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UFC Rewind: UFC Best of 2010 DVD Review

March 22, 2011 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

-This is a new DVD and Blu-ray release from the UFC and Anchor Bay Entertainment featuring a look at the best fights from last year. This review covers the 2-disc DVD release version.


The New Era of the UFC

-This goes over many of the milestones for UFC in the previous year. This includes the UFC making deals to have broadcasts in China, having their first event in Australia at UFC 110, and Ontario, Canada opening its doors to regulate MMA and UFC intending to have their first event there. They also highlight the big fighters such as Georges St. Pierre and Randy Couture.

New King of the Lightweights

-This video highlights the showdown between Frankie Edgar and BJ Penn. Edgar was an extreme underdog going into the fight and Penn had never been beaten at lightweight in 8 years. Edgar won a five round decision against Penn at UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi. An immediate rematch was announced since it was a close decision, and Edgar again came in the underdog. Edgar this time soundly dominated BJ Penn the entire fight and decisively defended the title to cement his status as the new number one lightweight in the world.

-The video then highlights the year for top lightweight contender Gray Maynard who beat Nate Diaz and then went on to decisively beat Kenny Florian in Florian’s hometown at UFC 118. Maynard with the win gets a shot at UFC gold against Edgar who Maynard previously beat.

UFC 119: Sean Sherk vs. Evan Dunham
Sherk fights for the first time since his loss to Frankie Edgar at UFC 98 in May of 2009. Evan Dunham is undefeated and a rising star at lightweight having just beaten Tyson Griffin. This is prolific for being one of the worst MMA robberies in 2010. Sherk did win the first round in my opinion with his takedowns and damage to Dunham. Dunham clearly came back strong in the second two rounds and did much more to try and win the fight. Still Sherk wins an undeserved split decision victory and Dunham still came out looking a lot better than he did before in hanging with and basically dominating a former champion.

UFC 110: George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Stevenson
Sotiropoulos is a product of TUF 6 whereas Joe Stevenson was the winner of TUF 2. Stevenson looked to be getting back on track after beating Nate Diaz and Spencer Fisher. Sotiropoulos was undefeated since coming into the UFC 2007. This was sort of a big coming out party for Sotiropoulos as he had an impressive and dominant showing in his home country. Sotiropoulos out-grappled and out-classed Stevenson on the ground to a decision victory and the crowd was not trashing the groundwork either. This helped put Sotiropoulos on track to near the top of the rankings of the lightweight class.

Lightweight Contenders

-This segment highlights the other rising lightweight contenders and prospects in 2010. This includes Jim Miller who won four fights in 2010 and submitted the likes of Duane Ludwig and the undefeated Charles Oliveira in 2010. Melvin Guillard also had a strong showing in 2010 beating Ronys Torres, Waylon Lowe, and Jeremy Stephens. The Stephens fight turned out to be a snoozer though. Guillard appears to be a much stronger fighter now though. Even though he’s not yet a part of the UFC, the video also highlights the final WEC Lightweight Champion, Anthony Pettis and shows a montage of some of his impressive striking and wins including his famous kick off the cage against Ben Henderson last December. Pettis beats Ben Henderson at WEC 53 to become the final lightweight champion of the organization which was then merged into the UFC.

UFC Adds Weight Classes

-After the WEC merger, UFC adds two new weight classes to the organization: featherweight (145 lbs.) and bantamweight (135 lbs.). WEC Featherweight Champion, Jose Aldo, is named the first UFC Featherweight Champion after beating Manny Gamburyan in another title defense in November. Dominick Cruz, the final WEC bantamweight champion is named the first UFC Bantamweight Champion with his defense against Scott Jorgensen in December.

Georges St. Pierre

-Georges St. Pierre remains the welterweight king in 2010. St. Pierre also is debated amongst the best pound for pound fighters in the world. In his first defense of 2010, GSP takes on the smash mouth striker Dan Hardy who was unbeaten in the UFC. GSP dominates and takes down Hardy the entire fight as Hardy has nothing for GSP on the ground or standing. Hardy is able to get out of two submission attempts by GSP, one which it looks like GSP gave up because he didn’t want to snap Hardy’s arm. GSP and number one contender, Josh Koscheck, go on to coach The Ultimate Fighter Season 12. GSP embarrasses and out coaches Koscheck on TUF and Josh Koscheck talks excessive trash. The two fight for the second time, this time for the title, at UFC 124 in December in Montreal. GSP utilizes his jab and boxing skills and breaks Koscheck’s orbital bone in the first round. GSP continues to use his superior boxing and striking skills to bully and dominate Koscheck for five rounds proving that GSP is not a one trick pony after Koscheck dared GSP to not try and “wrestle” him and make it a boring fight.

