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UFC Partners with FightMetric to Provide Official UFC Fighter Rankings

January 31, 2013 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

UFC announced today that they are partnering with the stats provider FightMetric in order to provide official UFC Fighter Rankings. The new UFC Fighter Rankings by Fight Metric are said to poll opinions from sports media worldwide and will be recognized by the UFC and also integrated into their broadcasts and featured on

Voting will be open to media immediately after each live event with results made available on within 24 hours.

FightMetric creator Rami Genauer said on the announcement: “We are thrilled to have UFC recognize our fighter rankings and to have them hosted on, as well as incorporated into event broadcasts. FightMetric has worked closely with the UFC for several years as an industry-leader in MMA statistics. Sports fans are accustomed to seeing performance data and rankings on their favorite baseball, football and soccer players, and now we can engage UFC fans on a similar level.”

UFC President Dana White said the following on UFC now moving to having their own official rankings system:
“UFC Fighter Rankings are a great tool for new and existing fans alike to learn and better keep up with the fast pace of the UFC. We always look for opportunities to engage fans and media, allowing them to connect and voice their opinions, and this just one more way of doing that.”

Members of the media will be allowed to vote on top fighters currently active in the UFC by weight class and pound-for-pound. A fighter can only appear in one weight division at a time. The champion and interim champions of each division will be set in the first and second positions respectively and would not be eligible for voting by the media. Champions are eligible to be voted on for the pound-for-pound rankings though. Media voting will be available by invitation only and interested media members can apply at

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