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UFC Rewind: UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD Review

October 20, 2010 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris

-This is a new DVD and Blu-ray release from the UFC featuring some memorable and classic submission finishes over the last several years of UFC history. There are additional fights from the vault showcasing submission fights from the early days of the UFC back in the days when it was called no holds barred and MMA was not the common term it is today.

Primary DVD Feature

-The DVD opens with a video narration about submission finishes in MMA and also commentary from Kenny Florian and Mike Goldberg. Goldberg intros all the fights, most of which are not shown in full. The feature all together runs about 71 minutes.

UFC 67: Anderson Silva VS. Travis Lutter
Starts in round 2. Lutter failed to make weight for this fight so Silva’s middleweight title is not on the line. Lutter is on top of Silva in full guard. Silva is able to transition to a triangle choke. Silva starts throwing elbows to Lutter’s head and traps Lutter’s arm. Lutter has had enough and taps. Lutter went on to become hated and trashed on by many MMA fans.

UFC 75: Marcus Davis vs. Paul Taylor
3 minutes into the first round. Davis gets full mount on Taylor and starts dropping some bombs on Taylor. Taylor survives, but Davis transitions to an armbar and that is all. Fans in England aren’t happy about that. Davis won his 10th straight fight here.

UFC 80: BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson
Video picks up into round 2. I believe the winner of this fight was going to go on to face Sean Sherk for the title, but then Sherk tested positive for steroids and then I think this was made into an interim title fight. And then Sherk was eventually stripped of the title so this became the official UFC Lightweight Championship fight. Joe Stevenson got cut and is bleeding quite messily. Penn gets the hooks in and gets Stevenson’s back. Stevenson taps and that is it. BJ Penn wins his first ever UFC lightweight title.

UFC Fight Night 13: Nate Diaz vs. Kurt Pellegrino
Diaz is the winner of TUF 5. The fight picks up near the end in round 2. Diaz locks in a wicked triangle choke and starts raising his hands and starts flipping the bird. Pellegrino taps and that is it.

UFC 42: Frank Mir vs. Tim Sylvia
Sylvia’s heavyweight title is on the line. Mir gets an armbar and Sylvia’s arm looks like it gets bent and nearly broken in half. Herb Dean has seen enough and stops the fight. Sylvia whines and complains and so does the crowd. The crowd sees the video on the screen and even gasps at the sight of Sylvia’s arm being bent, but then they still boo. Stupid. I honestly think if Sylvia wasn’t in pain and didn’t really feel it probably was because of steroid or some other illegal drug use which Sylvia does have a history of. He failed a drug test and tested positive for stanozolol before the fight with Mir.

UFC 83: Ed Herman vs. Demian Maia
Video picks up in Round 2. Maia gets a triangle choke from off his back than transitions it so Herman is on his back and Maia keeps the triangle on and starts landing some nasty strikes and that is it. An amazing win for Maia when he looked like a rising star and future title contender at this point.

UFC 73: Chris Lytle vs. Jason Gilliam
In this fight Lytle proves he’s a submission wizard getting top position and applying one of the coolest combination submissions ever. Lytle triangles Gilliam’s head and gets a keylock on Gilliam’s arm. Lytle synches it on and nastily bends Gilliam’s arm. Gilliam taps and that is it.

UFC 81: Ricardo Almeida vs. Rob Yundt
The fight ends quickly as Almeida pulls off a slick guillotine choke submission.

UFC 91: Dustin Hazelett vs. Tamdam McCrory
Hazelett gets on an omoplata. McCrory is able roll out of it and Hazelett loses the hold. Hazelett is able to quickly reapply it. McCrory tries to spin out of it a couple more times, but Hazelett controls the arm with his legs and finishes the hold. McCrory taps and Hazelett wins. Props to Hazelett for finishing with an omoplata of all things.

UFC 91: Kenny Florian vs. Joe Stevenson
The winner of this fight more than likely gets a title shot against BJ Penn for the lightweight title. Florian is able to get Stevenson’s back and gets the hooks into a figure four bodylock. Stevenson tries to stand out of it but goes back down. Florian applies a rear naked choke and finishes it. Stevenson taps and that is it. Florian goes on a 6 fight winning streak here.

UFC Fight Night 20: Efrain Escudero vs. Evan Dunham
The fight picks up in round 3. Dunham has Escudero’s back and switches into a triangle variation. Dunham has a combination triangle and armbar hold. Dunham sickeningly bends Escudero’s arm back, but Escudero doesn’t tap. Escudero finally taps to get his first career loss. A bad loss for Dunham who was the TUF 8 winner.

UFC 84: Ivan Salaverry vs. Rousimar Palhares
Palhares has side control and easily switches to full mount. Salaverry tries to get out, but Palhares gets Salaverry’s back. From there Palhares gets one of the smoothest looking transitions ever going from having the hooks on his back to sliding on an awesome looking armbar to finish it.