Matt Hughes

-The former welterweight champion and pound for pound king is highlighted. We get a quick look at Hughes’ dominant run in the Octagon. In 2010, Hughes goes on to beat Renzo Gracie at UFC 112 and then submits the BJJ blackbelt, Ricardo Almeida, at UFC 117. Hughes also enters the UFC Hall of Fame in 2010 proving he is one of if not the greatest UFC Champion of all time. And renewing one of UFC’s greatest rivalry, Matt Hughes and BJ Penn (moving back up to 170 lbs. again) face off for the third time in the rubber match encounter.

UFC 123: Matt Hughes vs. BJ Penn III
Both men own one win over the other. Hughes has won his last three fights and Penn is coming off two straight losses to Frankie Edgar. The two keep it standing early. Penn is heavy and quick with his hands. He grabs onto a quick and hits Hughes again. Hughes gets knocked down with a big right punch and Penn unloads. The fight is over and Penn wins the trilogy with Hughes, beating the UFC legend in 21 seconds. This was a crucial and important win for Penn after enduring two defeates at a weight class it looked like he was set to own for the forseeable future. Penn then decides to move up again to welterweight.

UFC 115: Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald
This was the Fight of The Night from UFC 115. UFC in Vancouver for the first time here. MacDonald is an extremely young fighter at like 20 years of age but undefeated in MMA and had won his first fight in the UFC. The crowd is solidly behind the hometown boy of MacDonald. MacDonald dominates the first two rounds, but Condit is able to come back and break MacDonald’s nose in round two. MacDonald starts to gas and Condit gets the TKO win with just seconds left in round 3. MacDonald looked great in the first two rounds but was starting to gas in round 3 and Condit came back big time. It was a fun fight and MacDonald looks very polished for his age and time in MMA, but he still clearly needs a little work. Still that he’s like 20 and fighting at this level is nothing short of amazing.

Welterweight Contenders

Jake Shields enters the UFC welterweight class in 2010. Shields had been a champion at 170 and 185 lb. weight classes and holds wins over Robbie Lawler, Dan Henderson, and a host of other top names and UFC veterans. Shields debuts in the UFC and gets a close win over veteran Martin Kampmann. Jon Fitch continues to dominate at welterweight in 2010. Fitch gets a rematch with Thiago Alves at UFC 117. Alves had been out for a year due to a medical and brain injury scare. The video neglects to mention that Alves failed to make weight for the fight. Chris Lytle has an awesome showing in 2010 submitting Brian Foster and Matt Brown. At UFC 119, Lytle beats former champion Matt Serra in a significant rematch. Rick Story also goes on a tear in 2010 winning four fights.

Disc 1 also contains a group of six additional fights also shown in full from 2010. There are all lightweight or welterweight division bouts.

UFC 108: Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon
Miller is coming off of a loss to Efrain Escudero. Lauzon is still looking for his first win in the Octagon. Miller swarms on Lauzon from the outset. Lauzon retaliates with a left hook and a knee strike that stuns Miller. Miller is able to recover and get back to his feet. Lauzon tries to Miller’s back. Miller is able to transition over and latches onto to Lauzon’s arm. Miller then gets an inverted triangle choke and that is all. Fun, little fight.

UFC 117: Melvin Guillard vs. Waylon Lowe
Lowe attempts to get the fight to the ground, but Guillard blocks the takedown and uses his punches in the clinch. Lowe shoots in for a takedown and Guillard stuffs it. Guillard nails Lowe with a nasty knee to the midsection that sends Lowe down. And that is all. This was an impressive and dominating win for Guillard.

UFC 120: Dan Hardy vs. Carlos Condit
UFC is in London, England for this event which was broadcast on Spike TV. This was a pretty big fight as Hardy was the hometown favorite and was coming off a decision loss to GSP for the title. Condit was a former WEC champion but had struggled in his early fights in the Octagon. They feel each other out in the opening minutes. The crowd is totally pro-hardy. Hardy starts to work his left jab. Condit starts opening up with a left, right punching combination followed by a kick. Condit eventually finds home with a big left hook which puts Hardy down and that is it in the first round. Condit looked great and finally gets a big knockout win in the UFC. In the fallout, Hardy appears to be exposed as an over-hyped prospect and Condit rises in the ranks.

