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UStream CEO Apologizes For Invicta 4 Issues

January 7, 2013 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Ustream CEO Brad Hunstable spoke today about the Invicta 4 iPPV issues, noting that the issues were completely on Ustream’s end. Here are the highlights…

On the iPPV Issues From The Last Weekend: “First off, let me just say how apologetic and sorry we are for what happened for the fans. I’m a big MMA fan. I’ve been in the community for years, and I don’t like it when any of our broadcasters have issues, let alone a sport that I love and am passionate about. I take it especially serious, especially in this case. Unfortunately what happened was – and the issue was on Ustream’s end, it was not on Invicta’s end – was that believe it or not, our payment system, which is in sort of a beta program at the moment, got overloaded.”

On The Reason For The Issues: “There were too many tickets being sold,” Hunstable said. “We’ve done lots of pay-per-views over the last year, from the UFC to the Rugby World Cup to working with World Cup-qualifying soccer matches. The load of tickets being sold, we just hadn’t seen a level of that to date, and that’s ultimately what happened. I’ve seen the data myself. It’s pretty clear that this was the most popular pay-per-view that we’ve seen on Ustream.”

On The Issues Not Happening Again: “As a technology company, you invest in your infrastructure,” Hunstable said. “We’ve obviously spent a lot of money and time making those decisions. We just had not seen a pace of ticket sales at this speed, so we were caught a little bit off-guard. We don’t expect this to happen again. It’s something that’s a fairly straightforward fix from out standpoint. Unfortunately, we just had never encountered an event of this size and scale. We’ve got to make some changes, and we’ll make those changes over the coming days. We don’t expect any issues moving forward.”



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