UFC Fight Night 15: Rob Kimmons vs. Dan Miller
Miller has the back of the standing Kimmons. Miller works for the RNC and eventually gets it. Miller wrenches back and Kimmons taps. Miller makes a successful UFC debut.

UFC 82: Anderson Silva vs. Dan Henderson
Silva puts his belt on the line against Hendo who was the undefeated Pride Welterweight (Middleweight in the US) champion. Despite coming off a loss at light heavyweight in a title vs. title match to Quinton Jackson, many felt Henderson had a good skillset that could challenge and even perhaps beat Silva. Hendo actually won the first round on Silva using his takedowns and ground control. The fight picks up later into round 2. Silva stuns and hurts Henderson standing. Silva gets Hendo on the ground and starts ground and pounding him. Silva gets Hendo’s back and has both hooks on the back. Body triangle and Silva gets the RNC. Hendo taps and Silva wins. A great win and defense by Silva establishing him as one of the the best fighters in the world.

UFC 79: Georges St. Pierre vs. Matt Hughes III
This is the rubber match and for the UFC Interim Welterweight Title since Matt Serra had to drop out of the original fight with Hughes due to a back injury. St. Pierre is working over Hughes. St. Pierre gets a nice throw and starts dropping elbows. St. Pierre applies a kimura and transitions to an armbar. Hughes has had enough and verbally submits. After a jaw-dropping loss to Serra, St. Pierre is back on the rise to greatness.

UFC 86: Jorge Gurgel vs. Jim Miller
Video starts with both fighters standing in round 3. Gurgel takes Miller down. Miller looks for an armbar but doesn’t get it. Miller continues to work and is able to get on a triangle choke. Miller finishes it and pulls down the head and turns it into a mounted triangle. Amazing work by Cole Miller who hands Gurgel his first ever submission loss in the UFC.

The Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale: Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett
They are working in the clinch against the fence during round 2. Whizzer position, and Hazelett jumps over Burkman’s arm and rotates into an amazing armbar hold. Burkman taps and that is all.

UFC 87: Jason MacDonald vs. Demian Maia
Starts in Round 3 in what has been a tough battle. MacDonald has Maia’s back and nearly gets a choke. Maia gets out of it and gets an amazing sweep into full mount. Maia switches to the back of MacDonald and finishes his own RNC and that’s all. Another amazing submission win by Maia who was definitely on the rise at this point.

UFC 110: Chris Lytle vs. Brian Foster
Both men are standing in round 1 and exchanging punches. Lytle does a jumping roll through for a kneebar. Lytle locks it in and twists. Lytle has the kneebar deep. Foster taps. Lytle’s gets on a winning streak here.

UFC 107: Frank Mir vs. Cheick Kongo
We get pretty much all the action of the fight here. Mir’s coming off a big loss to Brock Lesnar at UFC 100 where his face was pounded on so much that it exploded and looked like the elephan man. Mir throws a big overhand left that catches Kongo flush and Kongo goes down. Mir swarms on Kongo and gets a guillotine choke. Kongo is unable to get out of it and goes out. Great and impressive win for Mir coming off a big loss.

Jesse Taylor vs. C.B. Dolloway
Taylor made it to the finals of TUF, but he got in trouble after causing a ruckus when he was out partying. C.B. Dolloway who lost in the semi-finals came back and got another shot and made it to the finals only to get submitted again by Amir Sadollah. Dolloway and Taylor both get another shot at the UFC here. Taylor working on a choke on C.B. They go up against the fence. Taylor gets a takedown. Taylor starts pounding on Dolloway. C.B. recovers and is able to punch Taylor coming back up. Dolloway gets his leg over Taylor’s head and transitions into a Peruvian Necktie hold. Taylor taps several times and Dolloway gets his first UFC win.

UFC 108: Cole Miller vs. Dan Lauzon
Dan is Joe Lauzon’s not quite as talented and motivated little brother. Miller wraps up Lauzon’s arm in a triangle type hold and locks up Lauzon’s arm in a kimura. Lauzon taps and Miller wins. Great win for Miller who was coming off a KO loss to Efrain Escudero.

UFC 106: Jason Dent vs. George Sotiropoulos
Sotiropoulos absolutely destroys Dent. He gets full mount into a spider web/arm crush position. Sotiropoulos gets the hold and Dent taps. Sotiropoulos wins his second straight fight at lightweight in the UFC.

UFC 100: C.B. Dolloway vs. Tom Lawlor
Lawlor had become an internet darling coming to the weigh-ins for this event as the Just Bleed guy and then coming out to “Who Let the Dogs Out?” during his entrance with Seth Petruzelli on a leash. Lawlor is able to get an arm-in guillotine choke on Dolloway. Lawlor keeps it on and rolls it to the side and scissors Dolloway’s body. Dolloway goes out and Lawlor wins. An amazing upset win for Lawlor who cemented himself as a fan favorite.

