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua from UFC 97

Round 1: Rua throws a leg kick to get things started. A minute into the round Shogun throws an overhand right which Liddell answers with two rights of his own. Liddell starts charging forward until Shogun throws a head kick to slow him down. Shogun is throwing a bunch of overhand rights. Liddell throws a right that causes Shogun to cover up. Rua throws another leg kick. He follows that with an overhand right followed by a leg kick. It’s like he’s trying to create a hybrid of Liddell-Jardine and Liddell-Evans. Shogun takes Chuck down halfway through the round but “The Iceman” gets back to his feet quickly. Shogun goes for a leg lock but Liddell gets out. Rua is riding Liddell’s back and throwing knees to the thigh. They separate and a wild exchange ensues. Shogun tries to take Chuck down again but gets denied. Liddell is clearly the slower of the two fighters. Chuck takes Shogun down but stands up right away with less than a minute left. Shogun charges forward and lands a left hook that drops Liddell. He batters Chuck with hammerfists until the ref pulls him off.

Winner: Mauricio “Shogun” Rua by TKO at 4:28 of round 1.

Highlights of Machida vs. Shogun are shown.

A nice video package of Chuck Liddell’s career follows. Mike Goldberg goes over Chuck’s career accomplishments.

Tito Ortiz’s return is highlighted. Highlights of both of his fights against Forrest Griffin are shown.

Out of nowhere, we move to Thiago Silva and his fight against Keith Jardine.

Light Heavyweight Bout: Keith Jardine vs. Thiago Silva from UFC 102

Round 1: Jardine comes out aggressive. He throws a kick but slips and Silva has him on his back. “The Dean of Mean” gets back up to his feet. Jardine charges but gets caught with a left hook and falls to the ground. Silva follows up and four punches later it’s over.

Winner: Thiago Silva by KO at 1:35 of round 1.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira is profiled. We see highlights of his KO victory over Luiz Cane in his UFC debut.

Jon Jones is shown and we get highlights from all three of his 2009 bouts.

That’s the end of the feature on disc 1, but wait, there’s more! Here are the two other bonus fights on the disc:

Bonus Fight: Welterweight Bout – Mike Swick vs. Dan Hardy from UFC 95

Round 1: Hardy is the bigger fighter. “The Outlaw” catches Swick coming in with a right but Swick pushes him against the fence. Hardy reverses and throws a knee. They continue to work against the cage until Swick hits Hardy with a low blow. They restart standing and Swick has Hardy against the cage again. Neither fighter seems to have much of an advantage. They separate at the end of the round and Hardy connects nicely. Close round, but Hardy landed more effective strikes to earn him a score of 10-9.

Round 2: Hardy rocks Swick to start the round. He charges forward but they end up clinching against the fence again. Hardy is working more in the clinch. With two minutes left in the round the referee separates them. Swick lands a good left hook. They exchange and find themselves clinching against the fence again. End of round, 10-9 Hardy.

Round 3: Hardy lands a right hook to start the round. Swick answers with a flurry. They’re slugging it out. Both fighters land left hooks but Swick got the worst of it. Hardy misses a spinning back kick. He goes in to finish but they end up clinched yet again. Hardy lifts Swick up but gets caught in a guillotine. He falls out and is in full guard over Swick. Hardy lands nice elbows but not much is happening so they are stood up. Neither fighter does much for the rest of the round. 10-9 Hardy.

Winner: Dan Hardy by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

Bonus Fight: Light Heavyweight Bout – Stephan Bonnar vs. Jon Jones from UFC 94

Round 1: Jones throws a wild right hand to start the fight. “Bones” is throwing many different kicks. They clinch and after a failed takedown Jones knees Bonnar in the face. Bonnar is backed up against the cage. Jones knees Bonnar in the face. Bonnar is backed up against the cage. Jones throws Bonnar to the ground beautifully. Bonnar gets back up but Jones puts him right back down. Bonnar is persistent though and gets back up again. Stephan attempts a spinning back kick to no avail. They clinch again and “Bones” takes Bonnar to the ground. He takes his back but “The American Psycho” gets back to his feet. Suplex by Jones; Bonnar gets up again. Spinning back elbow rocks Bonnar and he’s on the floor. Jones moves in but Bonnar is able to survive. They get back to their feet and Bonnar is cut on the forehead. Jones lands another knee. Round over, 10-8 Jones.

Round 2: Bonnar is aggressive on the feet to start the round. Jones trips him and has his back. They get back to their feet and Jones lands a big right before taking Bonnar back down. Jones working from Bonnar’s half guard but Bonnar gets back to his feet yet again. After a brief clinching period Jones lands an elbow and a straight right. Bonnar charges forward but Jones takes him to the ground again. Round ends, 10-9 Jones.

