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UFC Rewind: UFC 113 DVD Review

September 20, 2010 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

-The Bell Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The UFC returns to Montreal for one of the biggest rematches in MMA history. UFC 104 is considered one of the biggest travesties ever. Many believed the challenger, Mauricio “Shogun” Rua had beaten the reigning champion, Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida. None other than the infamous Cecil Peoples was one of the judges who scored the fight for Machida. Going into the fight everyone thought Machida was invincible and unbeatable. Shogun used to be one of the top reigning light heavyweights but had a run of bad luck after coming into the UFC with some disappointing performances. Shogun was a huge underdog against Machida who had yet to even lose a round in his previous fights. However for 25 minutes it seemed Shogun had solved the mystery and the puzzle that was the elusive Machida. Shogun used a strong defense with his hands and arms to block Machida’s powerful shots and took away Machida’s quick rhythm with some brutal leg kicks which according to Peoples don’t finish fights. Reporters were even ready to publish articles of Shogun winning a dominant decision before the judges’ scores were announced. Pretty much everyone and their mother believed Shogun won the fight. As such, a rematch was made but took some time since Machida was recovering from a hand injury and here we are.


Middleweight Bout: Jason MacDonald (23-14) VS. John Salter (5-2)
MacDonald returns to the UFC here. Salter lost his UFC debut against Gerald Harris at Ultimate Fight Night 20.

Round 1. Salter gets a nice right uppercut early in. Salter clinches with MacDonald and pushes him against the fence. MacDonald is able to separate and gets an inside legkick. Salter clinches and tries for the takedown again. MacDonald breaks and gets a head kick, but Salter shoots for a takedown. Salter gets it, but the fight has to be stopped as MacDonald broke his leg on the way down.

The Winner: John Salter wins by TKO due to a stoppage due to an injury for MacDonald. Salter celebrating so hard when he got this lucky win was pretty lame. Bad luck for MacDonald and I hope he will be brought back for another fight despite the loss. No post-fight interview.

Welterweight Bout: Yoshiyuki Yoshida (11-4) VS. “Joker” Mike Guymon (11-3-1)
Guymon was overcoming some personal problems but was brought into the UFC earlier in the year. He lost his UFC debut to Rory MacDonald at Ultimate Fight Night 20. Yoshida is 2-2 in the UFC going into this fight.

Round 1. Guymon gets Yoshida to the ground and is able to eventually get in some elbow strikes. Yoshida works back to his feet and works for a single-leg takedown. The ref eventually calls for a break-up. Guymon starts getting more aggressive with his punches. Yoshida gets taken down again and Guymon starts getting some dominant ground and pound strikes. Yoshida stays in it until the end of the round. 10-9 for Guymon.

Round 2. Guymon complains about his knee inbetween rounds. Guymon is able to get Yoshida back to the ground and starts dropping some punches and works over Yoshida against the fence. Yoshida is able to get up and pulls guard and attempts a guillotine choke. Guymon is able to get out. Guymon gets top position and gets Yoshida’s back. Guymon locks in a RNC. Yoshida however is able to leverage and twist over into top position. Yoshida works in the guard and is eventually able to pass guard into side control. Guymon tries a Darce Choke attempt from the bottom but can’t hold onto it. Yoshida is able to stay in top position until the end. This was a close one, but I feel Guymon dominated more of the round and made more attempts to end the fight and did more damage from on top. I’ll say 10-9 Guymon and 20-18 overal. However I can see the argument for scoring it 10-10 or possibly 10-9 for Yoshida.

Round 3. Guymon aggressively attacks Yoshida. Yoshida is able to get a takedown into guard. Guymon stays active and is able to position himself back on top. Guymon stuffs a takedown attempt and gets Yoshida to the ground and gets full mount. Guymon is able to get Yoshida’s back and is unable to get the sub but continues to punch and work over Yoshida. Yoshida tries to grab Guymon’s waist from the bottom but Guymon’s just slams his elbow back into Yoshida’s head. Guymon gets a side position and punches the side of Yoshida’s head until the round ends. 10-9 and 30-27 overall for Guymon.

The Winner: Guymon gets his first ever win in the UFC by winning the unanimous decision. This was a very strong and dominant performance by Guymon though I think he could’ve finished a couple times here. Guymon has a really emotional moment having finally won in the UFC and nearly breaks down in the post-fight interview. Guymon thanks everyone who supported him and talks about wanting to talk to Joe Rogan because they’ve won a fight.