UFC 122: Dennis Siver vs. Andre Winner
This is from UFC 122 in Germany which was also broadcast on Spike TV. Siver dominates Winner with his punching and eventually locks in a rear naked choke to get the win. Siver looked great and gets a dominant win in his home country.

UFC 123: George Sotiropoulos vs. Joe Lauzon
Sotiropoulos has won six straight in the UFC so far. Lauzon is coming off a dominant win over Gabe Ruediger. Lauzon comes out tough in the first round and looks to actually be dominating the favorite in Sotiropoulos in the first round. I think Lauzon actually won the first round. Sotiropoulos is able to get the fight into his world on the ground in round 2. Sotirooulos is able to lock in a kimura to get the submission. Great win for Sotiropoulos, but his major weakness of striking was exposed here which Dennis Siver took advantage of in their later fight.

UFC 124: Jim Miller vs. Charles Oliveira
Oliveira is undefeated and the UFC so far and looks to be an impressive, young prospect with the way he is submitting and dominating opponents. Miller comes in and takes Oliveira down where it looks to be a heated grappling contest. Oliveira attempts to get Miller’s arm locked up, but Miller gets up. Oliveira looks to lock up Miller’s leg, but Miller jumpes over and applies a kneebar and gets an amazing submission win. Despite an impressive UFC record, this fight started getting Miller a lot more attention in the UFC as the person everyone was talking about going into this was Oliveira.


-And now we go to disc 2 where we get into the heavier weights and some of the more blockbuster fights and super fights of the year.

UFC 116: Yoshihiro Akiyama vs. Chris Leben
Leben had fought and beaten the undefeated Aaron Simpson just weeks earlier. Leben took this fight on about ten days notice after Wanderlei Silva dropped out due to injury. This was a career highlight performance for Leben. Leben took some hits and almost looked to be out on his feet midway through the fight. The fight was extremely close heading toward the end where it looked like Akiyama might edge out the decision with his takedowns. With less than a minute left, Leben is able to lock in a triangle choke. Akiyama is unable to get out and taps out. Leben wins one of the most important and glorious victories of his career. Unfortunately it was not to last as Leben went on to lose his next fight. This was an awesome fight and Leben’s American Zombie skills came through for him.

Middleweight Contenders

-Yushin Okami looks to be getting closer finally to a shot at the UFC title. Okami wins three fights against Lucio Linhares, Mark Munoz, and Nate Marquardt in 2010. Michael Bisping faces off the MMA legend, Wanderlei Silva making his debut at middleweight, at UFC 110. Bisping loses the fight by decision. Bisping would come back with wins over Dan Miller and Yoshihiro Akiyama later in the year. The feature does cover the debacle at UFC 112 in the title bout between Anderson Silva and Demian Maia. We see the comments of disappointment from Dana White. Enter Chael Sonnen.

UFC 117: Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva
In one of the fights of the century, Chael Sonnen unleashes some of the most epic pre-fight trash talk and hype of all time leading up to his title shot against Anderson Silva. I attended this event live and it was my first ever live UFC experience. Sonnen takes the fight into his world and is able to dominate Anderson Silva almost the entire fight. Silva is still dangerous and able to cause some damage and cut Sonnen open. Sonnen is able to keep it up almost for five rounds. Round 5 comes and Silva is able to get a triangle/armbar combination and Sonnen is unable to escape or hang on and taps. Sonnen put on the performance of a lifetime but it unfortunately wasn’t enough. Silva looked amazing being able to take such a huge beating and coming back with a finish with just seconds left in the fight. Sonnen’s greatest weakness throughout his career has always been his submission defense, and he tends to give up his arm or head way too often in a fight. Sonnen also went into a near career meltdown after the bout, getting a suspension due to failing his pre-fight drug test. Sonnen later claimed it was due to testosterone replacement therapy he was previously approved for. Sonnen also plead guilty to a real estate crime he is still awaiting sentencing for and his UFC contract was freezed. Still this was without hyperbole the fight of the year and makes this a buy worthy release if you don’t already own the UFC 117 event which is quite possibly the best MMA event of the year as well.