Round 3: The fighters exchange kicks to start the round. Jones looks tired and Bonnar is outworking him in the clinch. Bonnar lands some right hands but Jones answers with a knee. Jones takes Stephan down again. Bonnar goes for a triangle choke but “Bones” fights out of it. With two minutes left in the round Bonnar gets back to his feet. Bonnar is aggressive but can’t do anything to take the fight away from Jones. Horn sounds, 10-9 Bonnar.

Winner: Jon Jones by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Disc 2:

Disc 2 kicks off with a recap of The Ultimate Fighter 9. Ross Pearson’s win at UFC 105 is highlighted and we move into the lightweight division. The symbol for a bonus fight comes up, so I click enter.

Bonus Fight: Lightweight Bout – Tyson Griffin vs. Hermes Franca from UFC 103

Round 1: Hermes looks for a spinning back kick but Tyson counters with a leg kick. Griffin throwing a lot of leg kicks. Tyson is far more active on his feet than Franca. Griffin throws a left hook which forces Hermes to a knee but he recovers quickly. Griffin still throwing a bunch of leg kicks as the round ends and it’s his, 10-9.

Round 2: Griffin throwing a lot of feigns in the first 30 seconds. Hermes throws a combination that hurts Tyson. He charges forward and Tyson catches him with an overhand right. Hermes gets up and they continue to swing wildly. Griffin throws a leg kick that gets caught by Hermes. Franca holds onto it and they trade blows with Griffin hopping on one foot. Griffin moves forward and lands a nice right hook to Hermes’ chin. Tyson later lands straight right that drops Franca. He pounces and lands punches through Franca’s submission attempts. Franca is out.

Winner: Tyson Griffin by KO at 3:26 of round 2.

We return to the feature with highlights of top contender Gray Maynard. Goldberg says he’ll get a chance to avenge a loss in January against Nate Diaz. Diaz is then profiled and his fight against Melvin Guillard is a bonus fight, so let’s get to it.

Bonus Fight: Lightweight Bout – Nate Diaz vs. Melvin Guillard from UFC Fight Night 19

Round 1: Guillard catches Diaz on the chin 5 seconds in to the fight. He moves in but doesn’t want to deal with Diaz’s ground game, so he backs away. Diaz trips Guillard to the ground but Melvin butt scoots to the cage immediately. Back on their feet, Guillard throws Diaz to the ground but stands up quickly. Diaz trips Guillard to the ground again but Guillard gets back up using the cage. Diaz pushes Guillard against the fence but pays for it when he gets hit with an elbow and a right hook. The fighters are taunting each other. Diaz is bloodied. Melvin Guillard has no regard for Diaz’s power as he holds his hands at his waist. At the end of the round Guillard looks to take his back but Diaz has a kimura, causing Melvin to roll through. 10-9 Guillard.

Round 2: Both fighters come out aggressive. The fighters are clinched against the cage and Guillard takes Diaz down. Melvin stands up immediately. Guillard lands a nice left hook but Diaz doesn’t seem fazed. Melvin shoots for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine. He taps out and it’s over.

Winner: Nate Diaz by submission (guillotine) at 2:13 of round 2.

Frankie Edgar is up next and there’s another bonus bout to watch.

Bonus Fight: Lightweight Bout – Sean Sherk vs. Frankie Edgar from UFC 98

Round 1: Edgar starts off with a head kick which is blocked by Sherk. They’re actively punching but neither is landing much. Sherk powers Edgar against the cage. They separate and Sherk lands a left hand as a parting gift. Frankie throws a good combination. Another combination from Edgar finds its mark. Edgar goes for a single leg takedown but can’t bring “The Muscle Shark” to the ground. Sherk throws a leg kick caught by Edgar, who countered with a straight right and Sherk is on the ground. Edgar grabs a hold of his neck but Sherk is able to get back to his feet. They have a nice exchange at the end of the round. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 2: A good exchange that Edgar gets the better of starts off the round. Edgar shoots for another takedown but Sherk defends. He settles for a knee to the body causing Sherk to slip to the mat. Edgar is just out-landing Sherk. Frankie moves forward and lands a nice combination. “The Answer” is always moving making it difficult for Sherk to find his mark. A kick to the groin of Sherk halts the action for a second. The round ends. Edgar is picking him apart, 10-9.