Heavyweight Bout: Tim Hague (11-4) VS. Joey Beltran (12-3)
Hague gets another shot in the UFC being a Canadian and having been cut the first time after a controversial split decision to Chris Tuchscherer. Beltran won his UFC debut against Rolles Gracie at UFC 109.

Round 1. Beltran batters and dominated Tim Hague standing up. Beltran is able to stuff Hague’s takedown attempts and keep it standing. Hague I think does just enough from this being a 10-8 round. 10-9 Beltran.

Round 2. Hague starts throwing some punches and stuns Beltran against the fence. Beltran is able to recover and stay in the fight. Hague comes back with another flurry and goes for it but Beltran doesn’t go down. Hague looks to have gassed from that last flurry, but Beltran stays careful. Hague comes forward for most of the exchanges but is clearly tiring. Closer round, but I think Hague did enough to edge it out. 10-9 Hague and 19-19 overall.

Round 3. Hague gets a takedown but Beltran sneaks out and gets right up. Beltran starts throwing some leg kicks in with his strikes. Hague gets a big pick-up and a takedown on Beltran. Beltran is able to posture and slip out to his feet again. Hague looks completely gassed and Beltran does not look far behind. Hague is able to get another takedown and is actually able to get full mount and starts some ground and pound. Beltran sweeps and reverses. Back to the feet and they finish it standing. I didn’t really score the early takedowns for Hague since Beltran got right back up and Hague did absolutely no damage with them. Besides that I think Beltran dominated most of the round until the pass to mount and the late ground and pound. Hague also clearly got more hurt than Beltran. 10-9 Beltran and 29-28 overal. Though I can maybe see the argument for a draw or possible victory for Hague.

The Winner: Joey Beltran gets a unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, and 29-28). The crowd doesn’t like that. For a heavyweight fight there was some good fun striking. Beltran has some good boxing. However both guys I think are too heavy for their weight and could probably stand to drop 10 or 20 lbs and improve their cardio.

Welterweight Bout: TJ Grant (15-3) VS. Johnny Hendricks (7-0)
Grant is 2-1 in the UFC with wins over Ryo Chonan and Kevin Burns. Hendricks is undefeated in the UFC with wins over Amir Sadollah and Ricardo Funch.

Round 1. Grant dominates the striking but Hendricks is able to get a takedown. Grant gets it back to his feet and continues getting his strikes off on Hendricks. Grant accidentally kicks Hendricks down low and Hendricks takes the break. Back in and Grant continues to dominate the fight standing with his strikes and stuffs Hendricks’ takedown attempts. Hendricks is able to finish a takedown but Grant quickly gets back up and pushes forward with his striking to the end of the round. 10-9 for Grant.

Round 2. Grant pushes forward and Hendricks is able to exchange back. Grant goes for a knee strike, but Hendricks is able to change levels and get Grant to the ground off the attempt. Grant stuns Hendricks standing but Hendricks is able to retaliate with a takedown. Grant gets back to his feet again and mixes up a lot of elbows and kicks and keeps Hendricks backing up until the end of the round. 10-9 for Grant and 20-18 overall. Grant’s striking looks really crisp and polished. Hendricks is not doing anything with his takedowns.

Round 3. Back we go. It looks like another kick from Grant connects to Hendricks’ groin. Hendricks gets deducted a point. Hendricks gets back in it. Hendricks gets a big pick-up and a takedown. Hendricks get some elbows in but Grant is able to get back up. Hendricks starts throwing more strikes. Grant is starting to look a little tired from all of his flurries. Hendricks is able to get another takedown and is able to get some ground strikes. Grant gets back up and tries to open up but gets taken down again. Hendricks starts dropping some wild hammer fists until the end of the round. With the point deduction it goes 10-8 for Hendricks as Hendricks pretty much dominated the round. However with the point deduction, I score it a draw 28-28.

The Winner: The Judges score the fight a split majority decision for Johnny Hendricks (29-27, 29-27, and 28-28). OK, so only one judge scored it right. Listen I like Johnny Hendricks a lot, but I only felt he truly won the last round. To give him another round 10-9 is ridiculous. Grant was clearly dominating and winning the fight until the groin kick that led to a point deduction. But oh well, Hendricks stays perfect and yet another Canadian loses on this card.

Welterweight Bout: Marcus Davis (16-6) VS. Jonathan Goulet (22-10, 1NC)
Danzig is coming off of two losses to Dan Hardy and Ben Saunders. This is Goulet’s first fight since a loss to Mike Swick in 2008.