UFC 101: BJ Penn vs. Kenny Florian
Florian was on a six fight winstreak since he lost his first shot at the title to Sean Sherk in 2006. BJ Penn gave up 4 rounds into his welterweight title fight with Georges St. Pierre earlier in the year. Clip starts in round 4. Florian has spent several rounds trying and failing to wear BJ Penn out on the fence after getting stunned by Penn standing. Penn gets the takedown into half-guard. Penn gets full mount to the back. Both hooks are in. Rear naked choke, and Penn gets the submission win. Great win for Penn who looked back in top form here after an unimpressive diversion back up to welterweight. Penn was definitely at peak form here and looked unbeatable at lightweight at this point.

UFC 103: Rick Story vs. Brian Foster
Early into round 2. Story applies an arm triangle choke from the half-guard position. Story finishes it and gets the arm-triangle choke from the half-guard. Foster taps. Good win for Story.

UFC 95: Demian Maia vs. Chael Sonnen
Maia is undefeated coming in here. Sonnen beat Paulo Filho in a bout originally scheduled for the WEC Middleweight title, but Filho failed to make weight and the bout was non-title. Sonnen won in a bizarre and very weird fight where Filho looked incredibly out of sorts. Sonnen makes it back to the UFC here. They exchange punches by the fence. Maia throws Sonnen to the ground and pulls Sonnen into a triangle from the top position. Maia rolls to the bottom and finishes the triangle and Sonnen taps. Sonnen’s old demon of poor submission defense strikes once again. Maia gets another amazing submission victory.

UFC 97: Krzysztof Soszynski vs. Brian Stann
Stann is a former WEC light heavyweight champion who lost the title to Steve Cantwell before entering the UFC. Krysztof tries to lock up a kimura from half-guard. He loses it, but is able to lock it up and re-apply the hold. He finishes it this time and Stann taps.

UFC 106: Josh Koscheck vs. Anthony Johnson
Johnson was an impressive welterweight prospect coming into this fight. Koscheck was having some trouble as he recently dropped losses to Thiago Alves and Paulo Thiago. Fight starts in round 2. There was some controversy as many believed Koscheck milked an accidental knee to the head and favored his eye. Koscheck is able to get Johnson’s back and sinks in the rear naked choke. Koscheck wins by submission. Johnson is good, but he’s probably way too big for his weight class cutting down from as much as 220 or 230 pounds.

UFC 81: Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar
Brock Lesnar makes his UFC debut here and is only 1-0. The fight picks up after the controversial restart and point deduction for Mazzagatti so we don’t see that. Lesnar drops Mir with a right and swarms on Mir. Mir goes for armbars but Lesnar gets out. Lesnar tries to ground and pound Mir, but Mir is able to catch Lesnar’s leg in a kneebar. Lesnar eventually taps and Mir wins a huge upset. Mir got back on the comeback trail with this win. Lesnar lost but was able to recover from this in the long run.

-Goldberg closes things out for the main feature.

DVD Extras

  • Bonus Submissions – This is an additional 10 fights from the more recent ZUFFA era of the UFC. Most of the fights end by submission in the first round and include such bouts as Hughes/Trigg I &II and Hughes/St. Pierre I. So this is awesome if you want to get in on the awesomeness of the living legend that is Matt Hughes. The drawback is the earlier fights are in an odd format where they are matted both on the top/bottom and left and right of the screen. The rest are in widescreen format. The fights can be seen individually or one continuous 51 minute feature.
  • Submissions From The Vault – These are a selection of 10 quick and dirty fights from the early 1990’s years of the UFC including such fights as Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie I and Mark Coleman vs. Dan Severn. All these are fairly short and end pretty quickly, but it’s definitely a good showcase of legends that paved the way for the sport as it is today and how some announcers did not know how to describe or classify certain submission or BJJ holds. The 10 fights can be watched individually, or they can be viewed all together for a 33 minute feature.
  • Just Won’t Tap – This is a montage of fighters who were stuck in some nasty holds but didn’t tap and were able to escape some bad spots. This also includes guys who were stuck in subs but just wouldn’t tap and passed out instead. Most of the clips are from the last few years. This also includes probably the nastiest armbreak submission ever when Steve Cantwell pretty much breaks Razak Al Hassan’s arm off. Yeah seriously Hassan, you should’ve tapped out there.
  • The 411: The main feature is a nice little anthology of recent fights, unfortunately they are incredibly abbreviated and clipped. The bonus fights give you the fights in full though which is nice. I think the advantage though is that this more about getting to see the wicked submission holds than the fights.
    Final Score:  8.0   [ Very Good ]  legend

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