The Ultimate Fighter

The eleventh season of The Ultimate Fighter features Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz coaching middleweight fighters. Ortiz later was replaced by Rich Franklin after Ortiz had to drop out of his planned fight with Liddell due to injury. Court McGee goes on to win the season after losing one of his earlier fights and being able to get a second chance later. GSP and Josh Koscheck coach season 12 which is a lightweight season. Jonathan Brookings from Team GSP goes on to win the season.

UFC 113: Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
Machida defends the title again in the rematch of the year. Machida and Shogun had a great fight at UFC 104 where it looked like the extreme underdog Shogun won. However the misinformed judges awarded Machida the fight and an immediate rematch was announced. Machida works his takedowns this time but Shogun is able to sweep and get back to his feet quickly. Shogun works his punches more this time and stands in the fire and blasts Machida. Machida is knocked down and Shogun swarms on hi. Shogun wins the title and justice is served. Shogun came into the fight after having his appendix removed just weeks earlier. The Machida Era is effectively derailed when we all thought Machida was going to effectively dominate light heavyweight for years to come.

UFC 114: Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Rashad Evans
Rampage and Evans coached season 10 of the Ultimate Fighter and were supposed to fight at UFC 107 in Rampage’s hometown of Memphis. Jackson ultimately dropped out of the fight so he could star in The A-Team movie. Despite a lot of posturing and claiming to have “retired” from MMA and the UFC, Jackson eventually went back to the UFC and the fight between Evans and Jackson was re-scheduled. The hype and trash talk before the fight was epic and nigh-legendary, but the blow-off, not so much. Evans used his wrestling and dominated Rampage for the earlier rounds. Rampage had not fought in over a year, having a long layoff due to his movie work. The layoff and inferior training at Wolf’s Lair clearly took its toll on Rampage. Rampage catches Evans with a punch as he goes for a takedown shot and knocks Evans down but isn’t able to finish Evans. Evans recovers and is able to take down Rampage until the final bell to take fight by decision. I think this fight is a good argument why a main event title eliminator should sometimes get five rounds. When there is a lot on the line and the fight is so hyped and promoted, I think a fight like this should’ve been five rounds. But alas, it was not meant to be. Evans becomes a top contender again with the win.

UFC on Versus 1: Brandon Vera vs. Jon “Bones” Jones
The Martian Manhunter, Jones was a hot, young, rising prospect while Brandon “The Truth” Vera was a formerly hot prospect in the UFC. Jones was coming off a DQ loss to Matt Hamill even though he was effectiviely “winning” that fight. Jones is able to easily get Vera to the ground. Vera hits Jones with an illegal up-kick to the head from the ground. Referee Herb Dean deducts a point for Vera and gives Jones the position on the ground back. Jones is able to start throwing some nasty elbow strikes to Vera and Vera is hurt and turns over. Jones unloads and Dean steps into to stop the fight. Jones gets another key and dominant win in his rise to the top.

UFC on Versus 2: Jon “The Martian Manhunter” Jones vs. “The Janitor” Vladimir Matyushenko
Jones is able to take down Matyushenko early. Matyushenko tries to trap the left arm of Jones but isn’t able to hold on. Jones is able to pass into side control and gets a crucifix position. Jones starts nailing down Matyushenko with elbows and wins the fight in less than two minutes. Jones gets another dominant knockout win and continues to look better with each fight.

Light Heavyweight Contenders

-We get a lookout at the standout light heavyweight fighters in 2010. TUF winner, Ryan Bader, steps up in big name talent and beats Keith Jardine and Rogerio Nogueira. Former NCAA Division 1 wrestling champion, “Mr. Wonderful” Phil Davis, debuts in the UFC and goes 4-0 in UFC in 2010 beating Brian Stann, Alexander Gustafsson, Rodney Wallace, and Tim Boetsch.

Heavyweight Contenders

-We get a look at some of the new heavyweight standouts in 2010. Brendan Schaub who was a finalist from TUF season 10 goes on to beat Chase Gormley and Chris Tuchscherer and former UFC title contender, Gabril Gonzaga all in the same year. Matt Mitrione gets attention after beating Kimbo Slice at UFC 113 and beating the much more experienced Joey Beltran later in the year. Jon Madsen also goes on to win all of his fights in 2010.