Round 3: Edgar still moving well around the Octagon. Sherk finally shoots and takes Edgar down. He can’t keep him there for long though as Edgar gets right back to his feet. Edgar resumes picking Sherl apart in the striking department. Sherk just can’t stand with him. The former champ shoots but can’t get the takedown this time. Edgar looks like he’s in fast forward compared to Sherk with all of his movement. They finish the fight with Edgar nearly submitting Sherk with a guillotine. 10-9 Edgar.

Winner: Frankie Edgar by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

We continue with the look at the lightweight division. Terry Etim and Joe Stevenson are profiled. It’s at this point we pause for yet another bonus fight.

Bonus Fight: Lightweight Bout – Joe Stevenson vs. Nate Diaz from TUF 9 Finale

Round 1: Stevenson shoots but gets caught in a guillotine. He gets out and is fighting for position. He’s in half guard until Diaz gives up his back. Stevenson is in back crucifix over Diaz. Diaz tries to get out but gets Joe reverses into a spladle. Nate turns into Joe but gets caught in a guillotine. Diaz gets out of it but now he’s on the bottom. After another scramble Diaz goes for another guillotine but doesn’t get it. The round ends with Stevenson throwing knees to the body of Diaz. 10-9 Stevenson.

Round 2: Stevenson takes him down to start but Diaz grabs another guillotine. Stevenson gets out though and has Diaz against the cage. Joe Daddy drags Nate to the ground as Diaz looks for a kimura. Joe avoids and resumes controlling Nate. Back standing now until Stevenson takes Diaz down yet again. The bell sounds and it’s a close round, but 10-9 for Stevenson.

Round 3: Diaz needs to find a way to negate Joes wrestling. Stevenson has Nate against the fence. Diaz looks for a kimura until Joe drags him to the ground. They get back up and Nate takes Joe down. Nate goes for a guillotine once again but Joe slips out. Stevenson now takes Diaz down. This fight is just one big scramble. Stevenson steps away and they’re standing. Joe tries for another takedown but can’t get it. The horn sounds. Rough round to score, but I’ll call it 10-9 Diaz.

Winner: Joe Stevenson by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Diego Sanchez is up next and I wonder which fight they’re going to show…

Lightweight Bout – Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida from TUF 9 Finale

Round 1: Sanchez comes out swinging and has Guida backed up against the fence. He’s relentless in his attacks. Guida takes Sanchez down and he finally has time to catch his breath. Clay is throwing some elbows from the top but not much is landing. Sanchez gets back to his feet. Guida’s nose is bleeding. Sanchez throws a head kick and knocks Guida down. “The Nightmare” is pouring is on. Guida gets up but Sanchez pushes him against the cage and takes him down. Guida fights his way back to his feet as the round ends. 10-8 Sanchez.

Round 2: Sanchez opens up with a head kick but it gets blocked. Guida takes Sanchez to the ground and is in full guard. Diego goes for a kimura but Clay pulls free. Guida throws elbows to the face of Sanchez. Sanchez is throwing thunderous elbows from the bottom and moves to rubber guard. Guida’s head is bleeding from Sanchez’s elbows. Both fighters are dyed red from Guida’s blood. The horn sounds. Close round but Sanchez did more from the bottom than Guida did from the top. 10-9 Sanchez.

Round 3: Less frantic pace to start the third. Sanchez lands a big uppercut before Guida attempts a takedown but can’t complete it. Diego is winning the stand-up battle. The crowd is chanting for Guida. Guida shoots but Sanchez takes him back. Due to the blood Guida is able to turn and wind up on top. Sanchez works for a kimura but Guida slips out. Guida begins to ground and pound as the round ends. 10-9 Sanchez.

Winner: Diego Sanchez by split decision (28-29, 29-27, 29-28)

We now go to highlights of Penn vs. Florian, but it’s a bonus fight so let’s watch the whole thing.

Bonus Fight: UFC Lightweight Championship – BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian from UFC 101

Round 1: Kenny throws a head kick blocked by BJ. He then slips after throwing a punch and BJ has him in the clinch up against the cage. Penn throws an elbow as they separate. They clinch again and they start dirty boxing. Penn pushes Florian away. BJ pushes forward with a left hook that misses and has Florian against the fence in the clinch. Penn knees Kenny to the thigh until they separate. Kenny throws another head kick that gets blocked before shooting but fails to get the takedown. Florian shoots for another takedown but cannot complete it and they’re clinched against the cage. Kenny lands a right hand as they separate. Florian throws a looping right that misses and Penn hurts him with a left hook at the bell. 10-9 Penn.