Round 1. Goulet gets a takedown early. Davis later locks in a tight guillotine but Goulet is able to stay in it and Davis loses the choke. Goulet gets another takedown but Davis gets back up. Goulet gets another takedown and starts dropping some punches. Goulet gets Davis up against the fence and another couple of takedowns. Goulet works on Davis in Davis’ guard and defends against a leglock attempt before the round ends. 10-9 for Goulet. Davis had a good submission attempt but Goulet pretty much won the rest of the round and did a lot on top.

Round 2. Davis drops Goulet with a right hook. Davis works in the half guard, but Goulet works back to his feet. Davis gets a right/left punching combination and Goulet goes out and face plants on the mat. Ref stops it and that is all. At least that was not as embarrassing as his loss to Ludgwig at Ultimate Fight Night 3.

The Winner: Davis wins by TKO at 1:23 in Round 2. Great come from behind victory by Davis. It was a good fight and yet another Canadian loses. Canadians are having bad luck in Canada tonight.

Middleweight Bout: Joe Doerksen (44-12) VS. Tom Lawlor (6-2)
Unfortunately we do not get the entrance of the legendary Tom Lawlor who is cos-playing as Dan “The Beast” Severn for this event.

Round 1. They have some even exchanges early. Lawlor drops Doerksen with a left hook. Doerksen gets back up. Lawlor starts letting go and throwing a lot of punches and Doerksen looks stunned. Doerksen recovers and is able to clinch. Lawlor looks to be getting tired after trying to get the stoppage. Doerksen is still looking tired as well. Doerksen is able to recover and tries to push forward. Lawlor rocks Doerksen with another punch. Doerksen sprawls when Lawlor ducks low. Round ends. Doerksen recovered and did enough to keep a 10-9, but Lawlor takes the round.

Round 2. Doerksen is looking to have gotten a second wind. Doerksen starts throwing more head kicks. Lawlor catches a kick but Doerksen blocks the takedown. Doerksen is able to jump to Lawlor’s back and gets a rear naked choke. Lawlor taps and that is all.

The Winner: Doerksen gets the win by submission at 2:10 in Round 2. Great win and a gutsy performance by Doerksen who gets his second career win in the Octagon. Doerksen gives credit to Lawlor and says if you are still awake after you go down just try and get it back. Doerksen gives a shout out to Montreal and his peeps. Canada finally wins their first USA vs. Canada battle of the evening, though it only took them 5 tries.

Disc 1 – MAIN CARD

-The traditional gladiator opening, black and white interview segments, and “BRING THE PAIN” music video montage.

Middleweight Bout: Patrick Cote (13-5) VS. Alan Belcher (15-6)
Cote says Belcher is going to be in front of him and he’s going to knock Belcher out. Belcher says he’s more prepared than ever. This is Cote’s first fight since his TKO loss and title fight to Anderson Silva at UFC 90 in October of 2008.

Round 1. Belcher looks pumped. Belcher is aggressive with his kicks and one of his inside kicks inadvertently hits Cote’s groin. Cote unloads some good right punches on Belcher. Both continue with the exchanges. Cote is able to get a takedown. Cote locks in a kimura. Belcher looks like he’s in pain. Cote tries to lock it in more but Belcher gets free and on top. Belcher is able to get side control. Belcher stays on top after Cote tries to get up and attempts an arm triangle. He quickly loses it and throws some punches before the horn sounds. It was close but I give it to Belcher. I think he landed more standing and he finished the round much stronger. 10-9 for Belcher.

Round 2. Belcher forgot to go in with his mouthpiece. Yamazaki stops it and Belcher shrugs and gets his mouthpiece. Cote starts throwing with his punches. Belcher clinches and gets a knee strike. Belcher presses Cote against the fence. They separate and start exchanging punches. Cote gets a takedown. Belcher stands up, but Cote still hangs on to Belcher’s legs. Belcher then executes one of the most awesome MMA finishes ever. Belcher locks his hands underneath Cote, lifts Cote up, and slams him down face first. Belcher gets Cote’s back. Hooks in. Rear Naked Choke! Cote taps! That is it baby!

The Winner: Canada loses to the US yet again. The fans boo, well too bad! Belcher wins by submission at 3:25 of Round 2. Cote tries to complain and say he got spiked even though he clearly didn’t. This was a great fight and an awesome win and performance by Belcher. It just sucks now that Belcher’s career could be over with his eye injury because he’s been looking phenomenal in his last several fights. I hope Belcher will recover and fight again since he really looked like he could’ve been a possible contender with fights like this. Belcher says he’s now fighting at his full potential and not trying to come in and just brawl with guys.

