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UFC’s Michael McDonald Eying January Return to the UFC, Discusses Fighting Interim Champion Renan Barao

November 27, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– UFC’s Michael McDonald recently spoke about his recent injury, fighting Interim Champion Renan Barao and more. Here are the highlights…

On a Shot at Interim Champion Renan Barao: “It was a very anticlimactic reaction. I looked at it, and I thought, ‘Oh, that’s cool,’ and I exited out. I really stand by what I’ve said in previous interviews: I feel right now that I’m ready to fight anybody in the world. I really will accept whoever they put in front of me, no matter who it is. I feel like I’m ready, skill-wise, to take on anybody they put in front of me, and if that’s who they’re talking about, then that’s cool.”

On The Injury That Has Kept Him Out of Action: “I don’t know all the technical terms, but there is like a web of tendons that goes over the knuckles, and in between my ring finger and my middle finger on my right hand, I split that web in between those two knuckles,” McDonald explained. “So every time I would make a fist, the protective film over my knuckles would roll over and expose my middle knuckle. Every time I was punching, there was no protectant over it. It was just bone and skin. I had a lot of scar tissue. It was just huge and disgusting, and it would swell up like crazy after every fight, and I couldn’t punch very hard at all. So they took a tendon out of my wrist, and they sewed up that hole.”

On Hos He Studies His Opponents: “I don’t study my opponents the same way a lot of people do,” McDonald said. “A lot of people study their opponent to a T, and they customize their entire camp around that person. Then they basically customize themselves and their strategy and their tactics to their opponent. I do not. I don’t like going away from myself and what has gotten me here. I think that more than anything I need to be me. That’s what got me here so far. For instance, I’m not going to turn into a straight wrestler. If I need to supplement something for me, then that’s fine, but bottom line is I’m a striker and a jiu-jitsu fighter, and I’m going to keep it the way I’ve kept every single fight. It’s going to be the same story as ever, just with a few small details I see. To me, it’s not even so much about customizing myself to an opponent. It’s more on the lines of, ‘Have I figured them out yet?'”

On His Goals: “I fight the best when I’m happy and when I’m enjoying my life,” McDonald said. “I really, truly try to make it a point not to let this whole fighting thing consume me and to still be me and do my hobbies and still find time to get into the wood shop and spend time with my family and my girlfriend and my friends. The ultimate goal for me is to stay happy while doing this because when I’m happy, I love to train. Everything just flows together perfectly, and I perform better when I’m happy. That’s the ultimate goal for me in the near future. I’m just a normal guy trying to make a living like everybody else, and this is what I’ve got to do to do it.”


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