Junior dos Santos

-“Cigano” gets his own chapter segment. JDS enters the year being 3-0 in the UFC. He later goes on to beat Gilbert Yvel, Gabriel Gonzaga, and eventually Roy Nelson at UFC 117. JDS becomes a top contender with the dominant win over Nelson. JDS now looks for a title shot provided he beats Brock Lesnar in 2011 in the summer.

UFC 110: Cain Velasquez vs. “Minotauro” Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
This is the main event from UFC 110. Nog was coming off a strong win against Randy Couture at an awesome legendary clash at UFC 102. Cain Velasquez is still undefeated in MMA and the UFC. Velasquez keeps it standing and uses his striking. Cain looks to be getting the better of the exchanges. Just minutes in, Cain nails Nog’s chin with a brutal right hand that puts Nogueira down. Cain unloads on the ground before Herb Dean steps in to stop the fight. Velasquez gets a key win over a big, top-ranked name here. This fight and win put Velasquez in the title hunt. For Nogueira, it really looked like Nogueira’s best days were finally behind him and the wars he had been through had finally caught up with him.

UFC 116: Brock Lesnar vs. Shane Carwin
This was the highly anticipated main event and heavyweight title fight we wanted to see for a while. It was originally scheduled for UFC 106, but Lesnar became severely ill with diverticulitis. Lesnar was able to rehab and eventually come back to fight. Carwin went on to fight Frank Mir for an interim belt at UFC 111. Carwin impressively won and knocked out Mir in the first round. This was one of the biggest fights of the year since you had two huge heavy weights. Carwin was undefeated in MMA and the UFC and had ended all his previous fights in the first round due to knock out. Both guys had big hands that required like triple extra large size gloves. Lesnar was coming off a long layoff and a near career ending illness. Lesnar was a former NCAA division I wrestling champion while Carwin was a division II wrestling champion. Carwin’s superior striking and boxing gives him the advantage early in the fight. Carwin is able to block the early takedown attempt from Lesnar. Carwin continues to unload on Lesnar and it looks like he nearly is about to finish it. Lesnar is hurt badly but does just enough to not get the fight stopped and Carwin keeps striking but his punches look to start losing steam and he is unable to finish Lesnar. Lesnar gets back up and clinches Carwin against the fence. I’d say Carwin effectively got a 10-8 round there. Carwin then goes into the second round for the first time in his career. This soon answered the biggest question that had always been unanswered with Carwin in his gas tank. Lesnar is patient and takes his time to get the takedown. Lesnar gets the takedown and starts working some shots to the body. Lesnar works for an arm triangle choke and gets mount. Lesnar switches to side mount and sinks in the choke further. Lesnar squeezes tighter and Carwin taps. Lesnar gets an amazing come from behind victory here. At the time, Fedor Emelianenko had just been stopped and defeated for the first time, and this effectively made Lesnar the number one heavyweight fighter in the world. Still this fight brought to light Lesnar’s biggest weakness which is his striking defense and his reaction to being hit. We had seen a little bit of this in his previous fights in that Lesnar does not react to getting hit hard very well at all and it cost him big time later which we are about to see. This was a great fight and win for Lesnar from an overall awesome card. We see some backstage footage of The Rock hugging Lesnar after the fight afterwards.

UFC 121: Brock Lesnar vs. Cain Velasquez
UFC goes to Anaheim with this heavyweight title clash. Lesnar with a win would be the first man to defend the UFC heavyweight title three times. Cain was the betting underdog going in here. He was an NCAA division I wrestling All-American but not a champion like Lesnar. Cain arguably however wrestled in a much tougher and more competitive group than Lesnar did. Cain with the win would become the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion. Lesnar comes in sporting a cool, lumberjack grizzly beard. Lesnar bum-rushes Velasquez at the start of the fight and takes Cain down early, but Cain quickly is able to pop right back up. Velasquez is able to keep Lesnar from getting it to the ground. The two start exchanging on the feet where Velasquez clearly has the better advantage. Velasquez has Lesnar running away and spinning around from his punches. Lesnar starts looking gassed, and Velasquez starts absolutely smashing Lesnar on the ground. Lesnar is unable to recover and is a bloody mess. Herb Dean stops the fight and Velasquez captures the heavyweight title. The Carwin fight exposed Lesnar’s major weakness which was his strike reaction and defense which is not so good. Velasquez is a cardio machine and is a great MMA striker and did not make the same mistakes that Carwin did. I think Lesnar made a big mistake by bum-rushing and trying to brawl with a guy like Cain. I think he should’ve tried to be more methodical and try to clinch and get the fight to the ground and assert his size and weight on Velasquez. I hope this fight effectively ends all the stupid talk for the need of a 225 lb. “cruiserweight” division in the UFC. This is considering that Velasquez was usually fighting at like 230 or 235 lbs. and was not a monster the size of Lesnar or Carwin.