Heavyweight Bout: Kimbo Slice (4-1) VS. Matt Mitrione (1-0)
Kimbo makes his UFC PPV debut here. He won a split decision victory over Houston Alexander at The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 Finale. Mitrione knocked out Marcus Jones on the same event. Kimbo says he wants to fight and bang. Mitrione says it will not take much to break Kimbo’s will. Kimbo says he will be doing all his talking with his fists in the cage.

Round 1. Mitrione has a big smile on his face. Kimbo catches Mitrione off a kick and gets a big slam but Mitrione rolls through. Kimbo adjusts and gets another big slam, but Mitrione goes for a triangle. Mitrione gets it but eventually loses the hold. Kimbo gets over into the half-guard and starts trying to work in some elbows. Mitrione gets an underhook from the ground and stands back up. Kimbo gets another takedown on Mitrione. Mitrione tries another triangle choke but is not able to lock in his ankle. Mitrione gets to his feet and starts mixing in some kicks and a knee strike. Mitrione gets Kimbo on his knees with an inside legkick. Mitrione rolls Kimbo over and gets an Anaconda Choke. Kimbo stays in it and Mitrione switches to side mount as the round ends. Tough call and there was a lot of action. I guess its just how much do you want to score Kimbo’s slams? Kimbo gassed and Mitrione started making Kimbo pay at the end of the round. I’ll call it 10-10 even.

Round 2. Mitrione stuffs Kimbo’s shots. Mitrione starts unloading with legkicks on Kimbo and Kimbo is clearly starting to limp and favor the leg. Mike Goldberg keeps telling me to watch for the head kick. Stop saying that Goldberg! Kimbo has started to wilt under the pressure. Kimbo is down on the ground and Mitrione starts landing knees to the midsection and legs. Mitrione gets full mount and starts swinging punches. Mitrione tries for an armlock and tries to torque it, but can’t quite finish it. Mitrione goes back to the punches and the ref has decided he’s seen enough and that is it.

The Winner: Matt Mitrione wins by TKO at 4:24 in Round 2. A good and dominant win by Mitrione who looks like he’s grown a lot despite his inexperience. That said Mitrione’s early fights were not against the most developed and experienced talent. So let’s see how he does against someone like Beltran at UFC 109. Mitrione credits his improved striking to his camp and wishes a happy Mother’s Day to his wife and mother. The video editors are good because they cut out the part when Kimbo butted in during the post-fight interview. Too bad it is not in here.

Lightweight Bout: Jeremy Stephens (17-5) VS. Sam Stout (15-5-1)
This is the seventh and final USA vs. Canada battle of the evening. Stout is on a 2-fight winstreak over Matt Wiman and big career win over Joe Lauzon.

Round 1. Stephens turns a legkick attempt into a takedown and gets a right hook on the way down. Some even exchanges. Stephens tags Stout with a right hand. Stout gets some good punches to the body. Stephens rocks Stout with another right. Spinning back fist/discus punch by Stephens. They go back and forth and continue exchanging until the end of the round. It was close but I think the more effective and better strikes were made and landed by Stephens. Stephens got the takedown and stunned Stout with his punches. 10-9 for Stephens.

Round 2. Stout starts going for some legkicks. Stout misses on a legkick attempt and Stephens gets him with a big knee against the cage. Stout is able to pull guard and get a kimura attempt. Stephens defends and gets out. Stephens starts mixing it up with his punches and legkicks. Stephens still gets some power shots in. The round was extremely close. I’ll call it 10-9 for Stout since I felt he worked his game much better in this round and was finding home with his legkicks and Stephens looked like he was starting to slow down. 19-19 even.

Round 3. Kick attempt goes straight to Stephens’ groin area. Back in and Stephens lands some punches and kicks to the body. Stephens big punches are finding home on Stout’s head. Stephens stops and drops his hands after a legkick. Ref doesn’t call for a break, and Stout unloads on Stephens. Stephens goes down. Stout starts the ground and pound. Stephens is able to recover and Stout lets him back up. Stephens is able to start getting more punches and gets a takedown late into the round. Stout gets up and both of them ride out the clock as the round ends. Close round. Stout stunned Stephens and almost got the finish in the round, but I think Stephens dominated the rest of the round. I’ll call it 10-9 for Stephens and 29-28 overall.