Round 2: Florian throws a leg kick to start the round but goes for another takedown after BJ counters with a right. Needless to say, Kenny doesn’t get the takedown and has BJ up against the fence. Penn spins out and they’re back at striking distance. They’re clinched against the cage again after Kenny fails to complete another takedown. They break but not for long as they’re clinched again after Kenny can’t get yet another takedown. Penn is throwing uppercuts in the clinch which cause Florian to move away. Kenny lands a leg kick as the end the round. 10-9 Penn as he defended every Florian takedown and did more damage.

Round 3: Florian throws another head kick to start the round but it’s easily blocked by Penn. Florian clinches and BJ lands a good knee to the body. Kenny drops down for a takedown against the fence but he never gets close to completing it. They break after some minor exchanges in the clinch. Florian shoots for a single but once again can’t get it. This is a repetitive fight. Penn lands a good knee and Florian backs out of the clinch. Kenny clinches with BJ again but Penn hits a switch and lands punches before separating again. Florian attempts a superman punch at the end but misses and gets caught with a jab. 10-9 Penn.

Round 4: Penn lands a left hook to the ear as Kenny comes forward and Florian gets off balance for a second. Florian pushes BJ against the cage again. Penn hits two right hands as they separate and easily lifts Kenny up and slams him to the ground. Penn in half guard over Kenny and throwing short left elbows. BJ looks to pass to mount and nearly gets there but Kenny retains half guard. “The Prodigy” passes to mount and Kenny is covering up. Florian gives up his back. Penn moves back to mount but Florian gives up his back again. Penn lands heel kicks to the body and latches onto the choke. Kenny taps and it’s over.

Winner: BJ Penn by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:54 of round 4.

Highlights of Penn vs. Sanchez are shown. From the lightweights we move to the heavyweights. The Ultimate Fighter 10 is recapped. Shane Carwin, Cain Velasquez, and Junior dos Santos are profiled as up-and-coming heavyweights.

From the up-and-comers, to a battle of legends, we move to UFC 102.

Heavyweight Bout – Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo “Minotauro” Nogueira from UFC 102

Round 1: Minotauro throws a nice right hand. Randy answers with a combination. They dirty box until Minotauro pulls guard. Randy stands up and backs away. Nogueira lands a right hook that drops Couture. Minotauro then locks in a D’Arce choke and it’s tight. Somehow, Couture powers through and gets out of it. Back on the feet they trade blows. Back in the clinch they batter each other in an epic Frye-Takayama-esque moment. Round ends and it’s easily 10-9 for Nogueira.

Round 2: Minotauro opens up with a left hook that hurts Randy. He then locks onto a guillotine but gives it up and falls to his back. Randy is in Nogueira’s full guard. Nogueira sweeps Couture into mount and made it look easy. Randy manages to retain half guard. Rodrigo tries for an arm triangle and uses it to get back to mount. Randy escapes to his feet. Couture lands a nice left hook but Minotauro comes back with a knee. The round ends and it’s 10-9 for Nogueira.

Round 3: Minotauro lands a right hand to the temple of Couture that dazes him. Another right to the chin puts Couture down. Randy recovers but is on the bottom. Nogueira is in side control over Randy. Couture uses the fence to try and get back to his feet but Minotauro takes his back. Couture rolls into him and is now on top. At the bell Rodrigo sweeps Couture again into mount. 10-9 Nogueira.

Winner: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

We go from Couture and Nogueira to Lesnar and Mir. Mike Goldberg highlights how the rematch came to be.

UFC Heavyweight Championship – Brock Lesnar vs. Frank Mir from UFC 100

Round 1: Lesnar opens up with an inside leg kick. Brock takes Frank down and finds himself in half guard. His left hand is in the rape choke position. Lesnar is controlling Mir’s head as well as his wrist. Brock is now landing right hands to Mir’s face. Frank is bleeding. More of the same for the rest of the round. Frank Mir’s face is busted up. 10-9 Lesnar.

Round 2: Lesnar takes him down but wants nothing to do with the full guard of Mir. Mir charges forward and lands an elbow and flying knee before Brock takes him down. Lesnar pins Mir against the cage and is pounding on him. Mir is out.

Winner: Brock Lesnar by KO at 1:48 of round 2.

Mike Goldberg wraps us up with the basic gist of what happened in 2009.

The 411: This is a great DVD if you want to look back at the year that was. It features great fights, important fights, and covers pretty much everything important that happened in the UFC in 2009. For the $20 or less price tag, it's certainly worth it for the nearly 6 hours of fights. The only things keeping this from a perfect score was the lack of the Buffer 360 and it would have been nice to have Dana White and the gang talk about the impact of events such as St. Pierre-Penn 2 and UFC 100. All in all, this is a great DVD.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.5   [  Amazing ]  legend

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