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Urijah Faber Looks Back on His First Fight with Ivan Menjivar in 2006

December 26, 2012 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas

Urijah Faber recently spoke about his thoughts on his first fight with Ivan Menjivar in 2006 at TKO 24, as compared with their upcoming fight on February 23rd at UFC 157. Check out the highlights:

On where he was at six years ago during his first fight with Menjivar: “Nothing did anything for my career at this time. There was no opportunity…It was a time to rebel.”

On the first fight against Menjivar: “I had lost to Tyson Griffin (via TKO) a couple fights before that. When he saw me standing up, he was just screaming, ‘No!’ I was thinking, ‘What the hell is he yelling at?’…I did a standing switch and I think we hit heads as I was going down on the ground, and Ivan threw a kick at the same time I was down,” Faber said. “I fell down and bounced back up and his kick barely grazed me, but because of the headbutt, I had a gash on my eyebrow, and he’d thrown that illegal kick. But because he’d thrown the illegal kick, they wouldn’t know what the cut was from, and they gave me the decision.”

On his failed attempt to get the fight restarted: “I remember the doctor stunk – oh my gosh. He had the worst B.O. I went over to the corner, and I was trying to talk him into letting me fight, and he didn’t speak any English and he stunk to high heaven. I was confused as to what happened. I felt like I could have continued. There was a pretty big gash on my eyebrow, but it wasn’t impairing my vision.”

On the disappointment of the DQ win: “I definitely didn’t feel like I lost – that’s for sure. But I felt bad.”

On being psyched for the rematch: “I’m excited. Menjivar has always been very well-rounded, but he’s definitely made improvements over time. So it’s one of those things that I’ve definitely made the larger improvements, but that’s because I was a lot worser the first time we fought. I think I’m probably 10 pounds heavier walking around than I was in 2006, even though I’m fighting in a weight class below, and he’s probably a lot smaller. He’s smaller, I’m bigger, we’re both better.”


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