The Winner: Stephens gets the win by split decision. This was a good fight and an extremely close fight. I can possibly see an argument for Stout winning the fight. There was a lot of good action, and Stout is a good and really technical striker that’s extremely tough. But Stout lacks power and really can’t finish guys or knock guys out. Oh well, Canada loses again. US beats Canada at UFC 113 6-1. Stephens talks about Stout and gives a shout out to his family and loved ones.

Welterweight Bout: Paul Daley (23-8-2) VS. Josh Koscheck (14-4)
The winner of this fight will get a title shot against Georges St. Pierre as well as a coaching spot on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Daley and Koscheck both insult each other in the pre-fight video. Daley says he’s going to **** Koscheck up. Koscheck says he might be cocky enough to stand with Daley and berates Daley’s striking. Entrances for both fighters are shown here. No touch of the gloves, the code of Honour is not upheld!

Round 1. Daley whiffs on a flying knee attempt. Koscheck waits and shoots and gets a takedown. Daley tries to get up but gets slammed right down. Koscheck gets side mount and then pushes Daley against the fence and works in half-guard. Koscheck eventually gets the back and both hooks in. Koscheck gets a rear naked choke. Daley is able to spin out of it and get free. On the way up, Daley hits a knee and a knee to a grounded opponent is against the rules here. After the replay it doesn’t really look like the knee connects at all. Rogan’s reaction to the replays are hilarious. Koscheck in Ric Flair fashion milks the phantom knee strike anyway. Back in. I’m not sure if the point was actually deducted or not. Koscheck shoots against the fence and the round ends. 10-9 for Koscheck. It really doesn’t look like it got him at all. Maybe the skin or point of his knee grazed the eye, but I think Koscheck did really milk it and took the opportunity to do so.

Round 2. Goldberg and Rogan said the point deduction was not upheld so the judges and the referee don’t think Koscheck got hurt. Koscheck shoots and gets a takedown into side mount. Koscheck drives some knees in to the side. Koscheck dominates from the top and Daley is pretty much powerless here. Koscheck gets the back and goes for a choke again. Koscheck isn’t able to finish it. Koscheck lands some punches to the side while he has the back. Round ends and that is another 10-9 for Koscheck and 20-18 so far.

Round 3. Daley is able to get in some punches. Koscheck shoots and is eventually able to land the takedown. Koscheck smothers Daley from on top and gets full mount. Koscheck lands some shots from the mount and keeps the dominant position until the end of the round and that is all. 10-9 for Koscheck and 30-27 overall. But uh oh, Daley is ticked and after the bell sounds walks over to Koscheck and punches him in the face. Mirigliota is quick to grab Daley and manhandle the moronic Brit and chastize him. Joe Rogan: “That was the best shot he landed in the whole fight.” Rogan said Daley will definitely get suspended for that. Well a lot more than just suspended Joe Rogan.

The Winner: Koscheck gets the win by unanimous decision. No post fight interview, what the hell?! I wanted to hear Koscheck talk about Canada losing and beating GSP.

-Well at least they didn’t cut this cheap shot out of the DVD. People say Daley’s firing was excessive. I disagree. ESPN and MMA Live were doing a ton of coverage on this event. UFC had been looking for live ESPN broadcast coverage like this for a long time. This was not the night to pull some controversial BS. Daley is a complete and utter mental moron. And I will say this because for weeks Daley was blasting Koscheck all over the internet and talked about killing “fraggles” and even brought a photoshopped picture of Koscheck to the weigh-ins. Daley apparently got upset with Koscheck trashtalking him during the fight. Well Daley, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It seems like Daley is a guy that can talk big but doesn’t like it when he’s getting dominated and trashtalked back to. The UFC was in the right to let Daley go here. Now people can moan and groan about this incident or that incident or hiring Gilbert Yvel. The fact of the matter is this, Gilbert Yvel didn’t attack a ref in the UFC. None of the Gilbert Yvel incidents happened in the UFC on a night where they were being covered by ESPN television. The Mayhem Miller beatdown happened in Strikeforce, not in the UFC.

-Pre-fight video for the Shogun/Machida rematch.

UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT: Lyoto “The Dragon” Machida (c) (16-0) VS. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (18-4)
Here we go, the rematch of the century. Shogun is looking a little soft on the midsection and this is due to having appendix surgery just weeks earlier. Apparently Randy Couture was on deck to replace Shogun if need be, but Shogun went ahead with the fight anyway. Going into the fight, Franklin McNeill with MMA Live reported that Shogun had a knee injury on their pre-fight show. Entrances for both fighters are shown. Frequent messer-upper, Yves Lavigne, is the referee.

Round 1. Shogun gets an inside legkick. Machida is able to land a punch. Shogun’s got his hands high again. Shogun pushes in with some left and right punches. Machida checks a legkick and swings low with a kick but only seems to skim Shogun. Shogun is able to keep his lower body back and his upper body forward really well. Machida sprawls on a shot attempt and gets a takedown. Shogun proves his BJJ acumen by positioning his arms up and sweeps back to his feet and gets Machida against the cage. Shogun throws some knee strikes to the inner-thigh of Machida. They separate. Shogun pushes forward and throws right and left punches keeping his upper body forward and his lower torso back. Shogun’s punches are landing on the regularly elusive Machida. Shogun gets a kick to the body. Machida is able to push in and gets a take down. Machida throws some elbows on the ground. Shogun is able to move his hips and legs and position himself back up. Shogun pushes Machida against the fence. Shogun throws an elbow strike, but Machida gets a knee to the body off the separation. Machida comes in with a knee to the body. Shogun doesn’t look phased. Shogun throws a right hook and Machida goes down! Shogun gets full mount and continues pummeling Machida who can’t defend. Machida is out! That is all! Justice is served!

The Winner: Shogun wins by KO at 3:35 in Round 1. Shogun wins his first ever UFC title and is finally back on top after years of setbacks. Shogun really had the perfect strategy to beat Machida. Machida is elusive and powerful, but Shogun had confidence in his chin and simply stood in the fire and let Machida try to hit him. He stood in the fire took the shots and then just blasted Machida since Machida is open after he throws. Shogun even after being taken down was able to easily work his way back up. I was at a bar watching the fights with my cousin. I went crazy and started scaring some old ladies. Shouldn’t have come to a bar on a UFC fight night. Shogun thanks the fans in English. Shogun says Lyoto is very good and said he focused ore on his hands instead of his kicks for this fight.

-Some video highlights of the event close the show. We don’t get all the good footage from the PPV of Liddell leaving the arena and Rogan talking about how its time for Liddell to retire on a high note.


Disc 1

  • UFC 115 Countdown Show – This is the full 39 minute UFC 113 Countdown Show that was also broadcast on Spike TV. This was a great countdown special. The segment with both fighters’ camps watching the first fight was great especially the Machida family’s reaction and believing that Machida still won. From the way the Machidas and Ed Soares talk, I think they all know that deep down Machida lost and got a gift decision. We also get to see Shogun’s lovely wife and their new baby, and the baby girl’s room has Shogun’s action figures in it. Awesome. Shogun says he’s worried about when boys will start to chase his daughter. He says he will show them his fights before they date his daughter. Other fights highlighted in the countdown show are Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione and Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley.
  • UFC 113 Weigh-in Show – This is the 17 minute weigh-in show broadcast on Dana White is sporting a Korean Zombie t-shirt, awesome.

    Disc 2

  • Behind The Scenes – This is a 20 minute featurette highlighting the first Shogun/Machida fight and the rematch. We get a lot of good footage around both fights and the aftermath of the first fight as well as the pending rematch. There is some really good footage of Shogun and his camp praying in their hotel room just hours before the rematch. There’s also some footage about the Daley/Koscheck controversy. Daley whines about Koscheck talking trash to him during the fight from “the safety of wrestling.” Somebody get me a violin.
  • Featurette – This is a 40 minute video compilation of pre-fight interviews from with some brief post-fight comments thrown in from the winners of all the fights. The Canadian fighters most of whom lost talk about the UFC coming to Montreal and getting to fight in front of their fellow countrymen. We also get a post-fight interview with Kimbo Slice which is a little fun.
  • UFC Promos – A group of UFC promos.
  • BSN Promo – This is yet another BSN supplement commercial featuring Forrest Griffin.
  • The 411: Overall this is a great event and one of the best and most underrated events of the year. People always complain about UFC events, but overall this was a very good show and even watching it on PPV we got a lot of fights and a lot of fun finishes. Plus there's lots of Canadians losing in Canada, so that's another great thing about this show. Shogun once again defies the odds and proves he is one of the best of all time.
    411 Elite Award
    Final Score:  8.5   [ Very Good ]  legend

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