-The disc ends with an overview montage of some of the big moments and fights of 2010.


UFC on Versus 2: Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Junior dos Santos
Gonzaga had pretty much become irrelevant as a top heavyweight in the UFC and this fight was essentially a stepping stone for JDS. Gonzaga is a poor striker when he’s in the cage with a much better and tougher striker and JDS has some of the best striking at heavyweight. JDS knocks out Gonzaga in the first round to get the win. Good showcase and stepping stone fight for JDS.

UFC 115: Chuck Liddell vs. Rich Franklin
This is the final fight of Chuck Liddell’s MMA career. Franklin was coming off a knockout loss to Vitor Belfort which was fought at a catchweight. Liddell had taken a year off and did Dancing with The Stars amidst retirement talk after he lost to Shogun in 2009. Liddell had changed his training up and had come in looking in much better shape than he did in previous fights. Franklin and Liddell had a fun back and forth fight. Liddell broke Franklin’s arm with a kick later in the fight, but Franklin is able to finish it with a counter right hand that puts Liddell down. This fight sort of cemented that Liddell’s chin was shot and retirement was really the best thing for him at the time. Still a fun fight that Liddell has nothing to be ashamed of going out on.

UFC 116: Stephan Bonnar vs. Krysztof Soszynski
This is a rematch from UFC 110. Soszynski won the first fight which was a fun, back and forth and bloody brawl. Unfortunately Soszynski won the fight after an inadvertent head butt which caused the fight to be stopped late into the third round with the cut the head butt caused. Bonnar has lost three fights straight here and his job is arguably on the line. Bonnar looks like a fire had finally been lit under him and came in looking in much better shape than he had previously. The two have another great back and forth fight. Bonnar’s face starts looking pretty bruised and cut going into round 2. Bonnar is able to survive the striking onslaught and is able to get Soszynski to the ground. Bonnar gets a big knee strike to the head that drops Soszynski. Bonnar gets the hooks and starts unloading with punches. Mario Yamasaki stops the fight and Bonnar wins his first fight in the UFC since 2007. This was a great fight and a key win for Bonnar since it kept his career going and made him still relevant since Soszynski had a winning record since moving into the UFC from TUF.

UFC 118: Randy Couture vs. James Toney
I’m glad this fight was included mainly for its notoriety. Heavyweight boxing champion, James Toney, had been trolling Dana White and the UFC for a contract. Toney was basically a washed up boxer at this point, but since he was a former boxing champion wanting to fight in MMA it was getting a lot of attention. Toney would corner Dana White at press conferences about making a deal. UFC had wanted to do a mixed martial arts vs. boxing showcase fight for a long time. And chances are Strikeforce would’ve signed and done it with Toney if the UFC didn’t. The outcome of the fight was academic as Toney was still overweight and out of shape going into the fight. He did not have the wrestling or grappling experience to deal with someone like Couture. Couture easily takes down Toney and works Toney toward the cage. Couture gets a full mount and gets an arm triangle choke. Couture isn’t able to get Toney out and punches him. Couture moves Toney to the mat and gets the choke again. Toney goes out and that’s it. MMA beats boxing and Toney is out of the UFC with one fight. I think the fight served its purpose. It got a lot of attention and shows that a boxer can’t just go into a fight with MMA rules and get by with his boxing experience. Boxers have big upper body strength but they don’t have the lower body strength to deal with the takedowns or grappling in MMA. The fight was nothing special, but it was a significant fight for the year so I’m glad it was included.

The 411: This release is great and overall much better than Ultimate Submissions on DVD which had a lot of the big fights clipped. The release offers a good mix of full fights and commentary. Here we get 23 complete fights. Disc 1 is a little flabby on the big blockbuster and showcase fights but disc 2 more than makes up for it with the bigger marquee bouts. Overall a fantastic collection of great fights from the year 2010 that proves how furious I can get when people whine about how UFC and MMA are in decline. Watch this DVD and try saying that.
411 Elite Award
Final Score:  9.5   [  Amazing ]  legend

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